Friday, January 29, 2010

A ride home . . .

I've been trying to think of stuff to write about. The harder I think, the worser it gets. . .I mean the brain flat line. . So on my way home today, tryin' to stay awake. I had a revelation, (boy, i had to go to for that one, spelled it correctly, incorrectly, finally correctly but it still didn't look right. .)
I absolutely love! it saves me. especially for school. sometimes for here. not always. sometimes i don't care.

anyways. my thoughts for a new story. my thoughts on the way home from work. or town. alone or with someone in the car. .(which always throws a kink in talkin' to myself since they seem to think i want an answer. .)

here's one: (there are many but i will use this one)

jd and i went to see the movie The Book of Eli (i'm gonna link this when IE decides to start workin' again.)
ANYWAYS. (i do not feel like capitalzin' tonite either) (in case you haven't noticed yet) we are comin' home and this is our conversation: (reminds me of the dog in UP) (good movie if you like adult/children cartoons)

ME: (rubber neckin' at the scenery) (chatterin about nothing mostly, but in the middle of some word i bust out laughin)

JD: WHAT? did i miss somethin' here mom?

Friday, January 22, 2010

You know it is going to be a funky day. .

When you sit down and find that you can read

 on the band of your underwear. .

instead of 


(now of course I know all the letters would have been switched but I have yet to figure out how to mirror the letters on the computer! So just use your imagination! Don't know how to make the lines either. .)

So go ahead, kackle. I did. I also shook my  head. It was noon. Too late to switch it!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Harlie Barlie, T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Harlie Barlie, the basset/beagle mix. Remember her? Trouble. Just walkin' trouble. That is what she is.

1. She is very smart so is very easily bored. Lately, one of the objects of her affection? The water faucet in the back yard. (I will see if I can get a picture of it.) It is about 18" outta the ground.

When I moved in, it had a white plastic bucket over it. Looked crappy. I threw the bucket away. I went and bought the foam/silver stuff that insulates pipes. The faucet sorta looks like this one. Well, it used to.

Yeah, you guessed it. She has been tearin' it off. So bein' the redneck that I am, I figure that duct tape will help me keep all the pieces on. So I stick as many pieces of the sticky foamy silver stuff as I can possibly find back on. Mind you, I am findin' them in my bed, under the kitchen table, in the recliner, on the floor anywhere. I think I even found a piece in the bathroom. Oh, yeah, and in the yard.

Out comes the duct tape. The whole 18" is now wrapped. TWICE.

I get ready for bed the next night. What do you think I found on my pillow? Yup. You got it. Duct tape. She has chewed the knuckle of the faucet all the way down to the pipe. SEE?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ode to my Lady Bug

Today was Lady's last day.

She had been with me for four years. I got her when I got Scrappy. I went searchin' for The Scrappers. Animal Shelters, online, different towns, different animal shelters. For months. Then I found him.

When I got there, Lady was in a cage not much bigger than herself. She was scraggly, her toenails were curling under her paws. This dog with one ear up and one ear down, reminded me of a Lady with a hat that had a feather that went with flourish into the air. I got The Scrappers for $85 but I got a bargain for my LadyBug. She was $15. I was told she was 13 years old so they let her go cheap.

Turns out Lady was only 5 and a half years old, but I guess with the gray and white everyone thought she was older. She had been her previous, previous Master since she was a pup and her name was Little Bit. I tried and tried to call her Little Bit but she was a priss. Her Master must have been a tall man because ond day we were walking around the school and a tall man was in front of us. She took off. Running. I had never seen her run in the six months she had been with me. But I sure did this time! I almost did not catch her! She missed her Master very much. When he died, he willed her to his lady friend. Then the lady friend had to go to a nursing home and Lady went into a cage, not big enough for her to turn around in with no solid bottom, just wire, sitting on top of another cage.

She was aloof. She sat in her corner of the couch and surveyed the world with her front paws crossed. She reminded me of a Queen. She did not want to be held but would get in the chair or on the couch with you so long as you didn't touch her. When it was time to go to bed, she would mosey in after a big and would jump up on the bed and curl up on my other pillow.

As time went on, she would snuggle.

