Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jack did it to me again. . . .

I was soo tired last night I crashed on the couch watchin tv.

This is gettin to be a habit.

I get still and zonk out.

After about 2 hours of zonk on the couch, I decide it's time for bed.

I get in the bed and almost immediately zonk out again.

Midnight rolls around and the dogs have to switch places. Jack goes under the covers, Harlie comes out. Scrappers stays put.

Now, I can NOT sleep bunched up like a wadded up paper towel goin in the trash.

I have got, GOT, to have leg room. These dogs like to sleep close, so trying to move them all about with my feet becomes a chore.

Harlie decided she was sleeping ACROSS the end of the bed, and even on a queen size bed that's a purty good chunk of my bed.

Jack wants to sleep snuggled beside me but touching Harlie.

Scrappy is next to me on the other side.


So I begin the chore of moving dogs so I can stretch out.

In the process, I think Baxter is in the bed too. I feel a fuzzy round head.

Wow. Bax is here.

HOW did Bax get here?

I din't put him up here. He cain't get up here without me puttin him up here.


I immediately wake all dogs as I scramble across the bed for the light on that side of the bed and begin to ever gingerly, so as not to waken the thing in my bed, pull up the covers to see WHAT is in my bed this time!

PLEEEEEaSE do not let it be another dead animal!

Turns out it is this:

only in purple. . .

Jack had brought it with him when he went to bed last nite and I din't notice. I din't stay under the coers either. It went out! Across the room. .

To scare me when I get up in the dark and step on it, I guess. . .

Happy day! Hugs!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yesterday morning, I woke up to the original stitch sticking out of Scrappy's eye lid.

We went to vet and he removed them both. Since today was 10 days, he felt like it was close enough.

Scrappy will more than like never look like this again.

When whatever hit him, it seems to have tore the muscle in the inner corner of his eye and so it will not pull back in. It looks to the outside corner. The muscle could heal but it could not too.

He can see a little bit, I think. He now closes his eye if I come close to it. I am going to call my eye doctor tomorrow and see if there are exercises that could help.

If not, he's still my baby.

Thanks for all the prayers! They were answered. He has sight and he gets to keep his eye!

Hugs to all my friends!

Scraps sends hugs too and if you're in the neighborhood, he would love to sit in your lap and act puney. He's good at that. . . .

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scrappers update

So last nite, after a long day and a class in blood borne pathogens/CPR, I come home to put meds in Ole Turd Dog's eye.

Michael couldn't do because Kranky A$$ Turd Dog was baring teeth and snappin at him.

I just cain't imagine why Michael would not want to deal with that. . .

So I get it all ready: warm wash rag, bowl of warm water, gauze, meds. .

Pick him up.

He then realizes what is about to happen. .

The tussle begins.

I put the warm rag on his eye, which he tolerates for a whole30 seconds, (includin the tussle to get it on his eye) and shakes it off.

So I do it again.

Hold his head, look him eye to eyes.

I have to do this. So BE STILL!

That done, flip him over, again another tussle. Head flippin around, legs goin in all directions, body writhes like a stinkin snake.

Finally, get him still and. . .

The stitches closest to the inner corner of his have pulled lose. 

We have a gapin white  pink eye.

No pupil showin but a LOT of pink.

Grab him.

Grab phone.

Grab keys.

Grab purse.

Call vet.

On way out door.

Here is the conversation:

ME: Hello this is KaLynn Dawson, my dog Scrappy had surgery on Thursday for a protracted eye. The stitches have come loose.(Now granted I talk fast anyway, REEEEALLY fast when I'm upset, but. . . )

Stupid A$$ phone answerer: Scrappy?

ME: Yes

SAPA: Last name?

ME: Dawson, first name KaLynn

SAPA: What was your last name?

ME: Dawson



SAPA: So Ms. Watson, when you took stitches out, his eye came out?

ME: NOOOOOOOO. The name is DAWSON. The stitches BROKE! He is not suppose to have them removed til NEXT Monday!

SAPA: oh, so the eye came out when the stitches broke?


SAPA: ooooh. ok.so i'll talk to the doctor and call you back.


"click" I hang up. (I'm also REEAL bad about hangin up on folks when I'm peeved. . .and I'm just a teeninsey bit peeved. . )

So when I walk through the door, SAPA is halfway cleaning the table off.  (SAPA forgets the dried blood on the front edge of the table. I end up cleanin the table again when she leaves. . . )

She tells me to bring Scrappers in to the room.

Then SAPA looks at the notes from Thursday and says: So I see here that they removed his eye and replaced it with a new orb.

Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. (Seems I can't say this enough to this SAPA) The Doc put his eye back in his head and sewed him up. We are hopin  he will regain his sight when stitches are taken out.

SAPA: Weeeellll, that is not what it says here.  . . .

ME: WEEEEELLLLL, then what is written there is incorrect. I should have brought MY copy of what happened on Thursay because it coincides with what the Doc told me.

SAPA sighs and leaves.

I guess it was becomin purty evident that I was gettin even more peeved the more she opened the pie hole in her face.

Next doc comes in.

Turns out SAPA can't find her a$$ with both hands AND directions.

Nor can she read notes in a file........

I tell him that his eye is still there not removed and replaced.

He says Yes, that is correct. and looks at me like I have lost my head.

I say: Well the girl said the report says that he had his eye replaced with a new orb.

He says: No it says that Dr. Jones re-placed the eye. Not removed it. He just put it back in Scrappy's socket.

