Thursday, August 16, 2012

Poor, poor Micael........

Life can be a bit confusin at my house when you talk to me when I have a couple of different things on my mind.............

Here are a couple conversations:

We are sittin on the steps of the front porch talkin about the things I need to do to the yard. I need to get up early tomorrow, no, Saturday and rake the flower beds. I am not sure that I am gonna shampoo the walls in my room since it makes such a mess. . . . .

duh, WHAT???????

I mean sand the walls .....SAND!!! SAND!!!!SAND!!!! 

And I start hootin and hollarin, and actin a fool .........


Nuther time:

I put the clothes in the fridge so would you please put them in the dryer when they finish?

He says: finish what?  FREEZIN????

Almost peed my pants laughin so hard...............

This junk happens EVERYDAY!

Old timers disease has done started!! 

Poor Micael!! 

He has to live with every day.........

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday or Hump day as I prefer to call it

Not much happenin' in this part of the world.

I had a safety summit today. ALL day.

Micael had his credit card number jacked. So he's been dealin' with that. 

Ya know, if I actually put up here what I typed you would not have a clue as to what I am sayin', well if you were here in person, that would also be the case too. You should see the looks I get from Micael. Raised eye brows, eyes wide open and a not quite smirk.........

I jump from subject to subject quicker than , uh, a jumpin' jack rabbit. 

I poured a cup of coffee and now it is cold and I haven't even had a sip. 

I think it must be time for bed.......

Speakin' of, I think I will!

Good nite, friends!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012


The grands were over for the weekend. They can be such a joy!

I love to hear those boys laughing, and then they get Micael and me laughing. Then we all are hooting, and snorting, (well, I am) and havin' a grand ole time!

Playin' in the water, runnin', jumpin' on the trampoline! 

Then we went bowlin' with friends and the laughter that ensued there was awesome! 

We are so blessed to have these boys! 

They have a new little sister due really really close to their birthday too. Which is really, really close to their other Grandma's birthday too. 

The new sis is due a day or two before their birthday, and Nanny's birthday is the day after......So can you imagine the party scene at Dad's house from now on?? PARTY WEEK!!!

Cheers my friends! Have a grand day! It is Pre-Hump Day!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

MDA contributions

Everyone, I want to thank you all for your contributions! We came is as top Jailbird! I will get to meet some of the kids and their family in September. I wish all of you could be there with me because without you, I would not have made it. So thank you all so much! We raised enough to send 3 kiddos to camp! Not just 2, but 3! So again thank  you from all the kids that will benefit from your donations!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

MDA is up to $1203 for our group!!

We are up to $1203!! We need $397 to send child number two to camp!! Let's rally and get this child there!  Give to those less fortunate that you! Make these kids feel special! LET'S RALLY AND GET THIS CHILD TO CAMP!!  PLEASE GIVE TO MDA!

Contact me for link and you can do it online!! EASY PEASY!! We have until the noon on August 9, this Wednesday!! 

Please help!! 

Thanks ever so much!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012


In about an hour and a half, Layne will be at her new home in Georgia. 

I can't stop crying. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

My friends and I have raised $1020 for MDA!!

We have raised $1020 out of the $1600 that I was suppose to raise by Thursday! Only $580 left to and then we can start on kiddo number 3 to go to camp!!

If you want to donate, that would be totally awesome! You can do it online and you don't have to be from my area either! 

Donations are tax deductible too! So let's get some more money raised! We are in 2nd place right now as to having raised the most too! Come be on the winning team for Kids and MDA!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Raising money for Bail!!

I am going to jail August 9!!

I need money to cover the bail!! 

It has been set at $1600!!!

Help! Help!! Help!!!

Actually, I AM going to Jail, but it MDA jail!!

Muscular Dystrophy Association has got me in their sights! 

$800 sends a kiddo to camp. So I am trying to send TWO kiddos to camp. 

The kids that have gone say it is the best place.

No matter, if one is in a wheel chair, has braces, or can walk on their own, all are treated the same at camp! They do all sorts of things that they can't always do at home. It is a wonderful place to be.

So if you feel so inclined, reply and let me know and I will send you an online link to donate.

Hugs my friends! 

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Summer is almost over!

Welp, I have missed you guys this summer but it seems I have had a hard time sitting down to the computer for very long!

As you all know my Mom passed on in April, which is still kicking me in the rear end and heart, then I went on a business trip to Alabama (and back via North Carolina) in May. (I can't for the life of me figure out why they take the long way around to get from Alabam to Texas going home when it went straight there on the way........)
In June, 5 of us girls from high school got together for a weekend away and had a blast! Wasn't long enough for sure! Went wandering thru the hill country of Texas a bit and didn't accomplish near all that we had wanted to so we are planning another trip next year! Rented a little vacation home in the hills. Very nice! 

