Thursday, March 24, 2011

a visual for ya

No there is no pic. but let me see if I can describe what I saw. . .

Leavin work, I see a guy on a bycicle.

Big guy. As in he was probably atleast 6-2.

Not fat, but not toned muscled either.

No belly.

Just a regular joe.

Helmet, green backpack.

Bright yellow sleeveless shirt, black bike short.

Then the thought crosses my mind.

Underwear or jock......

As I pass him, I see that what I was seeing was

bike shorts streeeetched to the max that lets air in and

a view of his butt crack..........

I kackled.



Hope you do too.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

This week, whew!

This week started out as usual with payroll. Then customer quotes, replies, etc.

Tuesday, Mic got new teeth.

Wednesday, Mic passes his dental checkup

Thursday, Laynee had her wisdom teeth removed.

Thursday, Megan,  one of my extra kids, went to hospital to get ready to be induced on Friday.

Friday, 4:50 am got text message from Jared, water broke!

7:30 am I am checking in as a good extra Mom would. All sets of their parents have taken different days off to be with Megan and Logan when they come home so they couldn't be there. (All live out of town)

8 am I leave to go check in at work.

9 am I am on my way back to Labor and Delivery. They are giving her the epidural.

13:30 (1:30 pm real people time) we are starting to having a baby!!

14:14 (2:14 pm real people time) We see Logan in person!! YAY!!

9 pounds 2 ounces 21 inches tall!!!

Here is Mama and Logan about 15:45 (3:45 pm real people time)

This was taken with my phone in a dimly lit room.

Aren't they precious??

Once again, I have another grandbaby!!

Happy Birthday Logan Hunny!! MiMi loves you!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

And I fall . . .

The grands were over Saturday. It was such a beeeuteeful day. They were on the trampoline rough housing.

I dug up concrete sidewalk and laid brick. Yes straight into the dirt.

Then I thought hm. I'll get on the tramp and lay down. And bounce.

Then the dogs had to get into the act. Mic put Harlie up and we played. Then Jack came up and we played.

The boys came back out and began jumping.

I moved to the edge.

Feet danglin.

Ok. Time for me to get off.

So I lean to skooch to the side. So I can hop down.

Well down I did go. But it was not a hop.

It was a flop.

A belly flop.

On the ground.

AND nobody saw it! Two grands on the tramp and One son standing by the tramp.

All within 3 feet of me in different directions.

So I hit. Hard. Fast. KABOOM!!

Can't figure if I hurt enough to cry. Cuz by golly it DID hurt. The dogs come check on me, Mic runs over to see if I'm ok. The grands show up. No one can figure out if i'm cryin or laughin, includin me  at that point.

All they see is my body in convulsions. I was laughin so hard I couldn't speak. The dogs were kissin me all over. Standin on my back. On my head. and lickin my face. Mic and the boys had to move them off of me to get me sit up.

I'm fine, but I think about it and start kacklin all over. Except today it hurts to kackle. And breathe. And move. So I'm living on advil.

But its still funny. Arms flayin, kacklin funny. So go ahead and laugh. I do.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

drivin and watchin

Comin home Thursday, I got behind a truck, actually it passed me only to get in front of me and slow down.

Because of that I got to watch what was goin on  in the truck.

First it was just  a cowboy, I know this how? He had one of those big rim hats on. Ya know the kind that goes out almost flat? Not at all like mine, which is more of a TK crunched hat. Hand rolled on the sides, smushed down on the top. Looks well worn.

This is what I was thinkin about and chacklin a little, how funny those hats look.

When outta the passenger seat head rest come a dark haired woman, yakking pretty hard with that finger goin, pointin at him, and just goin at it.

His reaction?

Look out the driver's side window.

I almost lost it! I startin kacklin fer shure!

Then she goes away and a few minutes later ~ out she comes again!

He just shakes his head.

THEN he starts firin back! HIS hand is helpin to make his point I guess too. On the steering wheel turned to the side, flat out, like: WHAT?????? Then his head starts bobbin, and he slows down even more.

I pass.

He looks at me.

He a is sad lookin young man in his early to mid 20's. The woman looked late 30's, early 40's.

So I'm guessin Mom was chewin on Son.

I smile and go on.


How many drivers have seen such an exchange with our family.

Lots I 'mgine.

Kackles to you today!

Have great weekend!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Somebody please explain!!

Why grown men and older teenage boys wear their caps cocked off to the side. To me, yes, i'm now considered a senior citz, it looks like they got up in a hurry and just slammed it on their head.

So if that was the case, why not fix it?

And since it is not fixed, what is the point? It only shades the sun for half of your face.. and if you're in a car, as were the 2 this morning, atleast cock it to the sun side, not the inside of the car side.....

So can someone tell me the purpose of this?

Cuz right now, I'm just kacklin at these crazy dressin guys!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Trees sleepin wif me

Some, scratch that, most days I forget to make my bed. I'm trying to get up and outta here in an hour or less. So the bed is not, never has been, my priority. Though it could become one of the main prioritys.

The four legged kids love to chew. They love to chew branches, roots, toys, furniture, whatever comes to their mouth.

Their favorite place to chew is my bed.

Amist all the covers that are not made.

So every day I don't care  forget to make my bed, I come in and have trees in my bed.

One day I will remember to scat these kids outta my bed before I leave and make the dang thing.

Maybe. Don't bet on it though.
Have a kackle on me!