She ended up losing all her front teeth, top and bottom, and at that time we found out she was in renal failure.
LadyBug, Crystal, Scrappy and Baxter

This past year, I have watched her begin seizures, lose her way around the house, end up eating baby food, lose control of her bladder and not be able to get on the couch or bed. She lost almost all her hair on her nose and in spots on her body. She was turning white in spots. She was down to 5 pounds today. She had lost 4 pounds in two years but I would bet that she lost 3 of them this year. She was down to bones with skin. (These pictures are not what she looked like today but these are the ones I want to remember.)

So today, she went to a better place. One where she can be with her Master forever and she can follow him all over the hills and dales in peace with no pain anywhere and with loving happy eyes to be seeing him once again. She is happy. Finally.

I realize she was just a dog to some, but to me, she was one of my four legged kids.

Sorry, no kackles today. May God bless each and every one of you today.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The first week is DONE DONE DONE!!!

Alrighty folks! I am still alive and kickin'! Mainly, crawlin' though. It has been one looooong week! Work has not slowed down as it usually does in January. It is better than normal. Which is all well and good, except that school has started and I have decided to take 3 medium hard classes.  Not necessarily hard, but they all will be a handful. All interestin' and I think I have 4 grand teaches! That doesn't always happen. So I will probably fall off of bloggin' as much, which I KNOW you will be sooo sooo very sad! HAR HAR HAR.
I DO have one in the works but haven't finished it yet. It's another bout those dang ole dawgs.

Just really wanted to pop in and say THANK YOU very very very VERY much for all the support you have given me this week!! I felt all those hands propin' me up this week!

I'm off to bed! Have a grand ole night! Kackle lots! It is good for the soul!!

My Fairy Name

I was over at Diamonds and Toads wandering around her fantastic blog. And while I was there I found the Fariy Name Generator, so bein' a tad curious, and bein' that I LOVE fairies, I had to try it out.

Your fairy is called Hex Goblintree

She is a bringer of riches and wealth.

She lives in places hexed and tainted by black magic.

She is only seen when the first leaves fall from the trees.

She wears black feathers and rose petals. She has gentle green wings like a butterfly.

This is my fairy name. Ain't it KOOL?? Of course, it sounds juuuuust like me. I love green wings and feathers and rose petals!!

 I think Kate deserves the Pyewacket Award, don't you? A spellbinding read award? Yeah me too!

Congrats Kate!

Kackle today! It does a body good!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

School day! School Day! Dear Ole Golden Rule Day!

Take a look a this stack! This is just for 3 credit classes (but in all actuality it is FOUR classes, one has a lecture class and then a lab class right behind it.):

I am off to have sooo much fun startin' Tuesday!! Mornin' begins at 4:30 am! Care to join me for a cuppa coffee tomorrow? (I have to get up at that time every day to make up for the time away from work!
And yes, somedays I wonder if I should be committed for takin' 3 classes and still continue to work 40+ hours a week!) KrAzY!

Kackle for me, will ya? I may be too tired this week!!

'Nuther award

As I was visitin' SquirrelQueen today, I realized I needed to pass an award along. She has some totally AWESOME pictures. She even had a little video of snow fallin'. Go check her out she has a Bad Ass Blog. I think Rabbit gave me this award and I have forgotten to post it. (Imagine, me forgettin' to do that!)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Award Day!

I have to apologize to Deb over at Menopausal New Mom who gave me an award before Christmas and in all the hussle and bussle of the Holidays I had totally forgot to post it! So here it is with my pass along:

CatLadyLarew is the recipient of this award! She visits me often and makes me laugh with her blog. So go take a looksee. Today's was great! The justice of ex's is just amazin'!

Then QuirkyLoon is another good read! So here is another Kacklin' award. She makes me laugh quite often! Check her out too!

Georgina over at  Olive Juice is great too! Go be one of her 'people'!! I think you will enjoy her! She gets my Hats off to You award!

Have a road trip and go kackle at the reads! Hope you enjoy!!