July was a business trip to Iowa. What a neat state! I stayed at Bed and Breakfast places this time and it made the trip sooo very much nicer. 

July was also the month we hired someone to take Layne's place up here at work. 

August begins with Layne moving to Georgia. BOOOHOOO!!! Told her to tell GrantLee that he had to bring her back to this area as soon as he could! 

And August ends with school beginning....... Business Law and Business Management.......what fun classes, don't cha think???!!

September is another gals weekend at my sister's along with another one scheduled in October! 

This summer in between all this, the living room has been repainted, five new trees: 2 crepe myrtles, 1 pride of barbados, 1 Texas lilac and 1 Little Jim Magnolia have been added to back yard along with five sage plants. In the front, 2 oleanders, 3 crepe myrtles, 1 pride of barbados, 1 Texas lilac, 8 salvia/sage plants and finally planted the 3 chrysanthemums. We also have our own little herb garden too! 

Oh yeah, we have started to lay a patio with used bricks too! 

Now I need to paint my bedroom, the bathroom, clean out the iris bed next to the street so maybe they will bloom next year and finish that patio!! 

I have til August 28 to accomplish this.... 

But I think I have accomplished much this summer. This is the first summer I have done anything in 2 years. 

Other news, Micael is doing good, his numbers are steadily improving, though not as fast as he would like but they are going up - not down! So all is Good!! =0)

JD is doing good too. I don't hear too much from him because he is a busy worker bee! But no news is good news, right?!!! =0) 

Chelle will begin back to school as will the boys. They are 6th graders and will be 12 in a couple of months!! It seemed like day before yesterday that we were on our way to the hospital for them to be born!

More news: The boys will have another sister or little brother sometime this year (I think!). Their step mother is expecting again! Little Lacy is all excited from what I hear. Dad says no more, please, but who knows! 

I think the pitter patter of little feet is a great thing! (Well at least until they become teenagers and need to be farmed out!! HAHAHAHAA!!)

That about wraps us my news for the past several months. Hopefully I will not be as far gone as in the past!

May God give you the strength to do all you need to do today!

Hugs to all!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Today Micael is 36 years old! 

Happy Birthday! 

May we have many more to celebrate!

Love you muches!



Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Is it me or what?

Holy cow! I think I am a bad luck charm!
Here's why:

2 friends husbands are undergoing cancer treatment
1 friend has bad back problems
1 friend has fibromyalgia
1 friend's husband is in a coma on life support on which a decision is being made today to discontinue it.
Ran into a person at the airport in Charlotte, NC that was on her way to Houston to MD Anderson, I never caught her name but I named her Martha
A friend of a friend is in surgery today for ovarian cancer. She has twin boys about my grands age. It is all over her abdomen.

I"m thinking I need to withdraw from the 'friends' circle, or maybe send up heartier prayers!

Cheers, people! (Started to say my friends, but that may be detrimental to YOUR health!)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's summer! YAY!!

Ah! Summer!!
No school!!
Green grasses!
Walks in the park!
Getting together with friends and family!
Fun times!!

So for today let's forget about:
Honey do's
grass mowin
squeezin the lemons
cleanin the grill
findin a park

but always have fun with family and friends!! Loads of laughter!

Cherish those moments!

May they last a lifetime!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Never seen anything like this before...

Micael and I and a friend were out gal-a-vantin around this past weekend and I decided to take a side trip lookin for a little house that had junk in it that I had been to once.

Micael took pictures. Go check it out!!! Hilarious!!

I didn't think stuff like this really happened! Guess I was wrong!!

Cheers my friends!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I have 2 A's! Not a B and an A!  I have two A's!!! WooHoooo!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Final grades and summer plans!

Well, I have an A and a stinkin B. If I had only gone back over the test before I turned it in...... I would have an A in both............grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

But enough of that.....

Summer plans..

A few gals I went to school with are meeting this summer for a weekend of fun and relaxation! Most of us have not seen each other since 1974! Facebook is great for reconnecting. This year there are 6 of us meeting, out of 14 invited. It is amazing how many folks make plans in January! Or how many marriages happen! Everyone should be married at this rate!

We have rented a little house in the country but close enough to some towns with things to do that we should have a blast!

Maybe I will get my room painted. I have finally picked out the colors for the walls. Pale yellow and pale green. To go with my purple comforter and sheets.

Maybe we will even get Micael's room painted all one color too!

The boys and I have already planted new bulbs in the flower beds, transferred several irises to new beds from the yard. Pin k daylilies and orange daylilies, red hot pokers and elephant ears. I think those should go nicely with the irises, well that is if they ever decide to bloom again! Need more fertilizer I guess! Actually I need to get a soil sample to the county extension office and see what it really needs!

