Thursday, April 23, 2015

Been a long time!

Hey There! 

Looong time no see! So what has been happenin' with ya'll? 

Us? Well, I have finished school. I now have an Assoicate's Degree that took 40 years to complete, but it is done!

Micael is doing well.  

We still have dogs... and some "stray" cats that are fixed, shotted, and get fed twice a day.....

I'm in sales only now so I get to travel around the US, mostly the northern states but I have customers all over. 

Not much else but to say I've missed ya'll! Hugs!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring or Winter????

Is it Spring?

Or Winter?

Well, which ever it is, I hope your day is happy and blessed!!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

West, TX

West, Texas

Yesterday this was a small town to the north of Waco, TX.

No one knew much about it.

Population about 2400.

People are a close community, mostly Czech decent.

Last night, the fertilizer plant caught fire and exploded about 8 pm.

Reports are rolling in continuously.

Over 100 injured.

5-15 presumed dead.

Over 140 injured.

Over 179 injured.

Over 200 injured.

All First Responders are missing.

Two firemen have been confirmed dead.

Last I heard, four Firemen, one EMT, and one Policeman were dead.

When this plant blew, it took almost half the town off the map.

It used to have 3 schools, a nursing home, a small apartment complex.

Today it has one school.

No nursing home

No apartment complex.

More than 50 homes are gone.

Nothing but ashes.

Many other have severe damages.

This explosion was felt all the way to Amarillo, Texas.

The explosion registered a 2.5 on the Richter scale in Amarillo.

The mushroom cloud was seen in south Dallas,
which is almost an hour and a half away.

Please keep this town in your prayers.

West, Texas Explosion


Hug and kiss your loved ones today.

Here is another link that Micael found later: 

West photos