Dumbassness abounds

This is what happens when you have a dumb ass moment:

Remember this gadget?:

Well,when you try to put a fake log back on the peg when it is a TAD hot, white fingers are the result. Thank goodness for Vitamin E. That happened at noon today and it still has not blistered due to the fact that I said a few choice words and ran for the Vita E and have pretty much kept them soaked in it all afternoon. Messy but the hurt and no blisters are super wonderful.

So Kackle about dumbass bloggers like me. . . It is my job in life to make you kackle a TAD a day!!

Cheers my friends!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Am I the only one?

First off, let me state this: I LOVE MY BLOGGER BUDDIES!! EACH and EVERY ONE OF YOU!

BUT in my old age, older age rather, I forget who goes with what blog. I think I have the name of the blog then I go to my list and DAAANG! I can't find it!

SSSSSooooo then I have to scroll through all my comments until I find the one I am lookin for. So if I miss your blog, it is because I'm havin' Old Timer's moments and I'm still searchin' for ya!!

Kackle today, it may make the mind work better! No guarantees though but I think it is worth a shot!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Spooky noise!

Durin' the holidays I was feedin' my friends dogs. They live about 10 miles from me in the country.

I would forget to go during the day and would end up over there at night. They have trees that cover the road. I felt like I was in the Outer Limits or Twilight Zone on those days. Along with they live on an old country road that used to be dirt but now has a thin layer of black top over it. Holes, bumps and what not still there. And since I have just had my car realigned and a tie rod replaced, I go very slow over this road. 8 pm on a black night, goin' to a house on the hill to feed dogs in the dark, even feedin' a dog that does not like you, is spooky.

But that is not the REALLY spooky part! The really spooky part is when I got on the highway headin' to their road, the noises comin' off the road into my car sounded like someone moanin'! Honest!! woooooooo.... ooooohhhh....... whiiiiinnnnneeee......... This went on for almost a week! I got to the place I really didn't want to go over there at night! The yowlin' AND the dark bumpy road with over grown trees and no street lights or houses??? Purty spooky stuff, Jack. But I'm a grand friend and those pups needed to be fed!! So I persevered! Through thick or thin or even strange noises from my car and the road! (The really weird part is that it only happened on the newly tarred highway. Not on her road or on my road. ONLY ON THE HIGHWAY.)

Then I figured it out. . . I'm smart like that, ya know. . .

I had a low tire. A REALLY low tire. Not flat but purty dang close! I think it had 18 pounds of air!

I got a good kackle out of that one!! I'm such a dork!!!
Hope you kackled today!! Even over a ghostly tire!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!! (Pictures added)

I"ve been in a funk. Haven't wanted to blog, read emails, read books, or do much of anything.

Actually this is pretty much the first week of doing nothing since I got out of school on December 8! (Then next week school starts up again. . . what fun. . .)

The week after school let out I was getting everything ready for our Christmas party at work. which was on the 17th. I make that happen. It is fun and the guys enjoyed it. Said it was the best one yet! WooHoo!

Then Christmas week, I had a little get together for my "Other Kids". Ya know the kids I didn't give birth to but call me Momma? One brought baby girl! So they all had to fend for themselves!! I got to play with Baby Dani!

THEN the next week, Mar and Gabe came to spend the night on New Year's Eve. It has been a long time since I just got to spend time with them doing absolutely nothing since their Mom has now decided that she can live without me in her life and refuses to speak to me or let me see the boys. So I get to get them from Dad when he will let me. So we had a superb time! We went out for pizza for lunch on New Year's Eve. Then a little shoppin' cuz I have no clue what they are into now since I do not get to see them. But we got some cool stuff!!

Then Laynee and her family came over and the fun began!! It was like Christmas and New Year's all rolled into one!! Steamers from the ceiling fan!

Horms! Clackers! Blowy roll out things! Making cookies! Drinking Sparkin' Grape Juice! Playing games! Then stayin' up til 1:30 in the morning!! I know! I know! They are 9 but geez!! I wanted their one time of year to be extra special!! Of course we were late gettin' back to Dad's because we overslept! BUT I washed the clothes! Didn't have time to dry them but they were clean!!

So I hope everyone had a grand New Year's Eve and Day!!

Hope you Kackled through it all!!