Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Michael is home

Michael told them at the hospital that either they could discharge him or he could walk.

Choice was theirs. They were through with tests so why was he there?

They discharged him tonite.

Winston is one happy happy dog.

He has not left Michael's side.

Start regular meds tomorrow and ARVs about a week and a half.

He has to finish antibiotics first.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday update

Well, I THINK all the tests have been run. Today was a lung biopsy and a bone marrow. Both extremely painful.

Spinal tap came back no minny gitis.

Prelim blood results came back no CMV, but we will have to wait for positive NO from bone marrow test.

He is going crazy because he does not feel sick, even though the tests say he should be in bed. He has lived this way so very long that this is the norm. One nurse told him she didn't know how he was doing so good because if she had all that he she would be in a ball crying.

Today he is still steady. It is weird, he went to the doc to get back on the meds and then we couldn't leave. Got stuck in a examining room for 8 hours because of all the counts. What should have been high was low, what should have been low was high.

I must admit that it scared the crap outta me. When docs look worried and concerned, it makes me worried and concerned. Yesterday, another ID doctor came in and explained so much stuff to me.

So that is all I have today.

Plus I think the auditor at work is gone. I think. No guarantees though.

Cheers my friends! Thanks so much for the prayers  and well wishes, and thoughts and all the good stuff that you good guyeses do.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Well when the REAL doctors finally came in today, the news was up lifting.

Hopefully he will be released Wednesday or Thursday. They just have to wait for prelim results to see which way to treat whatever it is that he has.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Talked to one the med students that is taking care of the kid is not expecting us to be in here for a very long time. The vampires have taken blood 7 times so far plus blood gases. X rat has been done. He's calling the docs Bert, Ernie and the sesame street gang so the snarky - ness is in full force. He is able to walk around, not on iv tie down. Right now it is a wait and see game.

Hugs and much love to all

Note from Michael

"effin hell. looks like bert, ernie and the sesame street posse are goinmg to be up my snuffleupagus for the duration of this visit. throat punches are inevitable."

so things sound normal from his state of mind. . .

Contact info for you guyses!

I need contact info for those of you who want me to write you back. I realized as I was sending personal notes to all who commented yesterday that some went back to no reply.........and then I couldn't find a way to contact you guyeses off of your blog. I do not have access to contact info from Michael. So if you send me contact info I will not publish it. And for those of you who did. I will remove that comment. I apologize. I was not thinking very well last nite.

I am at work at the moment, trying to catch up and then run to the hospital. Prolly for the weekend.
If you want to contact me here is my email: klaws256 at hotmail dot com.

I have nothing new to share so far. When I called him a bit ago the herd of docs had just walked in.

Hugs and kisses to all you guys! I have sent a special thank you to the Man upstairs for all of you and asked for special blessings for each and every one of you.

love and hugs,

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Michael is going back on hospital

We are waiting for a negative air room to open up or get cleaned up. I do not know which. Joe Tcells are back down. 47 this year as opposed to 43 last year. Platelets are 15,000, viral load is over 1 million. X rays, bone marrow biopsy and other tests are being ordered while we wait. Internal medicine have been 3 times, 2 different docs and then the whole friggin team troops in with the same damn questions and same damn exam. Geese Louise get us up to the 7th floor already.

Will post more as I know it. Ask God to give us strength to get through this! And to restrain or hands and mouth! Michael is ready to pinch someone and rip them a new one!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011



Good grief I have forgotten what it is like to have auditors at work!

I came in yesterday and laid on the couch.



Until 7, ate cereal for supper.

Laid on the couch til 9.


At nine, got up and went to bed.


Geeze Louise!

Back again today.

But since Michael has to go to the doc tomorrow, then I will miss Mr. Auditor!!

At least he's nice.

Real sweet kid.

Sad to think anyone under 40 as a kid...

Man, I'm gettin old.

Dang auditor!

Along with wipin me out each and every day, he makes me feel my age!


Won't see him til Monday afternoon.

So maybe by then I'll be over it, ya think??


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WHEW. . . .

