Monday, July 30, 2012

The Summer is almost over!

Welp, I have missed you guys this summer but it seems I have had a hard time sitting down to the computer for very long!

As you all know my Mom passed on in April, which is still kicking me in the rear end and heart, then I went on a business trip to Alabama (and back via North Carolina) in May. (I can't for the life of me figure out why they take the long way around to get from Alabam to Texas going home when it went straight there on the way........)
In June, 5 of us girls from high school got together for a weekend away and had a blast! Wasn't long enough for sure! Went wandering thru the hill country of Texas a bit and didn't accomplish near all that we had wanted to so we are planning another trip next year! Rented a little vacation home in the hills. Very nice! 

July was a business trip to Iowa. What a neat state! I stayed at Bed and Breakfast places this time and it made the trip sooo very much nicer. 

July was also the month we hired someone to take Layne's place up here at work. 

August begins with Layne moving to Georgia. BOOOHOOO!!! Told her to tell GrantLee that he had to bring her back to this area as soon as he could! 

And August ends with school beginning....... Business Law and Business Management.......what fun classes, don't cha think???!!

September is another gals weekend at my sister's along with another one scheduled in October! 

This summer in between all this, the living room has been repainted, five new trees: 2 crepe myrtles, 1 pride of barbados, 1 Texas lilac and 1 Little Jim Magnolia have been added to back yard along with five sage plants. In the front, 2 oleanders, 3 crepe myrtles, 1 pride of barbados, 1 Texas lilac, 8 salvia/sage plants and finally planted the 3 chrysanthemums. We also have our own little herb garden too! 

Oh yeah, we have started to lay a patio with used bricks too! 

Now I need to paint my bedroom, the bathroom, clean out the iris bed next to the street so maybe they will bloom next year and finish that patio!! 

I have til August 28 to accomplish this.... 

But I think I have accomplished much this summer. This is the first summer I have done anything in 2 years. 

Other news, Micael is doing good, his numbers are steadily improving, though not as fast as he would like but they are going up - not down! So all is Good!! =0)

JD is doing good too. I don't hear too much from him because he is a busy worker bee! But no news is good news, right?!!! =0) 

Chelle will begin back to school as will the boys. They are 6th graders and will be 12 in a couple of months!! It seemed like day before yesterday that we were on our way to the hospital for them to be born!

More news: The boys will have another sister or little brother sometime this year (I think!). Their step mother is expecting again! Little Lacy is all excited from what I hear. Dad says no more, please, but who knows! 

I think the pitter patter of little feet is a great thing! (Well at least until they become teenagers and need to be farmed out!! HAHAHAHAA!!)

That about wraps us my news for the past several months. Hopefully I will not be as far gone as in the past!

May God give you the strength to do all you need to do today!

Hugs to all!