Micael and I are trying to decide where to put a garden so we can dig it up and get it prepped for next year. I think I want some fruit trees in the back yard but not sure which ones. Any ideas?

Maybe Micael will feel like a short day trip to somewhere else besides our home town too.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Contacts AGAIN!!

I miss my contacts.

My glasses are fine but I miss my contacts.

Last week it was my annual eye checker time. I asked for multi-focal contacts. (Doc tried to get me to try them last year and I said no).



I had to go back today to recheck and tweek. He upped the reading part a tad and .........

 Holy Whack Batman!! These are terrific!!!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

School is almost out for summer!

Every end of semesters I hear in my head: School's out for Summer!

So now you can hear it in yours..........or on your computer....................

CHEERS!!!!! =0D

PS. Think I have the link fixed promises.........but i THINK.........

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Mom

My mom and I didn't always see eye to eye, we drove each other absolutely nuts sometimes. But we loved each other.

She passed over to God's world last Friday as we were getting things ready for a move closer to me.

It was sudden, totally unexpected.

I cannot fathom what I am going to do with out her.

I want to pick up the phone and call and see how she is.

I can't.

I am so lost.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hospitals and Family

My mother has been diagnosed with dementia. She has been living on her own up until a couple of months ago when she moved in with my brother.

No, wait, real time, not my time. Real time is, wow, 6 months .My time it is still a couple of months. Senior-ality is settin in, I'm a thinkin.

Anyway, she is in a dementia home for rehab because of some infections she has had that put her in the hospital. So in talking to the nurses, checkin on her, etc. I ask for a list of her meds.

Holy whack batman! That woman has pill-itis!

I did some research. TWO INCHES of paperwork research! is where I went, Micael found this for me, and listed her meds. Added her symptoms as I knew them.

And out spits all kinds of stuff......

So I shot a lot of questions off to the social worker at the facility, who in turn gave them to the doc.

That was Tuesday.

Yesterday she came off of all except what she absolutely needed: antibotics, asthma meds, reflux meds, etc.

So if you have family in the hospital, make sure you check all their meds.

Research your questions too so you have some basis for your questions and you already know some of the answers.

Make sure you ask questions.

 If verbally you are not getting answers, write them down and take them to some one in charge.

Ask for an advocate.


Do whatever it takes to get someone to answer your questions.

Not just with it is all right, don't worry.


At other places Mom had been my brother was asking questions and everyone was saying, it's working don't worry about it. Blowing him off.

Sometimes verbal doesn't cut it.


Back to Mom, they are watching her for withdrawals, blood pressure drop, all kinds of things but last night she had eaten a bowl of ice cream, her blood pressure was up from 80/50 to 100/66, her oxygen saturation was 94% on room air. Everything was coming up.

Please say a prayer, or two, light candles, whatever it is you do, for my Mom. And my brother.


Sunday, March 25, 2012


I was given some pictures that Mom had before she moved in with my brother, which is before the Alzheimer's home she currently resides in.

I found pictures from high school, our foreign exchange student, Nina, pictures of Dad, Bro and me, Mom and Bro, etc.

Lots of laughter in these pictures.....

My dad, my bro and me, 1962

My mom and bro, 1962

me and bro, 1962

me ,1957

me 1974

Nina, our foreign exchange student, me and bro, 1974

Kathy, Janice, Robin 1974

Well, I figure that is enough of a blast from the past to last a while!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's Raining, It's Pouring......

It's Raining
It's Pouring
The Ole Man is snoring
Went to bed bumped his head
Couldn't get up in the morning!

"The words of the Nursery Rhyme, "It's raining, it's pouring" have been suggested by Jerry Jacobson. Little is known about the origins of the song, but we believe it originated in England (well known for it's rainy weather!) The rhyme is often sang by children when they could not go out to play. The lyrics suited the ritual chants tht children love........."

Some credit this sing song to Mother Goose also...

Rhymes and history

Mother Goose

I am not gonna complain about rain since last summer we had NONE.

But does anyone know where I can find a canoe/boat cheap?

With a roof?

And a motor? I don't paddle well....

So I can get to work without getting soaked?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Google maps, GPS and me-not always compatible

Just an FYI

If ya don't put the address in correctly, the GPS cannot find it.

That includes the letter W as in WEST.

A friend wanted to make a dry run to Houston on Saturday to find where to pick up her boyfriend when he flies in.

She gave me the name, I mapped it on Google. Then we put it in the GPS.

Google got it wrong period. We were in restricted areas of Hobby Airport. What???

BUT I did have the phone number.

I DO stop and ask for directions.....(after taking a scenic route for over half hour...)

Turns out there are TWO Monroe Roads in Houston.

A block from each other.

One is Monroe Road and one is West Monroe Road.

The "W" made all the difference.........

