Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I thought he was jokin, really.

Michael wanted some crawdads from popeyes yesterday. Ok it's sorta on the way  home so I said sure.

I drive up and say I would like to order the Crawdad Lunchbox, a large order of tenders, and two wraps. 


Still silence.

Finally, the kid comes back on and says:

We don't have a large order of tenders.

I reply, knowing full well they have a 5 piece and a 3 piece: 

Me: Soooooo  what DO you have?

Idiot replies: Well, we have a 5 pc and a 3 pc. 

ME: Ooooook, well, um, let's see, I think, uh,  I'll take the fiiiivvvveee piece..

Prozac MUST be workin, otherwise, I would have spouted off some very obscene words about morons.....

15 minutes after I finish the 10 minute dialog to get my food ordered, Moron brings my food. 

I didn't realize that they had to CATCH the crawdads when I ordered them......

He hands me my food with a "Sorry for the wait" and walks off. 

I reply: "Thank you and have a nice day. Come back to see me, why doncha?" 

Of course by that time he is walkin in the door.....so he probably missed my positively sweet sarcasm......

I almost took my receipt in before he got there and asked them just where did they go to catch the little buggers.......

Prozac was holdin me in the car........for reals........honest......

Layne is amazed at my control lately...

So this must be a good thing.....

Bossman told me that the crew at work was gonna to get a collection up to make sure I would always buy my meds, because I'm much happier. 

Happier is good for EVERY BODY he says.

 Like the saying, "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy", I guess .......

Though Jesse did call up the other day from the floor to tell me I needed a better attitude. 

My response was he didn't have to call me. 

He said I should be nice. 

I responded, I can hang up........

Maybe I need stronger  Prozac...........

Cheers my friends! 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Michael (aka Micael) Update

Good news: He has stabilized over the past 24 hours with the platelet count! They are thinking it is the Atripla that is making these counts go up and down. I don't think they have had a lot of experience with this drug since it is fairly new.

He could be coming home soon, which is a far cry from yesterday's diagnoses of you are here for an indefinite period! I'm so happy I could bawl like a baby!

All the tests are, once again, coming up negative for anything except HIV.

So he have to go back for more frequent labs, not just once a month anymore. I can deal with that!

More good news: In one month this medicine has increased his t cell count more than in several months of the other drugs he was on. It also brought his viral load down amazingly fast too. Last drugs he was one took 2-3 months to get up over 300 and Atripla got him to 365 in one month! That much closer to the 600-700 that I think they are aiming for! Where he will feel almost human again! I'm ready and I know he is past ready!

Thanks for all the uplifting and prayers! I don't think without them he would be where he is today! We have been given more time to spend with Michael! How blessed we are!

Love and hugs!

 (aka Michael's Mom)