Saturday, August 28, 2010

To Kill a Mockingbird

I have never read it.

It is my kids and one of my niece's favorite books.

In fact, my niece named her baby after Scout.

I have to read it.

Within 10 pages I'm hooked.

I can't be hooked. I have economics and english to read.

I have no, repeat NO, time to pleasure read.

Something has to be given up.

Think it will be econ and english.

Today anyway.

I'm thinking I can finish this book today and I still will have time to read for school.



Have a great weekend! See ya Tuesday!

KACKLE!! or even kackle!! Either way it does a body good!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School's in session


Economics AND British Lit??!!! Economics with Chaucer and Shakespeare???

They're comin to take me away! AHA! They're comin' to take me away!!

At least maybe they will give me drugs that will let me live in the rose colored world, eh?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Conversations . . . with Harlie

I was mowin' the other day and the neighbor needed to get his work pants dried pretty quick and the dryer was not workin'.

Could I help him out?

Why sure!

We tried to carry on a conversation for a few minutes at the fence but Harlie kept buttin' in.

Woof woof! (Keep AWAY!!)

Woof wo woof! (I mean it!!)

Me: Harlie, it is fine.

Woof! (No!)

Harlie, stop it.

Woooof! (NOOO)

Stop talkin' back to me!


Harlie! Enough! and I snapped my fingers.

Harlie sits. Woof. (Why?)

Harlie. (and I point to the house) either hush or go inside.

Woof. (AWWWWW)

Harlie, I mean it. Stop

wuf. (oooook)

She sits quietly. She still does not like my neighbor. Will run and hit that fence and make it wiggle much!
Harlie and I have conversations weekly. Not daily. Most times she is too busy bitin' the other pups. But she lets me know when it's time.

She will sit at me feet and look at me with those big ole eyes and just start yappin' and lookin' at whatever she is tellin' me about. Usually it's the other dogs actin up, which means they won't let her play. . . .

Hope you kackled today!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I knew that. . but not today . .

I was writin' my new blog today and wrote the word flys.

Of course, when Michael saw it he says: "Flies is spelled with an ie not a y."

My response: "DUH! I knew that! . . . . . . but not today. . ."

I think I am gonna use that answer more often . .

I kinda like it. Sounds more better than I forgot. . . Doncha think?

Go find something to kackle about! It makes the world alllllll ok.


Like I don't have enough to do

I've started a new blog. It's a little more serious. It will not be for everyone, but then which blog is. right?

MiMi's Musings

Have a great day! 

And btw-thanks for all your support through EVERYTHING in my life lately! You guys make me smile through my tears!! Thank you sooooo much!

Kackle it does a body good!! YUMMMMMM

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I AM MAAAAAAAAD, LIVID, and whatever else goes along with it!!

In Michael's blog today he wrote about a person writing to him in the Q & A section of his blog. If you go there you will see this statement:

                 You sure do complain about having AIDS a lot. The bible says you reap what you sow.

Yes he talks about having AIDS. HE HAS AIDS. It is a reality for him. A hard one to be exact. In ONE day, he will take 29 pills. On Wednesdays he takes FIVE, yes 5, of azithromicin. He FINALLY got to start his antiretrovirals. Now he has GOOD days.

Do you know what a GOOD day consists of?

Let's see.

For beginners, not puking you guts up for hours.

Not running to the potty with the runs for hours.

Being able to walk from the bed to the front door or the bathroom without being totally wiped out.

Actually weighing more than 120 at 6'2".

Being able to actually make a sandwich AND eat it.

Sitting through a 30 minute sitcom with out going to sleep.

Walking even though EVERY MUSCLE in your body hurts so bad you want to cry.

He can't even take the sheets off his bed without being so tired he has to sit down or lay down.


Having AIDS is not something you would wish on your worst enemy, much less someone you love.

And for this stranger to make that comment to MY SON makes me want to open a BIG can of TEXAS WHOOP ASS all over them. 



Transfusions, sex, yes, drugs. It can come to us innocently or not so innocently.


Not kacklin so much tonight. I'm steamin for sure.

Michael, I love you.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Now mind you I do not mind mowin'. It's one of my thinkin' times, ya know?

I've even tried to be 'green' so I have an electric mulchin' mower that chews up everything from dog toys to small limbs from the tree. All except the big red chewy thang that ya put treats in. That thang will knock the mulchin lid way up high as the mower spits it out!

But I do hate havin ta git up early and mow. I wanna sleep. It's SATURDAY! And by the time I have about 3 or 4 cups of coffee it's aleady a 85-90degrees or dang near close to it.

