Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yella Car

Have you ever played Yella Car?

It's kinda like Slug Bug except you don't slug anyone. Just yell YELLA CAR!!

The rules:

1. Can't be a company vehicle.
2. Can't call the same vehicle twice even if it is down the road a piece (or in your mirror)
3. See #1 and #2.

I DID do the mirror one once on Layne.

Called her up and was chattin then all of a sudden: Yella car! OOH Yella car!! Hey another yella car!! this went on for a few  minutes. She finally she asked where I was and where were all these yella cars!

I said I was going down the road and they were in my mirror. Oh I guess I can't use the same car over and over, huh??

So she added a new rule. The ones in the mirror don't count. DAAANG!

It's rather fun. It's just who gets the most cars. I sure dint realize how many yella cars there were around. (Cars=trucks, suvs, cars, motorcycles, vans, etc.)

Hope you kackle today!


Pat said...

Good Morning,

We play a game like that when we go on long trips. Guess it could be a bit morbid, but we call cemeteries. It's amazing the number of tiny graveyards there are, a fence with 2 or 3 headstones, even along the highway.

Have a wonderful Day!

Anonymous said...

For us, it wasn't cars, it was monkey tail trees. I have no idea who made that up but when we saw a monkey tail tree we'd start making monkey sounds. I'm not even sure if the name of the tree is actually monkey tail, but that's what they look like. - G

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

Pat-We call cemeteries Bury Gardens. JD named them that when he was about 4. He asked what those were and why there were all those flowers there. I explained that is where they bury the dolls after we go to Heaven. People leave flowers in rememberance. So he named them Bury Gardens.

Georgina-What a fun game that sounds like! But what to monkey tail trees look like? I want to play that game!

Pat said...

Could you imagine how many times you'd shout out "Yella Car" if you were in New York with all the cabs? Ha! You'd go hoarse!