It must have messed with our heads, well that and gettin' stuck in Houston traffic both ways, because we missed the turn to come home........

We laughed til we were snortin' like pigs!!

All in all not a bad trip.

Made me appreciate my itsy bitsy town fer shure!!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Birds, birds, birds

Why do birds like blue cars?

Why do birds like to crap on blue cars?

My red car they left alone.

My blue car they love to leave white ooey gooey nasty spots on it.

If I park under or even CLOSE to a parking lot light, my car turns WHITE with black specks.

If I park near a tree......

If I park in an unlit parking lot...........

If I park in a treeless parking lot........

If I park in a dirt parking lot............

If I park PERIOD........

I am not one to that shoots birds normally.

But when they spot my car, the urge arises.....

Birds, listen to me:

STOP POOIN' ON MY CAR!!!!!!!!!!!

OR ELSE ...............




Wonder if that will work?

Or will they listen like my kids???

Or like my dogs???

Any body want to make a bet??

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nuther year

Another year has come and gone!

It was a birthday weekend at my house!

JD's was Saturday and mine was Sunday.

The kids surprised me with a hamburger cookout and every one of the kids came!

I just thought it was going to be Layne and Micael and the boys. But they got the other two to come too! Very nice surprise plus my newly adopted kiddo and her kid were there too!

Brotherly love

Layne and Gabe trying to get warm

The boys and almost all dogs.... 

Bax refused to be held.

Laughin because they got me tickled and I snorted......

3 of the 4 boys.........Mar missing in action

JD standing on toes trying to as tall as Bubba.........
Still not quite there.........

All in all it was a great day/weekend! Missed getting a pic of Chel, Kate and her son Lonnie. I forgot the camera or the phone during all of that! 


Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Diapered Cook

My friend in Oregon had a book party for cookware.

Micael couldn't remember the name so he could look on line to see if there was anything that we might need.

All he could remember was diapered cook.....

Finally he remembered the REAL name.

Pampered Chef.

Life at my house is never dull.

Today my diapered cook stuff arrived.......

Cheers my friends!!

Monday, February 13, 2012


I was wantin to change my bed yesterday.

The comforter was in the dryer and almost done.

Now I wanted clean sheets.

But there was a sleepin dawg on my bed.

An hour later, STILL a sleepin dawg on my bed.

Sooo... I thought I would get her off when I started strippin the bed.......

How well did it work??

I finally picked her up and took her to Micael's bed and finished my bed. 

Then carried her back but she was awake by that time and went outside in the rain........

Wonderin just how long those sheets are gonna stay clean..........


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Here's a chuckle

Woke up hot last night.

Looked at the clock it was flashing 2:41am

Turned over.

Pulled covers over my head.

Finally at 3:40 I fixed it so it wouldn't flash.

Checked alarm: 12:00.

grrrr lost power.

reset alarm

went to sleep til 5:45

got up.

Put medicine in Scrappers eye.

Treated all the dogs.

Got my bath.

Got dressed.

Made coffee for Micael.

Headed out door.

Got out on highway.

Saw moon high in sky.

So beautiful!

Screeeech. (Brain left a skid mark.....)

Why is the moon so high in the sky???

Check clock in car: 6:16 am

Clock time at 2:41? Heck I don't know, all I know is that the power had been back on for 2 HOURS and 41 MINUTES.............

MIcael says that I was not supposed to be on the highway at my normal time since normally I check clocks/watches several times in a morning to see how far behind I am runnin,...........

Not today..........

So today I am snoozin at my desk, EYES WIDE SHUT!!!!!!


Monday, February 6, 2012

The leak

Welp, found a tee ninsy leak in the the rusted pipe. Called the plumber.

He came and fixed. These guys are great! Not too expensive and you know it is good to go when they leave.

But along with the bill, he left some advise:

Within  the next couple of years you will need to replace the galvanized pipe. It is rottin.

Good news (well that is if the home inspector is correct) is that there are only two pipes under there that are galvanized pipe, all others have been changed. Both are to outside faucets.

So now I get to figure out how much these two little suckers are gonna cost.

Life is so much fun, doncha think?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Observing nature in Winter is ridiculous

I think my environmental science teach needs to rethink the time of year to do this assignment!

Observing nature in February is KRAZY!

What animal in their right mind would be out in the cold or chilly weather?

Oh wait, coots and hawks and mockingbirds and sparrows and.......get the drift. I guess they are used to the chilly weather!

My ears bout froze off my head!

There there was some crazy mosquito looking things that weren't a scared of nobody and nuthin!

Not even when I wanted to write on  my paper. No siree! They just stayed there doin their thang!

I shooed them and told them to go home and do that!

Not in public!

SO I have a lot of NUTHIN to report about.

I'm purty sure teach don't want to hear about the love bugs on my paper!