So at noon today, I decide to finish the job I started 3 weeks ago. 10 feet of grass to mow. I got 3 strips done and the mower quits.

I think I musta pulled the plug loose. Nope, go check. Nope, still in the plug, mostly, anyway. Check the extension cord's extension (yard's too deep for just one extension), it's okay. Check again to make sure it hasn't come unplugged at the mower. Nope.

Sigh. It's been a good mower. It must be time for mower heaven or either that or I need to tear into it again. . Neither of which excited me.

So I pull it back to the house and try one more time. VVVAAAROOM! It starts! Weird, but hey who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth! So I run back to the section I was mowin' make 2 rows. WHAM! Stops agin! Blast. This is tooo weird. So I start pullin cords apart. I really, and I mean REALLY, do not want to buy a mower today.

It seems that the adapter had been pulled out of the wall one to many times. It was kaput. Changed adapters and I almost finished. I got hot. I'm a wussy. I came in. Maybe I'll finish the little bitty patch tonite. . .Maybe the front tomorrow. . It's been 6 weeks since  I mowed it. It looks sad. .

I guess today I need to change that plug to a 3 prong and quit usin the adapter and then go mow that front yard. .

Procrastinator. That's me on the weekends, fer shure.

Hope you kackle today!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I think I need Charm School

I've decided I need Charm School. Ya know learn how to let it roll. . . off the back, like water on a duck's back, breathe, don't let anyone upset me. .

I need to learn how to say "Oh, That's nice."

Which reminds me of the story of the three Southern Women, all sittin' around chattin'. See they hadn't seen each other since high school. They were swappin stories on what they had been up to, who they had married, how many children, etc.

Barbara Jean says, "Oh, my husband loves me sooo much he bought me this big ole house in Memphis in the richest part of town!"

Nancy Faye replies, "Oh, MY husband loves ME so much he bought me a Silver Mercedes! He even paid CASH!"

Sally Ann just smiles and replies, "That's nice."

Barbara Jean says, "Well he loves me so much he bought me this big ole diamond ring!" Showin the ring to the other two.

Nancy Faye says, "OOHH! Mine loves me so much he bought me a mink coat!" Shruggin her shoulders coyly.

Sally Ann just smiles and replies, "That's nice."

The conversation continues on in this vein for several minutes and finally Barbara Jean turns to Sally Ann and says "Well just how much does YOUR husband love you??"

Sally Ann, smilin' says, "Well he loves me so much he sent me to Charm School!"



Sally Ann just smiles and says: "So I can learn to say, That's nice instead of screw you!"

So every time I get upset with someone, I try to remember this little story and just reply, "That's nice". . . .

Have a great day and I hope you kackled just a tee ninesee bit!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Did you know . . . .

if news casters cannot find the real story that they will make one up?

We had an employee get hurt at work.

A piece of equipment fell and hit his leg. It broke both bones in two places. He had to have surgery last nite and will have to have one, maybe 2 more. But he will be ok. He will be off work for a long time.

What broke on the news was a horrible industrial accident. Equipment weighing 2 tons falling and trapping him underneath, when in reality it weighed more like 5-600 pounds, hit his leg and rolled off. He was not trapped. He couldn't walk and he was in excrutiating pain but he was not trapped.

No one would talk to the ambulance chaser so he made up his own story. No one talked to the ac except me. My words were: He will be fine, he broke his leg. All other questions need to be directed to. . .

There is a reason that I do not watch or believe the news.

What hooey.

I will NEVER watch that news channel again and believe anything they report.

What can you do but kackle at the ambulance chaser and shake your head?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Walter's Eyes are on Big Mama's Chest

Walter was attacked. He was attacked by a vicious dog. It was a horrible battle. With the dog winnin' it seemed.

We found Walter cowerin' in the corner. It was just awful. He wanted to cry but couldn't. Michael put him in his lap and hugged him closely. All the while tears pourin' down his drawn face.

Walter didn't deserve this! He hadn't been with Michael very long! Oh Walter! Walter! Walter! And then the rockin' and huggin' starts. . Walter moanin from all the pain.

Then Michael gets mad. .He starts to look for the vicious dog that did this to Walter!

I'm tryin' to tell Michael that maybe they were playin' and it just got too rough! He won't listen! He's lookin for signs of the dog that attacked Walter. .

Finally we find a sign. Then we find another.

It was Jack. But now it is too far in the past for him to understand what he did wrong! So I scold him fiercely! He has never attacked Walter again.

Now Walter only has eyes for Big Mama. She is what saved them.

Walter's eyes are on Big Mama's chest. But they will never be the same again.


