Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Keeper

I am a Keeper of all kinds of kiddos. Whether they are
2 legged ones or 4 legged ones.
One day I will see if I can find pics of all my 2 legged ones.
But today I will pass along these of the 4 legged ones.

So there is no confusion over MY four legged kiddos.
(The kids are pretty adamant on who all they belong to!)

Here are the stats:

This is mine:

Scrappy, 5 yrs old

This is not:

Harlie belongs to JD, 2 yrs old

This is mine:

Baxter 2.5 yrs old

This is not:

Jackson belongs to Layne, 7 months

This is mine:
Crystal,  7 yrs old

This one is not:

Winston (aka Wilson on my CSR days) belongs to Michael.
almost 5 months old.

So there you have it.

Oh yeah. Then there is the outside baby:

Oliver, who looks to be about 4-5 months old.

And no we do not know if he is really a he.

And I DID get kitten food today!!
Yay me!!

So far that is the crew! Maybe one day Oli will
come on over and get to know us.
We really aren't a bad crew, just noisy.

PS all were kiddos that nobody wanted.
3 came from pounds, (mine)
1 on the side of the road (layne)
2 were puppies that needed a home. (boys)

I am a big believer in all kiddos need a home,
whether the 2 legged kind or the 4 legged kind.

Pass the love around, grab a kiddo and kackle away!
I'm positive that they will definitely make you kackle!
Even when they are acting up!


Anita said...

Adorable kiddos!
I have grown to love animals. Seeing yours and the ones you borrowed, make me smile. They are lucky to have you.

Pat said...

What the hell does that second comment have to do with this post?

Anyway, these dogs are adorable! If I could, I'd have a bunch of dogs, and cats, for that matter!

I truly believe shelter animals are so grateful for being adopted. You are a good person!

KaLynn said...

Hey Anita-I love dogs and cats. not so much mice and rats. The dogs and cats make me smile, the mice and rats make me run a mile! =-)

Hey Pat-It seems every time I am turning around there is a new being at my house lately! Some days I am ready for my little ones and other days I dont mind at all. I talk about Harlie and Jack like htey are mine but in reality they are not. JD and Layne continue to tell me that too. So I figured I needed to clairify that to my friends. . JD is telling me soon Harlie Barlie will no longer be with me. But we shall see. . . She loves me best. . . .LOL!!!

Toni said...

They are all so adorable but I absolutely love Harlie! That is some kind of cute!!!