Monday, May 31, 2010

Me, Myself and I

There is war at  my house. Not a purty sight. Fer shure.

Me wants to create this weekened.

Myself wants to sit, eat and read..

I want to clean. With FIVE 4 legged HAIRY kids, there are PILES of hair.

 BUT ME has been in overload this weekend. Making a baby blanket with matching pillow, 9 little scrap dolls and working on the Hands of Wisdom drawing. Also painting.

Then Myself has wanted to read. Finished Luanne Rice, is workin' through the Bible, and has started Kay Hooper.

Then Jack, one of the 4 legged's got bored.

and ate a magizine. Layne is not home this weekend to take care of her critter.

Now I have another mess to clean up. But Myself is really getting in the way! She keeps tellin I that Kay is callin! Drink some coffee and get Kaaay!

We shall see who wins. . . I thinks Myself just may have a bigger say in what goes on today. . . .

Kacklin' does a body good! So Kackle away!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Hands of Wisdom Drawing

Here is my latest drawing. I have been working on it for about a year. It had a different flower but changed it this afternoon to the rose. Hope you enjoy. My cousin says this is the Smith's women's hands. So I have been told I cannot give this one. It needs to stay in the family.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day.

Remember our troops and their families.

Wishin  you lots and loads of kackles this weekend!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What a full moon means to vultures

Have you ever wondered about vultures? Well, they are huge, especially when they are tryin to eat while you are drivin on their dinner plate.Almost had a collision with a couple on Sunday. Which got me to thinkin. . .
(yeah, i know. . bad move. .)

So do they do fly overs with cows and other livin things? Askin things like: Hello Mrs. Cow, how are you today? Feelin a little puny yet? Oh, how's that baby of yours?

And in the midst of these conversations, they stop mid sentence and jerk toward the sound of SPLAT!

ROADKILL! LUNCH GUYS! LET'S GO BEFORE IT'S ALL GONE!! And zoom they go! Kinda like that dog in the movie UP. . SQUIRREL! and then he was gone . .

So you can just imagine what a full moon means to them, ya know, the nights when the aminals come out and wander around on highways, and become their next six days of meals. Unless of course, one of them becomes roadkill. . .

I know, what is up with me lately?? I've gone off the deep end. .


Go ahead, kackle! You will be in the cell next to me one day. You'll see a vulture and think of me and this blog and will be infected. .

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trips and bladders

Well Sunday I took Mom home. . and came back. .  A 6 hour drive one way. I made it in 12.25 hours.

We left at 8:15 am. I did not drink my usual 4-5 cups of coffee because I knew we would be travelin. So I do that one last time to the bathroom. Didn't need to go but went anyway. 45 minutes later, I feel the bladder knockin on my stomach:

I decide to ignore it. After all I just went! AND had had nothing to drink. . 15 minutes later. . . .


So OOOOKKKKKK!! I stop. Head to the restroom.


THAT is IT!!  That LYIN BLADDER!! It was a trick!!!

I buy pop tarts and Java Monster and set off again. Mom is wanting to smoke really bad but since I didnt have to stop for very long, she missed out.

45 minutes later its starts again. GRRRRRRRR. . . . .

HELLO???? HELLO?????

I'm thinkin: SHUT UP! We ARE NOT stoppin!


No, I'm not. Find a Dairy Queen. This is totally ridiculous!!


OH! Good Grief!!!

So I buy a Raspberry Limeade, large. If we are goin to stop next time it will be well worth it!! And we did have to stop one more time and by golly it was more than just TINKLE TINKLE TINKLE!!

Bladder didn't mess with me on the way home. Stopped once.

Hope you kackled today!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Missin' you guyses

It's been a rough month. You knew about all the deaths. Then after that my future daughter in law ended up in hospital TWICE in a week, the second time for gallbladder surgery. I kept Peyton for her, then my mom has come for a week. A good friend's husband has been in ICU all week. Got a new job title and more duties.

And I believe my mom is in the beginnings of dementia. It is terrifying her and me. We have watched my grandmother go through this. I have decisions to make and a fight with my brother is probably in store.

Will check on you all when I can. Love to all.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What Am I gonna DOOO??

School is out!! WOOOHOOO!!! Schoooool's out for Summer! Schoooool's out for EVER, well, not quite but that song is runnin thru the brain! HEHEHEHEHEHEEEE!!!!!

I was exempt from the computer lecture test! Rock ME!

Then my history teach loved me better than my friend Les and gave me a 104!! HE ROCKS!!
I kid him that he likes her best because he gives her better scores than me, he says it's the cookies, grins and walks off.  I FORGOT THE COOKIES EVEN AND STILL GOT A 104!!! (Actually I haven't talked to her so I REALLY don't know what she got, he may have loved her best after all and given her a 105!!!)

So now that I don't have classes this summer, WHAT AM I GONNA DO WITH MYSELF??? I'm bored just thinkin about all this time on my hands................ H E L P M E . . . .I M B O R E D A L R E A D Y . . .

Does this mean I am gonna HAVE to finish all the UNFINISHED projects around my house?? Like fixin the tiles where the washer flooded the bathroom and now the tiles rock? or finishin puttin the baseboards up in the bathroom? or the chair rail? or what about paintin that ONE wall in the bathroom? hmmmm..... (Welllll, I was gonna put a pic of that project up here but up here all I have is the work in progress ones, not a finished one!)

Does this mean I will have time to lay tile in the kitchen this summer? And repaint those walls a lighter color??? hmmmmmm........

Does this mean I will have time to move all those iris' out of the grass and actually put them in a FLOWER bed of all things?? hmmmmmm.....

(Lottsa work, if ya ask me. . .)

Does this mean I will have time to make all those old timey strip dolls for all those great nieces and granddaughters? hmmmmmm...

Does this mean I will have time to finish some paintin's I've got planned? Or finish those drawin's I've been workin on for over SIX months?? hmmmmmm...

(This one is finished, I'm just braggin) 
(One of my favorites)

Does this mean I could make some of my smile boxes for some special folks I know???

OR MAYBE Have time to VISIT with Friends????? hmmmmmm.....

I'm thinkin summer will be over by this time. . .  I'm tired just thinkin about all this stuff! Has anyone seen my pillow and blankeee? I need a nap. .  (streeeetch, yaaawwwn)

Sooooooooo. . . . .What are you guyes gonna do this summer??

I hope you kackle as you get after it all!! It does a body good!!

Cheers my friends!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Please No More!

I am tired of all the bad stuff.

My youngest "adopted" son, Chase, lost his oldest brother, Chris, 31, in a nasty nasty motorcycle crash (so nasty that there will be a cremation instead of a funeral and the family can not see Chris either). Chase is 23. He has no more immediate family. His mother died eight years ago. Father is not in the picture. I have known Chase for almost eight years. He is falling apart. His brother left a 10 yr old son and a 6 yr old daughter and wife.

Please pray for Chase and his family. My heart is breaking for him.