Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Life has been a struggle lately.

School-whether I want to go another 4 years to get accounting degree.

Work-where I have been moved to sales totally. First time in 20+ years accounting has not been my main job.

Home-watching Michael get sicker by the day.

Knowing that I do not have that many days left with him.

Knowing that I will not grow old with him.

Knowing. And not crying.

He tells me I have been EXTREMELY cranky lately.

Some days I just don't cope well.

Some days it's all I can do to wake up to a new day and knowing that he is getting sicker again.

Knowing there is nothing that will cure him.

Knowing that his choices are limited.

Knowing that God has given us another chance to get to know each other but that we will probably not have another 35 years so we best make the most of it now.

Knowing. . .

Saturday, April 23, 2011

So I've been lax. . . sorta

Here are two are two artsy fartsy things I've been working on (along with school)

 I did this for my friend, Robin's, birthday

This is one of my instructor's puppies.

I have done two or 4 others but for the life of me cannot find any of those pictures on my computer.
I guess old age is settlin in. CRS

I hope it goes away before next week!  i have finals!!!

Happy Easter! Remember the real meaning of it.

May you and yours have a blessed day!!

Hugs and kackles!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm such a dork. . .

Ya know that post last week or maybe the first of this week about the associates degree? WEELLL, if you read the teeninsey print even thousgh I did read what I thought I read. It says AFTER you complete all the above you will be eligible for the AssDeg......I still have 3 more classes......dang.........

So go ahead and kackle again..............imadork.......

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Go ahead Kackle at me

I was scrolling thru my automated degree plan for school going to check out teachers for my last 5 classes. Making sure that I have the right classes.


I continue on looking at what all is complete and what all I still need and scroll back up.

I see those words again. and continue to scroll back up to the top making sure I have written down course numbers and classes correctly. Double checking my list against the list on the computer screen.



Now comes the frantic scroll looking for those words a THIRD time.


My youngest son and I had a discussion about my assdeg. he said everyone gets one when they get a bachdeg. I had to enlighten him. That is not correct. I could have by passed this little tee ninesy degree but chose to take the extra classes to get it. So then I will have a tee ninesy degree and a mid ninesy degree. Don't think I'm gonna pursue that majdeg as in MASTERS. I'd really be in a walker when I graduated.....

It is sooo cool to find out I was working on my bachelors degree and dint even know it!

Now I have got to do the graduation paperwork so I can get that itsy bitsy teeny tiney piece of paper!!

Go ahead. Laugh. Throw back your head and just let it go. A big one! I'm a dork.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Camaro pics

There you have it folks!! Ran down to see the kid yesterday with the grands. It was totally cool! Gets bout the same gas mileage as the Impala, which impressed me.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Things. . .

Well, it seems to be have been for-ever since I last chatted with you guys! Oh Wait! It HAS been for-EVER! Life seems a blur anymore! Babies being born! Teeth being torn from their sockets! Weddings called off! New beginnings! New households needing to be set up! Looking for a new car for both Layne and me.

I FINALLY sat in my dream car! Remember the post about the Camaro? The red one? Can we change that to Metallic Imperial Blue? Do NOT turn up the music. It stinks. Take away the stripes please and make it a 2011 and call it MINE!!

Signed the paper on Friday, took possession on Monday! Why you ask? Welllll I had to haul some furniture down to JD for his new residence and I had to use the truck to pull the trailer. Which means that I had to trade vehicles with Layne. NO WAY WAS SHE PUTTING THE FIRST MILES ON MY CAMARO!! So I waited til Monday morn. It was all purty and clean and a storm blew in and now it has dirt drops on it! BOOHOO!!!

It is a dream! Yahoo/gmail and my phone are not linking up very good so I can't show you a pic right now but I will!

Have a super great day! And until we meet again, kackle til you get kackle lines!!