Well, the IT guys at school uploaded ALL Texas Politic classes at the beginning and have now UNloaded the ones that dint belong there! So life has slowed down for 8 weeks! WHEW!!

So I"m back on making my bags and baby blankets!!

Michael goes back to doctor on Thursday. Please remember him in your prayers or thoughts.


Monday, August 22, 2011

School has begun..and faster than anticipated too!

Well school has begun.. .

AND faster pace than I had anticipated at this point.

Why you ask.

Because the fast track class I signed up for in the middle of October is beginning in August.


My slow start to school has advanced to an extremely fast pace.

3 tests a week in Texas Politics class.

Then an Enviromental Science class where I have to go find rocks.....



But it makes me 2 classes closer to the AssDeg.

Or associates degree as most of you call it....

So I may be scarce again.......

Unless I'm stressin so bad I need to talk to someone

Then you guys are on the top of my list to talk to.

Don't you feel special??!!!

Cheers my friends!

Happy Monday!!

PS. Scrappers got released from the Doc on friday!! YAAAAY!!! Still have meds to finish and one he will be on for the rest of his life. But all is good!!

NOW I'm gone!........

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Where's my electric prod?

I'm a controller.
I've been a single mom since 1989 of 4 kids.

"My way or the highway."

"Because I said so."

"If you do that again, I will beat you bloody."

"Choice is yours: I can be the coolest mom on the block or I can be your banshee from hell, which will it be?"

"You're stuck with me til you are 18, and if you think that you want to make my life hell, remember that I have 26 years on you,  so do you really want to go there?"

I have a tendency to do this at work.

Rather small tendency.

So small, it's tee-ninsey.

Almost minute. . .

"Hello, dufus, where'd you wake up this morning? Under a rock?"

I got asked why I wasn't colorin my hair anymore, my answer:

"I couldn't keep up with the gray you are causin by askin your dumb questions"

The other day Jesse kept buttin in while I was talkin to a temp, finally I looked at him and said:

"Ya know there are days when I just wanna punch someone, and one day you're gonna keep on and it's gonna be YOUR day for me to punch YOU."

He continues to mouth.

I look at him over the top of my glasses and say:


He snickered.

I got high five's from everyone else in the breakroom.

These men that act like kindergarteners that can't figure out why I can't remember they worked through lunch.

HELLO? Do you not see me talkin with another employee? Moron. . .

Then on my way back to my office the Production Mgr, catches me tells me something, our Engineer catches me on the next stop, the the Pres once I get upstairs, then phone rings and it is a customer or a trucker wantin directions to our place.

HMMMMM, who told me they worked thru lunch?????

I can't get it through their heads, call and leave me a message!

They need something fixed, fill out the freakin form!

Some days, I feel like I'm a pig herder.

In the muck and mud of mouthy men.

Where's my electric  prod??

For that matter, where's the electric fence?

They love me.


They love to be abused.

It's a great place to work!



Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm so mad!

I'm so mad at Michael's Mom!

She left kleenex in her pockets and washed her jeans with my jeans.

Now there are bits and pieces of kleenex all over the jeans that I was gonna hang out.

Now they have to go in the dryer after line dryin.


I know.......I know........I should give her a break.......

But Blast it!

Those white pieces of paper will just NOT shake off!

I've tried to yell at her but when I see her, I just can't...

It just seems so pointless....

I know she will forget again...

And I'll get aggravated.....

But I can't yell at her.........

I feel really stupid yellin at the mirror.........


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jack and his paci

Jack has to have something to chew on every night. Normally it is a rope with big knots.

Lately though, it's something different.

It's this:

Yes it is a piece of concrete.

It used to be bigger.

Here is Jack sleeping with his paci:

And yes I have concrete crumbs in my bed.


Friday, August 12, 2011

My son the snarky

I was watching the game show Lingo the other night with four of "the not the brightest bulbs in the box" on there.
For those of you that don't know about Lingo, it's like Bingo only with words. They give you the first letter and a clue and one team has 5 tries to get it right and if they can't it goes over to the other team for a chance. The game tells you whether your word is right, you have the right letters in the wrong place or the right letters in the right place.

So here is a tee ninsey bit of the show:

The clue was: It goes on and on and on. Beginning letter: C.

