Thursday, July 29, 2010

Winston is upset

Layne is packin. packin. packin.

She will be movin to her first own place this weekend.

She tells me Winston is takin off with her stuff. I tell her it's because he is gonna miss her. He will be lost without her.

She looks at me like I have lost my mind.

"Mom, WINSTON, not JACK. Winston!"

(me) Well, he still knows something is up. . . . AND he IS gonna miss you. . .

She rolls her eyes. . .

See, young Moms, nothin changes when they grow up. . .We still hear what we want to and they still think we are crazy. . .

But the funny thing now is-we usually ARE crazy! They DROVE us there!

Kackle today?? Need too makes the world much easier to deal with, especially children, no matter what ages!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One thing worse. . .

than being a butt magnet is

having a bassett crawl under the covers after playin' in the rain at midnight and wantin to snuggle. . .

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A butt magnet?

I noticed the other night that all dogs sleep with their butt to me.

I turn my head and run into to either Harlie's butt and/or Crystal's butt.

I turn over and have to move Scrappy's butt from my stomach.

I move my legs and have to work around Baxter's butt and/or Jack's butt.

How did I become a butt magnet?

Monday, July 19, 2010

26 yrs ago today

I gave birth to this child:

She is the tinest one of the bunch today but at that time she topped them all at 8 pounds 15.6 oz and was 23.5 inches long. Today she stands 5 foot 3 inches and sopping wet maybe she weighs 110.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl! Love you muches!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Keeper

I am a Keeper of all kinds of kiddos. Whether they are
2 legged ones or 4 legged ones.
One day I will see if I can find pics of all my 2 legged ones.
But today I will pass along these of the 4 legged ones.

So there is no confusion over MY four legged kiddos.
(The kids are pretty adamant on who all they belong to!)

Here are the stats:

This is mine:

Scrappy, 5 yrs old

This is not:

Harlie belongs to JD, 2 yrs old

This is mine:

Baxter 2.5 yrs old

This is not:

Jackson belongs to Layne, 7 months

This is mine:
Crystal,  7 yrs old

This one is not:

Winston (aka Wilson on my CSR days) belongs to Michael.
almost 5 months old.

So there you have it.

Oh yeah. Then there is the outside baby:

Oliver, who looks to be about 4-5 months old.

And no we do not know if he is really a he.

And I DID get kitten food today!!
Yay me!!

So far that is the crew! Maybe one day Oli will
come on over and get to know us.
We really aren't a bad crew, just noisy.

PS all were kiddos that nobody wanted.
3 came from pounds, (mine)
1 on the side of the road (layne)
2 were puppies that needed a home. (boys)

I am a big believer in all kiddos need a home,
whether the 2 legged kind or the 4 legged kind.

Pass the love around, grab a kiddo and kackle away!
I'm positive that they will definitely make you kackle!
Even when they are acting up!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

turkeys or chickens?

This is what I see most days on my way to work:

That is an 18 wheeler trailer with cages and cages of either very
large chickens or turkeys going to the turkey packing plant.
There are 2 birds in each cage.

Makes me not want chicken or turkey ever again. . .

Think we will have dressing, potatoes, gravy, broccoli, and sweet potatoes with
pecan pie and that dang ole smokin dessert that
Michael loves.
It just may be a meatless Thanksgiving Day this year.
It's not about meat, right?

It's about how many KACKLES you have!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oliver. . .

This is a little guy that has been living under the trash house next door. Layne told me that he had been there
since he was a baby. I just saw him last week. He is so much cuter now that we have
been giving him dog food. I keep forgetting the cat food.

kAcKlE today! It is a great way to either end the week or start a new one!

Our newest addition . . .

 Wilson, 4 months old. Both parents are mini wiennies but he is as big as them already.  

He's learning how to bark instead of whine. . .thank goodness. . . He's actually Michael's not mine. So the count is: me three dogs, kids three.

Just so you can remind me later: I AM NOT TAKING IN ANY MORE DOGS!!!!

Thank you and Good night!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Comtemplating. . .

As I sat on the front porch yesterday, contemplating the wonders of the world, this is what I saw:

The sun shinin down on me

Tree shadows on the grass

Trees in bloom.

And Gecko's runnin on my house.

I thank God for my freedom and for the country I live in.

Kackle for being free! and Pray for the men keepin us that way!

Love to all!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Can you find'em?

There is a mated pair of cardinals here. I actually have about 3 sets hanging around. Sometimes at the same time on different sides of the yard.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gma . . It's in the Jeans. . .

On Gma's last night with us, we were sitting on my HUGE back patio. (It's sooo HUGE that I have my chair in the grass.) Anyways, she is sittin there holding Scrappers.

Out of no where comes this:

"Would you look at my butt?"

Of course Michael and I cut our eyes at each other and say:



"Well, I think I'm gonna wear this pants tomorrow on the way home and I want to make sure my butt is not dirty."

I had the camera taking pictures of birds and family in my hand so Michael says:

"Well, let Mom take a picture of your butt and you can see if it is clean enough to wear those pants home."


what do you think??

I think she got the piece of grass off before she went in.

See it runs in the family. . .

It's hereditary. . . .

In the jeans . . . or is that genes? ? ?

Hope you kackled t'day!!! Does a body good!!

Cute Little Chick. . .

In case you need a chuckle, or you have had a bad day, click on little chick and kackle a little.