Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What in the World was I thinkin?

I had this great stupid idea when I first got Scrappy and Lady that they could sleep on the bed with me.

It was all well and good until it got cold. Then they slept IN the bed with me.

Ok, so it's just 2 little dogs. No biggie, right?

Then Lady got sick and ended up with 2 more to help Scrappy though when Lady had to move on.

I got stairs for the new "kids" on the block so they could get on the bed.

I got rid of the stairs when Baxter kept bringing in leaves and sticks on the bed while I was at work.
(Does this sound familiar?)

Now the four legged kid family has grown to 5 (or 6 if you count Winnie). Scrappers, Crystal, Baxter, Harlie and Jack.

Two of which are NOT little dogs.

Crystal sleeps on the other pillow.

Scraps sleeps next to my shoulder behind me or ON MY pillow, which he gets bumped off of when I realize it but as soon as I turn over he is back.

Baxter sleeps either on the floor or under the covers growlin and snappin at everyone.

Jackson sleeps at my knees, in or out of the covers,

Harlie sleeps at my feet on top of the covers or under the covers butt to butt with Jackson.

And somewhere in the queen size bed is me.

Winding my way through the stinking dogs.

What in the world was I thinkin"?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The bat mobile

While visiting JD a couple of weeks ago, I saw a car that made me laugh soo hard I forgot to grab the phone to take a picture.

Picture this car:

painted that light baby blue

with a stencil of this on the front door:

No yellow. Just the black bat. No circle just the bat. 
Very bad stencil to boot. Smudged edges.  

I laughed so hard that I almost sat through a green light. 
I almost turned around right then and there so I could get a picture to share but JD was hungry...And you know how hungry boys are.......vicious......HAHAHAHAHA

Have a laughin good Tuesday! 


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mini Donuts

Last weekend, the grands came to stay the night. 

I just love it. 

They make my heart sing!

I try to do something fun when they come. 

This time it was this: 

A mini donut maker!

Use a cake mix and you have cake donuts that look like this:

Powdered sugared or plain. They like the sugar ones and I like the plain. 

Funfetti donuts!!

These are the ones that eat them: 

My very own personal donut eaters!! 

Lights of my life!

Have great weekend! 

Friday, September 16, 2011

New Painting

New Painting

Actually it is two paintings. 

And it is SOLD!

Have a few touch ups but for the most part it is done. 

And yes it is two canvases. 

I have never in my life sold a painting. 

Or a drawing.

Just recently I have sold 4 bags

It feels weird to sell something I create. 

But I think I will feel weird with my hand out, palm up. 

Thank ya very much!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I get Brownie Points!!

Michael had a doctor appointment yesterday.

It is all good. Nothing new. Which is what we knew but it was still good to hear.

He lets me go in with him to see the doctor. Which I appreciate.

I usually open my mouth.

I opened it and words begun to fall out.

I thought-WTH?? SHUT UP.

So the nurse asked what I said.

I replied: nothing.

No. Really, nothing.

And went back to reading the kindle book.

Doc came in and chatted with Michael.

I stayed quiet until the doc asked if he ate a lot.

I shook my head.

Doc looked at me and said Mom is shaking her head, why is that?

I said He FORGETS to eat.

Doc: FORGETS?? I never forget to eat!~

Me: Yeah, me neither. (As is VERY evident when you see me!)

And I once again shut my mouth.

So I get at least ONE brownie point??

Told him on the way home, I was gonna drop him off and I was going shopping next time.

He's well enough I don't need to know what is going on.

Michael can tell me.

Shoppin' here I come!!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Michael's and my conversation via IM

Micael says
better today?
K  says
well, so far I havent punched, ran over, screamed at, or killed anyone..............
so is that a plus for today?
Micael says
i would think that a good thing
K  says
and so long as i dont drink or eat anything hot, my tooth does not hurt.
or sweet
forgot and ate a mini dark choco bar and about died
or cold
so so long as food is mushy and luke warm i am good
tho if i have to drive that car too much farther, i will take it back to AS and drive it up someones ass.......
Micael says
are they swapping you out another?
K  says
they are scrambling to find another or i take my car back
and I am calling onstar to see if there is another servivce center i can use besides this worthless piece of so called service department at the dealership......
and so far today the worst word i have said is go me...
AS has one hour and 12 minutes to find another car...........
shall we make bets???
or maybe, MAYBE, they will have MY car fixed..........
any bets??

no bets so far.....

do you feel Michael's pain in talkin to me? see how I switch from one topic to another without warnin?

that happens in person too.

drives him up the screamin mimi wall.

some days, minutes, well, er, seconds we swap topics, like, uh, 12 times.......

and sometimes he doesn't even know it because i can come back to the original one in one breath...

yeah, i, eh, rattle off alot, sometimes about not much of anything....

just like on here.......

poor you guys and Michael......



Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Welp, I am unfit

Because I have a DUI in my past I am unfit to mentor to children.

Also because the school chose to turn me in to Department of Human Services because of a bruise on Laynee's leg because of 4 licks she got because she lied to me. I am unfit to mentor children.

But I am still in the running for Secretary/Treasurer at school.

Ironically, I am dropping all my classes this semester. And the funny part is that if I would finish these 3 classes I would have my associates degree.

But I have a teacher who will not work with me, will not answer my emails, and will not let me make up a test I  missed while Michael was in the hospital. All quizzes are 100% of the grade.

 I have a 3.7 average. I am not going to mess it up because the teacher is a jackass jerk. I will start over. He is supposed to be a great teacher in person. So we shall see what happens next semester.

Maybe I will take art classes instead.

I am too tired. I am worn out. I can't sleep. I'm about to explode at any given moment. I want a vacation.

Even work sucks.

Friday, September 9, 2011

What in the world was I thinkin??

Just put my name in for Secretary or Treasurer for the English honor society at school.

What in the world was I thinkin???

Also checked on volunteering for the Communities In School program for an hour a week mentoring a child.

What in the world was I thinkin???

Have I lost my mind???

What in the world was I thinkin??

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The life and times of Jackson, in pictures

These all happened in no less than 10 minutes.


Jack staring out in to the back yard.

He did this for about five minutes.

I didn't know he could sit still this long.

Then all of a sudden out he goes!

Faster than a speedin bullet, and jumped all dogs in a single bound,

to get to this:

(ignore the screen lines, the back yard is NOT plowed)

This is what Jack sees. . .

(I see nuthin. . .)

 He comes barrelin back in with this. . .

A stick. . .

It must have moved in the dead grass. . .

A walkin dead stick. . .

He started to look out the window again but

decided to pant instead

Oh, aren't I cute?

Huh? Huh?

I know you put alllll this pillows up here just for me. . .

You wuvs me . . .

Cuz I's cute and I wuvs you too. . .

lots. . .

(Really he just found the breeze from the fan in the background.)

Hugs from all of us to all of you!