I had begun to wonder what I had gotten Scrappers into until then.

Docs know doc language, SAPA's do not.

So he looks Scrappers over and says No Problem.

We can fix AND he can go home tonite. . .


3 minutes surgery, 20 minutes recovery, 10 of which was in my arms writhing like a stinkin snake again.

Heeebeeejeeebeees from that knock out juice. Along with the fact that his cone of shame is tight.

Doc comes out again, looks him over and okays everything.

Tells me to keep on doing what I was doin. I dint do anything wrong. Sometimes they just don't hold. Keep appointment for Monday stitch removal.

Off we go.

With the writhin, snakelike animal that sorta looks like my dog in lap.

I put him in passengetr seat.

He refuses to stay in passenger seat.

So here I am tryin to drive with wigglin, squirmin, head slingin dog in lap.


Finally, I can pull over and loosen cone. AHHHH.....


He has wadded himself up in a furry ball in my lap.

Under the steerin wheel.

Butt on my calf of left leg, hind feet in crook behind knee, front legs over left thigh, and head slung back far enough to break, lookin at me while I drive.

Rode home 30 miles like this.

Him lookin at his Momma....

And his Momma tryin to drive and look down into those eyes of so much love. . .

We get home, go to bed, only to wake up this morning to find that he had wiggled out of the cone of shame.

It is back tight.

None the worse for wear.

Don't care how many times he slings that head now.






mean momma. . ..

Monday, June 20, 2011


Scrappy, one of my original poops, had an accident on  Thursday.

What we don't know.

I got a call from Michael at 4:14 to come home and get Scrappers and get him to the vet.

His eye was coming out of his head.

I made it home in 20 minutes.

Normally it is closer to 28-30.

Was at a vet 3 minutes later.

He had left for town.

I followed him to the Emergency Room for pets.

The longer we had to wait the more it popped out of his head.

It was 6:40 pm before a vet showed up at the clinic.

He has had an emergency just as he was leaving his practice.

He has Scrappy in surgery about 30  minutes later.

We shall see if he has sight in his eye, if his eye will stay in the socket. If if if if if if...........

On the 27th.

Scrappy normally (though a tad skinnier here in '07).

Scrappy thursday nite

Scrappy on Friday morn

Scrappy on Saturday

Scrappy on Sunday.

As you can see the progression is improving daily. He still has great movement in his eye. The vet said that before surgery, his pupil was pinpont but after surgery it was larger. The swelling is just about gone. It was not as oozy this morning. So Maybe, all will be good.

(FYI-rewetting/lubricating drops for contact lens is great to keep the protracted eye moist. Which is EXTREMELY important. We went through a whole bottle in 3 hrs.)

We are thinking that something fell on him because he is real, and I mean REAL, skitish when things move unexpectantly. He about jumps out of his skin. Poor baby.

He has to stay this way til 3 pm on Monday, the 27th.

Needless to say, yesterday and today, he has begun to milk it.


Michael says Miss Scarlet has nothing on Mr Scrappers.

Except maybe that she can put the backof her hand on her forehead and say Ohhh Myyyyy.....

He groooooaaaans.......

And another day goes by.........


Pure de ROTTEN.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I'm hooked on this singer.

She has an awesome voice.


Try it out.

Maybe you will get hooked too!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some take a looks

I used to give awards. My own awards. Then it got to be such a hassle getting the award to load, going telling the person they had the award, them coming to get it, copy, paste, yada yada yada. So no more.

Today I want to share some picture blogs that I think you should go check out:

No particular order either.

Kay's Photoblog

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A View from the Edge

A couple of these are not totally picture blogs but they have alot of pictures in the blogs so I included them. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Seriously? Really?

Can you imagine walking into a home with this on the walls?

Now you guys know I LOVE purple, but honestly, this is a bit much. It makes my eyes hurt just looking at this itsy bitsy picture. I cannot imagine what a whole ROOM would be like. Even just one WALL. . .

Think I"ll stick to my boring walls. .

Monday, June 6, 2011


Well, I figured out what Jack is good for.

Making my stomach turn flip flops.

He jumped on the bed last night with some stick in his mouth.

I was trying to watch the tube and couldn't hear it over the crunchin.

Finally looked at what he had.

It looked like a skull. A small one.

I thought ewwww, he had gotten into something from the clean up going on at the house next door.

And yes he had but it wasn't a cat or possum skull that was old.

It was the fresh head of a snake.

The clean up guys had killed a chicken snake I guess next door.

Either that or Jack did it himself.

Which wouldn't surprise me since we live 5 houses from a farm field. This year it was wheat, last year it was corn.

And between them cutting and the house next door being trashed. . . .

Anyway. . .

I was cleaning out the garage yesterday and found a BIG snake skin.

Just looking at it I wanted to get on a chair......

So when I took the head away from him, I thought I was going to lose my dinner.

Stuff was still there.

Black yuky stuff.

Glad I picked it up with a wad of napkins.

I still had to wash my hands 3 times.

Happy day.........At least it was dead, right?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Protecting the newspaper!

This what happens when the fire ants decide to protect their newspaper.

And you don't know it.

So you pick up the paper YOU pay for
and stick it under your arm.

Start to get in the car to go to work

Realize that your arm is on

F I R E!!!

Pull the news paper out from under your arm

realize that is it covered with ANTS!


They were all over my arm, my purse, IN my purse.


All the way to work, I felt these little buggers
all over.

On  my legs, my feet, my side.

The mind works in strange ways, eh?

Have a great day!