Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life and times of . . .us. . .the kacklin' krew

Well, the Kacklin' Krew is back. With adjustments. Gma came down on the day Michael was to get out. Monday. He didn't make it. He made it Thursday afternoon. Gma hovered. and hovered. and suggested. Mom (me) on the other hand. . .kackled. . . behind her hand of course. . .and tried to hide. . .

Belle and the boys came out for Birfday Boy. Made cake and all. Got little sponge capsules that when soaked in hot, not warm, not cold, but mind you HOT, water, became something else. Cars, planes, trains, dinos, bugs, farm animals. Then there was the bubbles. The Krew had steaks and  fresh green beans with little new potatoes.  Oh yeah had MiMi's Smokin' Puddin' (aka Chocolate Delight or 4 layer cake).

THEN BB wore himself out and went to bed Saturday night and slept all night, all day Sunday and most of the morning on Monday. SCARED ME TO PIECES! Got an appointment with my doc to have him checked out. He was fine. But I almost cried I was so scared.

Gma hovered some more on Monday. She almost reminded me of a hover craft. She didn't venture very far from Michael's bed.

But by Tuesday, Onery Gma had reared her head. OH . . .MY . . .GOSH. . . Michael kept me in stitches over IM! When I got home and could help but share the Kackles with the Krew at my house. No one could keep a straight face! I was so glad and so relieved to see Michael lookin and actin  normal! I couldn't do anything BUT kackle!

Here is one of my favorite pics of the weekend:

God is Good! Share the kackles! It's contagious!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


He is finally home!! It seemed to take FOREVER!! But he finally left the hospital at 4:44 pm today!!!

Of course we had to stop and grab a bite to eat on the way home and when we got home Gma had hamburgers ready to cook. And he had to have 1 and a half of those! And 2, maybe 3, ice cream sandwiches.

He weighed 139.1!! A long way from 117.1 when he went in the hospital!!

He looks sooo much better! He feet actually look like feet not red gila monster elephant feet! Still slightly swollen but sooo much better!

Kackle today!! It is the best stress reliever there is!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

OH MY!! I have 102 followers!!!

This is a totally great day!!

Michael has been told he is coming home tomorrow. Not maybe, but you will be going home tomorrow. WOOOHOOOO!!!

AND through a campaign of his, I have 102 followers! That's a lot of folks reading this goofy stuff I run off at the mouth about!

Some days I am just amazed! You guys keep me in amazement! I even got an award but now I can't remember who gave it to me. It was at the beginning of the hospital stay! I just remember thinking how cool because it came out of nowhere. Now I've got to go figure out where that award is. And thank whoever gave it to me.

Maybe the fog is lifting. . .

THREE weeks at the hospital and today was my first full day of work. I came home and crashed. I was so tired I didnt even make it the hospital! Which is a 30 minute drive from work and an hour from home. I was scared I would fall asleep driving!

Anyway. Off to the sack and see how  many logs I can saw before the furr babbies wake me up kissin my face. . .

Hope you have kackled today! It chases the blues away!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Friends are Family

While Michael has been in the hospital, it has become very apparent that we have more 'family' that does not have the same blood running thru their veins as we do. Both in the blogging world and in the touchy feely world.

Without all my 'family' I am not sure how either of us would have made out this past few weeks. We are into week 3, which hopefully, will be our last. But the support and prayers have given us both strength to get through this very difficult time.

It appears that he is on the mend, just one last little hurdle to cross over and hopefully we will all be home together. Gma has come down to help him through his first few days of being home while I have to work.

We thought that he was coming home yesterday but he has had a little reaction with some meds which has caused petechia. (Which make him have red gila monster looking feet!) Normally it is not bad, but his feet have become so swollen that it has been difficult for him to walk. So a change in the antibotics seems to be working.

All medical personnell believe he will be home for his birthday on Saturday! WOOHOO!! He will be 34!!

Again, thanks to all my FAMILY for lifting us up and holding us up! Without God and you it would have been most difficult!

Hugs and love to all!

PS See G's 'card' to Michael here. Rather cute! Made him feel so good!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Temper tantrum, fit throwin' . . .dogs

As you all know, Michael has been in the hospital for two weeks. The first week I was not home for 7 nights and days.

Home for one night. Didn't sleep too good because they played leap dog all night. One would move and another would jump into that spot next to me. GUYS! Just LAY down! Please!

Then I was gone for 2 more nights and days. . .

Do you know what happens with spoiled rotten fur babies when their Mama is gone for that amount of time?

They have a come apart! That's what! Temper tantrum, fit throwin', come apart. . .

Harlie Barlie has decided to eat books. AND she picks my favorite hardbacks. . .(It's like she knows they are special.)

