Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I talk a lot.
MOSTLY to myself.

Usually they go like this:

I'm playing Bookworm on the couch in the livin room.

Michael is in his room right off the living room.

"Hey did you know that gliverly is not a word?"

"Wow neither is riges."

"They won't even allow COON! "

FINALLY a response:

"i m a g i n e. . . ."

"WOOOHOOO!! I just got 1250 points!!"

"y a y."

"Hey do you know if The Good Wife is on tonite?"

(sigh) "n o."

"Do you care?"

"nooot really."

"Want some coffee?"

"sure." (at this point anything to get me to shut up and go to another room.)

Those are my conversations.

If we are in the same room, it becomes looks instead of words.

Head tilted, one eyebrow raised, lookin at me like "You're kiddin, right? No one is that dumb."

I give him a full teeth smile!

He loves me.


I'm positive.

Sigh. Yeah, he does.

And I love him.

Mom's are like that ,ya know? Really we are!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How's this for a laugh??

Here's hopin you have one of these days!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Michael's gonna ship me off

Michael did not want to go do anything yesterday.

SIGH. . .

We FINALLY got to go to Dollar Store. YAY!!

Today, I wanted to go to town and go by Petco and Sears.

Didn't he want to go?


I won't be long, just ride with me, ok???


I'll buy you a coke!! (Big smile!)


OOKK, you can take winnie. OK??


Ok, let's go get those ornaments at the Dollar Store and stop and get a mini blizzard from Dairy Queen!! Huh huh huh? (smilin)


So you don't want to go? (Standin in his door)


I walk to the middle of the livin room, "So how bout now? Wanna go now?"


Get to the front door, "How bout now?"


I open it and go out. Close door. (He thinks he's off he hook now. Has prolly breathed a sigh of relief that I have gone.) I open door and say "What about now?"


I go by myself. It's not as much fun by ones self. So I didn't stay gone long.

He's gonna miss me tomorrow. When he's here and it's all quiet.


Yup yup yup, he's gonna be missin me.

Fure shure.

Kackle a little here and there. Does a body good and aggravates the daylites outta somebody! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

And the left over paint goes here. . .

Soooo here is what I did with the left over paint from the artswap picture. . .

Again I was going to make a sail boat. .

For some reason I am thinking sail boat is not in my near future.

I think this looks like a nighttime picture of the woods. . and yes this is another touchy feely picture. Those branches were already there and I just happend to think: Oh a branch. . .

Have a great weekend! Kackle when you can!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Artswap pic

This year I am branchin out ya'll! I actually did a paintin and gave it to someone I din't even know! Michael got me to participate in the Artswap this year.

I love to paint and draw as you guyes know. I had the correct size canvas here, I had paints. I had an idea. I wanted to do another sailboat picture. I had done one when I was a kid before I quit painting and for some reason I wanted to do another one.

So I picked up one of the canvases that I had already had made the background funky. Started painting the sky blue, like the clouds. I opened my white tube of paint and it was stopped up. So I sqqqqquuuuueeeeezzzzzzeeeedddd and plop. . . a big ole spot of white had pooped out. I thought. hmmm, this is the sun. and I added a little yellow and more white. Already had a blue water line. Then I let it dry. I work in oils. So it take a day or 6 to dry.

I walked back by a few days later and decided it was dry enough but it needed something. So I pulled out the green and made trees. Then added some white/yellow and gave them highlights.

I let it alone.

Came back the next day and I thought. This reminds me not of water but of the mountains in New Mexico at night.

Here is what it looked like.

It's a touchy feely painting. Those are my favorite kinds. I hope the person that gets it likes it.
Anyway for all you artists, David Pringle has this every year. So get ready for next year.

Have a jolly good kackle letting ideas come to mind!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Little Town. . .

My little town is tiny. Really. Maybe 2000. Maybe.

Some things they are not really Johnny on the spot about. Like loose dogs. Holey roads. Mail service that gets your mail to your house. Water supply that gets water to  your house each and every day that is drinkable, or even running, through the house pipes, not in the street.

Some things they are extremely fast on. Like shutting your water off when it isn't paid because the mailman didn't deliver your water bill OR the cut off notice to YOUR house. AND because you guessed on the amount since you didn't get your bill, they will keep it shut off for THREE days over $5. . . Seriously. . . It happened.. . Call on a possum living under the house next door and you get a call in 20  minutes from "Animal Control" telling you not to worry because they won't hurt you and they are NOT coming to get it. Call about a street light out on one of the main streets and they are there in 10 minutes and in 20 it is working again.

Cut the dead irises down and your ghosts and neighbors hate you. Until next year when they bloom again.

And after three years I'm beginning to get mail for the other lady in my town with the same name. It has taken them three years to find me. When I get a call from a stranger telling me that they have found my wallet in the middle of the highway, I find the Other Me's phone number and give it to the guy. Also telling him that she is the song leader at a local church if that number doesn't work. But at least I'm a good neighbor. I have now looked her up and found her addess and phone number to forward inquiries to and put it in the back of the phone book. Maybe next time she will get the baby shower invite in time to go. . .

