Monday, January 30, 2012

I had a date.....

Well ladies and gents,

I had a date on Saturday to the local ballgame.

I was ok..... until the morning of.

Then I freaked.

 Thought I was gonna puke my toenails up.

 I cried.

I was shaking so bad I was having trouble with my makeup.

Totally freakin out.

It's a wonder I could drive.

I have not been on a date with me in the same vehicle with a guy since I dated my ex.

And we have been split 13 years.




I've always met guys (friends, buddies) at places.

So I don't consider it a date.

Even a couple of guys that are buddies and I will go with them in the same vehicle but not romantic stuff.

Just friends hangin out.

This one had the chance of being romantic.



A friend told me I could cancel and the guy would understand.

I couldn't. I said I would go. I had the tickets.

Deep breath, slowly release.


I realized that my friend wouldn't have introduced us if this guy was not a nice guy.

My kids were laughin at me.                  

Of course, we had a good time. He makes me laugh.

I found out he was nervous too.

(It was his first date since his wife passed away several years ago..)

We are even talkin about a SECOND date!!

Told him I don't think I would freak this time....

Oh. My. What to do, what to do..........


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Slip sliding away!

It's been rainin!! YAY!! Paper said this morning that we are almost out of the drought!! Almost but not quite!

I'll take almost and then believe we have more comin!

Though my back yard is not in a drought!

I have a leak somewhere and can't find it!

I think it is a slow one and hope to find it before it turns to a big one!

Though I must say the roses are sure appreciatin it!

I'm tired of soppy mud though!

About the time I think it is dry enough to go dig it up, it rains again.

Not complainin mind you.

Just kinda hard to find a leak in the rain, doncha think?

Cheers my friends! Have a great weekend!

Monday, January 23, 2012

How I keep followers is beyond me...

I am so sporadic lately it's a wonder I have any one following this blog or my other one!

School has begun.Well sorta. The first week is really slow for these two/three classes. (One class is a lecture/lab class so I have 2 sets of homework from Environmental Science, which I can't even spell correctly. Thank you someone for spell check!)

Couldn't spell sporadic earlier either...........

I wanted to get so  much accomplished while I was not in school. Ya know I didn't have anything on my mind or going on in my life. . . . .

I have material for baby blankets that have been waiting for almost a year......

I have a painting that I was asked to paint that she never gave me money or came by, called, etc. so I am going to add 2 more canvases to the group and make a 4 piece painting. May keep it or if someone has a wad of money they just don't know what to do with, they can have it, if we agree on how big the wad of money is.........LOL!!

Went to see Mom last weekend. That will be another blog at another date because it is sitting like a dark cloud over me right now, not as a depressed things as much as a smoke cloud from being so angry at someone. So I am working on cooling down.......and releasin' the hurt feelin's  that have turned to angry, very angry, thoughts.....

Harlie Monster is doing fine. She was jumpin and twistin and actin a fool even before she got those stitches out. Now everything is back to normal......CHAOS!!!!!!

But it's  my chaos and I love it, well almost love it.

Hugs, hope all is well with all of you!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Harlie Monster

Harlie, the basset mix, was spayed Friday.

She has never been hurt before.

She does not deal well with her tummy hurting.

Not. At. All.

Friday was a nightmare.

She refused to eat but drank about 6 gallons of water.

Then puked.

Saturday, she laid around and whined.

But refused any medicine to make her feel better.

Also refused to eat any dog food in the bowls.

Might I add it is DRY food.

Saturday night Michael and I are so worried because she has refused to eat and refused any attempt of pain medicine.

Finally I remember a large can of dog food. So Michael ground up the pain pill and put it in the canned food.

She gobbled it up.

Amazingly, she felt better.

Sunday she whined and whined and whined.

And did some more of that stuff.


We gave in and again mixed some pain meds with half wet and half dry food.

Again she gobbled but refused to eat straight dry stufff.

She was whining when I left for work.

Wonder if Michael will give in and feed her some wet food with dry food to SHUT. HER. UP.?

I think we have created a Harlie MONSTER.

Cheers my friends!