Then her and Jack seem to fight over who's gonna get the book to finish it up! First it goes in the recliner then it heads out to the yard. . . geezzzzzz. . .

OR they decide that a chair has too much stuffing and proceed to take it out . . . .and the material off. . .

OR they mope. . .Crystal just lays in her bed and won't come out. . .

OR they pee. . . . . . all over 'our' bedroom. . .

OR they drag dirty clothes out to the back yard. . . .

OR they get ANYTHING that I have touched and haul it off, chew it up or whatever else they can think up.


I think I get the message. . .

Children. . what to do, what to do. . . siiiiiiiiigh. .  .

Anyone know a good dog sitter?

Any one want a herd of dogs for several days??

Just temporary. I proooomise. .And really my fingers are NOT crossed behind my back! Really! See I'm typin! (But I AM sittin here with my ankles crossed. . . .does that count??)

Cheers my friends! Kackle today! It is a glorious feeling!
Love and hugs,

Michael's Friday Update

Well today is Michael's 13th day in the hospital. I am back at work for most of the day. I have been leaving early to visit before I go home.

He has been on 'room' air yesterday but is still getting breathing treatments. He still has pnuemonia. Has 'goo' in his lungs. His throat is hurting again this morning. His platelets are low hence the red spots all over his legs.

But all in all his is 150% better than he was a week ago when they thought he was dying and wouldn't last the day.

Still don't know when leaving date is.

Thanks for the prayers. They are what is making this miracle happen.

Love and Hugs to all,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Michael is so much better today!! He is sitting up in bed and moving around a bit!

Docs seem a little surprised at how quickly he is recovering from last week! His lungs are sounding good and the tests are coming back negative for other infections there. He has a couple of viruses in his esophogas and they are treating that. His oxy levels are good.

Did give us a scare last night though. It looked like he had a blood clot but when the sonogram was done it was all good! No clot!

Thank you all for your prayers! I know he would not be where he is without them! God is good!!

If any of you talk to Michael, ask him about ringing banana. . .  Caused me to kackle so loud that I had to cover my mouth for fear of disrupting the peace!! Or ask him about the ghost nurse. Or the nurse call that refused to turn off. Or the snoring Mom that he could not wake up. He has quite a few funnies to share from this stay.

Kackle away! There is always something good to come this way! Sometimes you just have to stop and be.

God bless you all!
Love and Hugs!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Michael Saturday update

Today was a little better! The lung doctor thinks he will stay in our world a little longer! It was touch and go for a few days there but he is back on the nose oxygen tube and it is keeping his oxy level in the 90s. We are finding out daily new things that are wrong but they are trying to keep ahead of the program with antibiotics. Today we started on an antiviral med for the virus in his throat.

Still don't know all that is going on in his lungs besides the pnuemonia but they are working on it. Still don't know if he has TB so I am still wearing the duck bill mask as in his sisters and bro. That is all the visitors we are allowing at the moment. His resistance is so low that anyone could bring in anything and it could turn downhill all over again.

I honestly not sure I could endure another week like this one. Walked off the curb leaving hospital today with bags to bring home and stepped on air. Skinned elbow and both knees. BUT didn't break anything so I was lucky!!

Dogs were so happy to see me. Think they thought I had left for good!! Harlie and Scrappers won't leave my side. But alas I have to return tonite and they will be sad. Clothes are done washing. I've repacked and packed Michael a bag too so off I go back. It is an hour so I will get there around 10. Hope I can get in!! Doors lock down in 20 minutes!!

Anyway that is my news for today. I will try to post again in a few days. Please keep us in your prayers!
Kackle, even in the worst situtations, it relieves tension! Needless to say we have had a few chuckles at the hospital! Michael is still a smart mouth, even in illness! =0)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's not fun in my world

I had plans to write funny stuff this weekend but got a call from Michael that he was headed to hospital. So I jump in my car and head that way.

It was not good news.

HIV+ with complications. That was Sunday. Then at 3 am Monday, CAT scan.

Massive lung damage/disease. That was Monday.

Esophogas lesions on the entire length. That was Tuesday. Plus his T cell count was 34.

His T cell count today is 14.

I am sitting here in Medical ICU watching my boy sleep and try to breathe. Oh yeah, double pneumonia too. He had a broncho scope today to see how bad the airways and lungs really are.

Did I mention he is like 6-3? He weighed 117 on Saturday night. He has lost even more weight since then too. For some of these tests he cannot eat for 12 + hours before the tests. So far we have had 2 of those days.

It may take as long as 3-6 weeks to find out exactly what all he has. But they are going after all this real aggressively.

So I will prolly be on a hiatus for a while.

Love you guys! Keep us in your prayers. Email me and I will get back to you when I can. klaws256 at gmail dot com. if you want updates.