Sunday, February 5, 2012

Observing nature in Winter is ridiculous

I think my environmental science teach needs to rethink the time of year to do this assignment!

Observing nature in February is KRAZY!

What animal in their right mind would be out in the cold or chilly weather?

Oh wait, coots and hawks and mockingbirds and sparrows and.......get the drift. I guess they are used to the chilly weather!

My ears bout froze off my head!

There there was some crazy mosquito looking things that weren't a scared of nobody and nuthin!

Not even when I wanted to write on  my paper. No siree! They just stayed there doin their thang!

I shooed them and told them to go home and do that!

Not in public!

SO I have a lot of NUTHIN to report about.

I'm purty sure teach don't want to hear about the love bugs on my paper!



Belle said...

I guess they have nothing else to do in winter!

Tempo said...

February is a hot month in Australia, still not much happening though, no one and nothin wants to come out in this heat...

Bouncin Barb said...


KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

I ended up reporting on my back yard coffee sit! Since that was not suppose to be the observation, I had to really THINK about what I saw! Geeze that was 8 hours previous!! I hava problems what happened 10minutes ago much less 8 HOURS ago! Wonder what grade I will get on that.....