Walter's Eyes

Big Mama's chest

Hope you kackled today! It does the body good!! Happy weekend!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

THOSE people. . . .

Ya know THOSE people? Ya know the ones! Really! The ones that drift over into your lane (like me) because they are not paying attention? Or the ones that are going pokey slow until you try to pass then speed up (like me)? Or the ones that don't use their blinkers (like me)? Or the ones that change lanes with no inclination of what they are doin'(like me)? Or what about the ones that come up on the highway and put blinkers on and move over THREE lanes (alas like me)?



So in defense of others (like me), some days we have a whole lot on our plates and our mind wanders, as does our cars. Like sick kids, sick moms, overwhelmed at work, pet that dies, friend in trouble, money problems, and a whole host of others. God has put you in the right place at the right time to take care of those people (like me). I am very grateful for all of you lookin' out for all those people (like me)! You are their (like me) angels for the day or minute or hour! We appreciate you!

So those of you I cut off this morning, when I realized that I was fixin' ta miss my exit to work and I ran between that 18 wheeler and you, thank you for not tellin' me I was your number 1! I hope you had a very blessed day today! Because you were my angel this morning, I had a great day! And on the way home I watched out for someone else that was distracted!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I hope you kackled alot today! YOU made MY day for sure!!

'Nuther 'Ward!!!

LeeAnna over at Can we have a new witch? Ours melted. . . gave me this award! BACK ON JULY 24th! I'm such a baaaaadddd blogger because I am just now getting aroung to thanking her and accepting it!

Here are the stipulations for this award:

1. Thank the blogger that gave you the award.

2. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, experience, using 10 words. (10 words!! HAHAHAHA!)

     I was going through a dark time and wanted to make me have a better outlook. I wanted to remind myself to laugh every day. I would tell these stories to my sister and she would fall over laughin'. So Michael told me to start a blog. So I started bloggin for therapy!

3. Pass the award on to 10 other blogs you feel have substance. This is sooooo very hard for me to do! I have so many I want to give awards to! LIKE EVERYONE!!! But let me see......

     1. Cat Lady Larew over at How To Become a Cat Lady without the Cats . She has been with me since the beginning or shortly there after. I love her blog! You will too! Go check her out! She'll have you wondering how you too can become a cat lady with the cats!!

      2. Pat over at A View from the Edge . She is 'nuther one that has been around a while. She takes runs around the US and tells us all about what is going on. She has a great way with words! I think you will enjoy her too! Just don't get too close to the Edge! You might fall in!

     3. Then there is Georgina over at Georgina Dollface she doodles and has great stories too! Fantastic artist! Great sense of humor! She makes my day! Go check her out!

     4. Otin. He got me going with one of his stories. Wonderful story teller for sure!! Check him out Wizard of Otin . He is a really great guy with way with words!

     5. Matty at Matty Thoughts is another one that makes me smile. He's also a baseball fan! And I do believe his Phillies have my Berkman. . . But go check him out anyway, he's a great guy! Check out his picture blog too! He is a fantastic photographer!

    6. Leah at Funny is the new Young is another one I think you will like! She's a purty good writer if I say so myself! I think she will make you laugh! Or at the very least smile!

     7. Toni at Can I Just Say. . . . is another one I like. She's cute and funny. And a super great person in real life.
     8. Kay over at Kay's Photoblog takes me to other places. Some days I need that. Check her out. You may need to go too one day!

     9. Chris at Knucklehead is a good one too. Keep up the good work!

     10. Last but not least is Janie at Life not wasted or lost . She is a teacher, an artist and a writer. Check her out.

There are many more but according to the rules I can only pick 10 this time!

I hope that you will find something new that works for you! Thanks again LeeAnna for the award!

Keep on kacklin, you all!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Serving Size??

I made a pot of beans yesterday and wanted some cornbread. Admittedly I am lazy. So I bought a package of cornbread mix.

Have you ever READ the back of a package?

Here is what the one I had looks like:

Now let me ask you, how many of you eat your cornbread straight outta the package? Such as in "3 tbsp of DRY MIX"???

So what do you do? Open the package and spoon out 3 of 'em to each person and say: "Hey mix your own"? Or do you just sprinkle it on the beans and hope it enhances the flavor of the 'em??

I honestly think you could have heard me kacklin' all the way to your house! Did ya wonder what that noise was about 3pm yesterday? Yup, it was me! Michael and I had a grand laugh over this one! I just HAD to share!

Hope you kackled today! Don't worry about the laugh lines! They're much better than those old worry lines!!

PS. Just remember if you need to feed 30 people, spoon out the dry mix. If you only need to feed 6 then use the egg and milk with it. . ..