The town I left had one too. We used the same banks. EVERY TIME. I changed, she changed. She changed, I changed. We have good taste, I guess.

I follow me all over it seems. Even in small towns.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

From one to THOSE Moms to one of THESE MiMis

When my kids were younger, granted MUCH younger, I was one of those moms that if you breathed and I was worn out, you close to dying. OR was one of those that let you ride in the trunk, getting there thru the back seat, and did circles in the parking lot while you were screaming for more . . .

From one extreme to the other.

These days, I am that MiMi. The one that lets grands scream in the car.

Peyton is just barely 3. We ride to my house and she does not always get her way, imagine, huh, and she will start that little cry. I do a bigger little cry. She does a bigger bigger little cry. . . and snickers. . . so I change the sound. . . she changes the sounds. . .  and on we go. . . getting a decible or ten higher each time. . .

Needless to say. . . she has forgetten she did not get her way.  . .

I am also that MiMi that teaches the grands new words. . .

Like when MiMi does NOT understand what was said and thinks what is said is "look at this $*it Valve" instead of "look at this SHIP BOW" . . .

So now I have taught them a new cuss word. Their Momma is gonna be sooo proud of me. So instead of a** hole it will now be $*it valve. . . Not sure which she is gonna prefer. . .

So NOT like the Momma she had when she was their age. . .

Well, now that you are kacklin, I am going to get the boys ready to meet their Momma and Antie for a birfday dinner in town.

Have a kackling good weekend!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Today the Grands hit the double digits!

Acutally these beeeee u teee ful boys hit the double digits before most of us were awake!!
So ten they already are!!



These boys are no longer babies anymore.

They are half grown.

They let me know too.

Every time I see them!

So here's a song for my boys!
Hope you enjoy!!
(Link is to youtube if you cannot see it here!)


Friday notes

Hope you guys have enjoyed the tunes this week! Not sure what is in store for next week!

Have a blast and dance and dance and dance!! And Kackle loud and klear!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday music

Asobi Seksu-Thursday

Thursday-Jim Croce

Thursday's Child-David Bowie

Hope you are enjoying the musis this week! Some I have never heard but liked and thought you might too!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday tunes. .

Waiting for Wednesday - Lisa Loeb

Tori Amos-Wednesday

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday! Tuesday!!

Dint want Tuesday to feel left out. . . . .

Tuesday Morning- Badfinger

Tuesday Afternoon-Moody Blues

Happy Kacklin Tuesday!

Now I guess I need to start looking for Wednesday songs........

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday! Monday!

Or this Monday! Monday!

or This Monday! Monday!

Anyway, I hope this cheers your Monday! Monday!!

Kackles to you and yours!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

idiot dog

I have a dog named Jack, Jackson, Jax. Dumb butt, dumb a$$, stupid a$$, dumb $hit. get the picture?

I had a cup of instant flavored coffee on the table, waiting for water. . . Micael walks in and there is DA, nose deep in my cup of dry flavored coffee. Toasted Hazelnut. It was soggy. And I had not put one DROP of water in the cup. Into the trash that goes and I begin again. BUT this time I shove the chair totally under the table. . .

So tonite I am playing a game of solitaire on computer here, and hear this noise. Like something being drug. DA dog has gotten the little dog bed from the corner of the room, on the other side of the bed. Drug it out. Drug it across the room. Drug it out the door. Drug it BACK in the room. Drug it in circles. Which is what DA Dog is doing here:

This was taken with my phone. The camera is on the dresser in the picture. He is still dragging, which is why he is fuzzy. But then he heard the "CLICK" and turned around and grinned. Stopped dragging and ran off. Bed is in this spot still.

Anyone need a DA dog? He is hardly ever still. Tail is ALWAYS going. He ALWAYS wants to know what you are doing and eating. He is tall enough when he stands on hind legs that he can see what is on the table. Has absolutely NO manners. Will take treats out of your hand, and the other dogs mouths. But he is loveable. He is a lap dog that weighs 20+ pounds.

What? Did I hear you say- - - NO????

Well that's ok. He's wormed his way into my heart with those brown eyes. But I still have a boot ready to boot him in the butt one day. . . NOT really. . . I just lock him outside in the rain. . . then bring him in and dry him off in front of the fire. .

I know I'm a sucker. . .

So kackle away!! I deserve it!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I am loved! (and awarded!)

Leeanna over at Can we have a new witch ours melted has bestowed upon me in the past few weeks FIVE awards!!!

I haven't a clue what you are supposed to do with them so hopefully there are no rules!!

Some of these I have never seen before! Purty darn cute to boot! So run over and see Leeanna!

Oh Happy Day!!

Keep the kackles comin'!