Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nuther year

Another year has come and gone!

It was a birthday weekend at my house!

JD's was Saturday and mine was Sunday.

The kids surprised me with a hamburger cookout and every one of the kids came!

I just thought it was going to be Layne and Micael and the boys. But they got the other two to come too! Very nice surprise plus my newly adopted kiddo and her kid were there too!

Brotherly love

Layne and Gabe trying to get warm

The boys and almost all dogs.... 

Bax refused to be held.

Laughin because they got me tickled and I snorted......

3 of the 4 boys.........Mar missing in action

JD standing on toes trying to as tall as Bubba.........
Still not quite there.........

All in all it was a great day/weekend! Missed getting a pic of Chel, Kate and her son Lonnie. I forgot the camera or the phone during all of that! 


Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Diapered Cook

My friend in Oregon had a book party for cookware.

Micael couldn't remember the name so he could look on line to see if there was anything that we might need.

All he could remember was diapered cook.....

Finally he remembered the REAL name.

Pampered Chef.

Life at my house is never dull.

Today my diapered cook stuff arrived.......

Cheers my friends!!

Monday, February 13, 2012


I was wantin to change my bed yesterday.

The comforter was in the dryer and almost done.

Now I wanted clean sheets.

But there was a sleepin dawg on my bed.

An hour later, STILL a sleepin dawg on my bed.

Sooo... I thought I would get her off when I started strippin the bed.......

How well did it work??

I finally picked her up and took her to Micael's bed and finished my bed. 

Then carried her back but she was awake by that time and went outside in the rain........

Wonderin just how long those sheets are gonna stay clean..........


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Here's a chuckle

Woke up hot last night.

Looked at the clock it was flashing 2:41am

Turned over.

Pulled covers over my head.

Finally at 3:40 I fixed it so it wouldn't flash.

Checked alarm: 12:00.

grrrr lost power.

reset alarm

went to sleep til 5:45

got up.

Put medicine in Scrappers eye.

Treated all the dogs.

Got my bath.

Got dressed.

Made coffee for Micael.

Headed out door.

Got out on highway.

Saw moon high in sky.

So beautiful!

Screeeech. (Brain left a skid mark.....)

Why is the moon so high in the sky???

Check clock in car: 6:16 am

Clock time at 2:41? Heck I don't know, all I know is that the power had been back on for 2 HOURS and 41 MINUTES.............

MIcael says that I was not supposed to be on the highway at my normal time since normally I check clocks/watches several times in a morning to see how far behind I am runnin,...........

Not today..........

So today I am snoozin at my desk, EYES WIDE SHUT!!!!!!


Monday, February 6, 2012

The leak

Welp, found a tee ninsy leak in the the rusted pipe. Called the plumber.

He came and fixed. These guys are great! Not too expensive and you know it is good to go when they leave.

But along with the bill, he left some advise:

Within  the next couple of years you will need to replace the galvanized pipe. It is rottin.

Good news (well that is if the home inspector is correct) is that there are only two pipes under there that are galvanized pipe, all others have been changed. Both are to outside faucets.

So now I get to figure out how much these two little suckers are gonna cost.

Life is so much fun, doncha think?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Observing nature in Winter is ridiculous

I think my environmental science teach needs to rethink the time of year to do this assignment!

Observing nature in February is KRAZY!

What animal in their right mind would be out in the cold or chilly weather?

Oh wait, coots and hawks and mockingbirds and sparrows and.......get the drift. I guess they are used to the chilly weather!

My ears bout froze off my head!

There there was some crazy mosquito looking things that weren't a scared of nobody and nuthin!

Not even when I wanted to write on  my paper. No siree! They just stayed there doin their thang!

I shooed them and told them to go home and do that!

Not in public!

SO I have a lot of NUTHIN to report about.

I'm purty sure teach don't want to hear about the love bugs on my paper!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fog Fog Everywhere!

For the past two days we have been blessed with fog.

Fog so thick in some places I can barely see ten feet in front of me!

Yesterday it took 35 minutes to get to work.

Today it was 30.

Normally it is about 20 on a good morning.

Which means that Cam just cruises right past everyone.....

No so lately!

Cam is pullin over lettin THEM cruise right past!

Which feels purty weird, I must say.........

Here's what this morning looked like after it was 'clear'...

On days like this I wish tail lights were a bit brighter!

Normally I see this overpass for MILES before I get to it.........

I was bout a half mile when it came into view.....

Maybe tomorrow morn will be clearer......

Cheers my friends!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Micael has a new job

(I posted this yesterday and it was not quiiiiiite ready.......

In all my excitement, I got a little ahead of him....

So now back to the real topic!)

He had a little idea and it has gone wild!


Isn't it a cute idea?

He already has orders!


And for those of you that don't know it, he also does cards!

So give him a shout!

Have a Terrific Thursday!