The females come up with I don't know what 4 times. Time number five, now mind you I'm kicked back in my recliner, with all remotes, almost all dogs, well that is until I start screaming: CHAINS!!
CHAINS!! then all 4 legged kids leave the premises, in favor of something quieter.

The females spell....ChaiMs................Are you kiddin me? Seriously?? Tell me you didn't just do that!

The guys can spell this one. They get it right.

A few more times down the road the guys have given control back over to the girls. Which says a lot from what I have just told you. . OK?

The clue: Come together. Beginning letter: U

Girls are down to time number 4. The letters they have are: UN_ _ E

One of the guys, NOT THEIR TURN MIND YOU,  yells out: UNTIE!!!

Bill Engval, the host, turns and says in his "Here's Your Sign" voice: Not your turn. BE QUIET!

The girls use Untie. "Come together"? Untie?? Really? Seriously? WELL, Alrighty then!

Of course, it is wrong. But they do see that the t and i are in the word, wrong positions.

They at the last moment, of their last try, realize: UNITE!!!

YAY!! They get to go to the bonus round. Now this oughta be a GREAT time...... Not....

Michael walks through the room and states in his deep monotone voice: "I think those four have licked too many window sills as a kid."

I can just picture these four at the window sills of their old homes lickin the sills: "Hey Billy Bob, I'm 'bout dun o'er heer, wanna go to the dinin room and check them winders out?" My visual imagination just goes crazy!  I almost fall out of the chair laughin!

Finally I stop laughin enough and ask him where he comes up with this stuff. He looks at me and  says in his "Here's Your Sign" voice: "Well when you were a kid, didn't they use lead in the paint?" and proceeds out tha back door.

I know this stuff but I never, EVER, REMEMBER this stuff! Until he has his snarky moments. And sometimes, like this time, it still goes flyin over my head. . . .like Harlie after a frisbee. Whoosh!

Cheers my friends!

Have a grand weekend!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day

Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day August 11

Go get a blizzard from DQ today!

A $1 of it goes to Children's Miracle Hospitals!

Even has a place to enter you zip code to find the one nearest you!

Eat it in a hurry if you be in Texas!

 It'll melt purty darn quick, even in the air conditioned car!

I know!

I have 'sperience!

Go have dessert tonite at DQ and support a good cause!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tueday evening temp

Here is the temp on our back porch after I got home.

Around 6:30 pm: ( I think if you click on the pic it will enlarge if not see below)

It is about 112-114! I can't tell for sure I'm too short!
But I do know it was HOT!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

It's gonna be a ruff week. . . .

So let me whine a bit. And yes Cheese would be great with it.

Over the weekend I made a new bag. If it could go wrong, well not necessarily WRONG, but not quite right, it did.

I sewed the strap with too much seam. WHICH I figured out AFTER I had wrestled with it for 45 minutes getting it turned right side out. . .

Then had to rip it out and start again......AND since I had cut the corners off, I had to shorten it. . .

Then I measured the buttonholes, did then, cut them and realized that the last one was not right. Oh well.  . .

Until Michael said, well if he wants a longer strap, then that won't work........

So I cut the strap again, in the middle of the last button hole, undid the sewing and resewed. 

Instead of 4 buttons now , (not 5 because the store did not have 20, only 16), the bag got 12. . .

I laughed so much over this stinkin bag! I figured that was MUCH better than cryin! (or cussin!)

Even had to take the buttons off a couple of times... They are sewed together on each sid,e so two buttons came off and once and went back on together.

Then last nite, I wanted to make enchiladas, rice and beans.

So off to the store I go. Get the stuff and come home to begin dinner.

No chili powder! No cumin!  No red pepper!

WHAT? How can I make enchiladas??? Tony's will work Michael says.

Ok, so I use that. Cut the onions, fry the meat.

Get the corn tortillas out.

Try to roll them into enchiladas.

Try again. And again.

FORGET IT! We're have enchilada casserole!

Michael laughs and says why not enchiladas?


Again HE laughs!

I get ticked! The flat tortillas out of the pan THROW them on the table.

And calmly try AGAIN.


He is in the floor laughin by now.

It is NOT funny.

We end up having casserole.

So I start on the rice.

It is rice a roni stuff.

I forget that I am to saute the rice in butter.

I put the water in the pan, add the butter and throw everything else in.

THEN read instructions.....


Turns out I was suppose to DRAIN the tomatos.

We had soupy rice, unrolled enchiladas, and refried beans.

BTW-You can't cook soupy rice til it is not soupy.

It burns.

You have to then change pans.

So today, Layne, who works with me, leaves to go see boyfriend graduate from Boot Camp in Cali.

She will be gone a week.

Guess who gets to do all her work? Me, all my work that I have passed off to her to do, is once again, MY work. . .

And most days I will be all alone, by myself, up here.



I get to turn the music up WAAAAAAAAY loud!!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Patience. .

My Bossman wanted some different shirts besides the T shirts he wears to work. So he went shopping.

The store only has 4 shirts in a color he liked and in his size so he had them order 4 more.

The ones they had in the store were black ones and grey ones. He thought he would interchange them with some teal green ones and he wouldn't look like he was wearing the same shirt every day (cuz he KNOWS that I would ask him if he was wearin the same one over and over).

So he placed an order for 4 teal shirts.

About 4-5 days later, store called to tell him his shirts came in.

He troops down to the store to get his shirts. They were the wrong size, right color.

He said no, he needed the size he ordered so he sent those back and re ordered the 4 teal shirts.

Another 4-5 days go by and the store calls him that his order is in.

He goes in to get the shirts.

Opens the package to look at them.

Yep, you got it.

Not right.

They are the right size but they are all black. Not teal.

Now my boss is VERY patient. (Ya know this is true because he has put up with me for 6 years 11 months and 29 days and most days I try his patience. It's true really. Just ask him.)

He sighs and says Well, he would go ahead and take them but he had ordered the teal shirts because he already had black shirts and gray shirts and wanted something different but he was tired of the waiting game.

So he takes the shirts and goes home.

Two days later, the store calls again.

His order was in.

He said I don't have anything on order anymore.

They tell him yes sir, you ordered 4 teal shirts and they are in.

He reminds them of the black shirts.

They sent them back.

Makes you wonder tho, who didn't get them black shirts, don't it?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Reversible bag

MIchael found a website or maybe a blog that had a reversible bag to make on it. Instructions included. It was too cute. So I printed the instructions. The link is Versus  and she has some cool stuff there but she got the idea from  elsie marley  so I ended up over there looking at stuff there too.

I made one for one of my adopted kids. She had a shower on Saturday afternoon so I made her a little diaper bag for those quick trips. It is so cool. Reversible, has buttons on the side so you can make the handle short or longer. Totally awesome.

Well Michael and I wanted a messenger bag. Him for his art stuff and me for my school stuff.

So I modified it. I added pockets, a longer strap and a flap.  It is made from heavy denium and striped ticking I had left over from a rag quilt I made JD a couple of years ago.

This is it without the buttons or button holes. I am going after work to look for buttons that will go on both sides. The buttons are sewn on the ends of the bag both inside and out so you can reverse it. The button holes are on the strap.

This is the blue jean side closed.

This shows the flap and pockets.

On this strap is where the buttonholes go.

This is the inside that is now on the outside!


The reversible bag!

If I can figure out a price, I have 5 sold already! Everyone likes it because you will be able to decide whether to wear it on your shoulder or across your body. With the buttonholes and buttons you can make the strap any length you need or want.

No pattern, just measurements! This one is cut at 16x17 (2 per material) with the flap at 15x16 (1 pr material), strap 3x63 (1 per material). From cut out (onthe second one) it took about 5 hours til it looked like the pictures. The pockets are just left overs from pieces of material laying around. Ithink the are 3x6 with one edge finished and the others not.

One person asked me to put a big pocket across the back so she could carry her customer files and then her laptop in the bag. She wants 2 and she will show it to her co insurance agents!

My boss wants 3!

Now I'm looking for material so I can make these 5 and have a little extra cash!

WooHoo! How's that for a Monday???