Monday, May 7, 2012

Final grades and summer plans!

Well, I have an A and a stinkin B. If I had only gone back over the test before I turned it in...... I would have an A in both............grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

But enough of that.....

Summer plans..

A few gals I went to school with are meeting this summer for a weekend of fun and relaxation! Most of us have not seen each other since 1974! Facebook is great for reconnecting. This year there are 6 of us meeting, out of 14 invited. It is amazing how many folks make plans in January! Or how many marriages happen! Everyone should be married at this rate!

We have rented a little house in the country but close enough to some towns with things to do that we should have a blast!

Maybe I will get my room painted. I have finally picked out the colors for the walls. Pale yellow and pale green. To go with my purple comforter and sheets.

Maybe we will even get Micael's room painted all one color too!

The boys and I have already planted new bulbs in the flower beds, transferred several irises to new beds from the yard. Pin k daylilies and orange daylilies, red hot pokers and elephant ears. I think those should go nicely with the irises, well that is if they ever decide to bloom again! Need more fertilizer I guess! Actually I need to get a soil sample to the county extension office and see what it really needs!

Micael and I are trying to decide where to put a garden so we can dig it up and get it prepped for next year. I think I want some fruit trees in the back yard but not sure which ones. Any ideas?

Maybe Micael will feel like a short day trip to somewhere else besides our home town too.



ॐ Micael Chadwick said...

Make a deal with you! I'll help you paint yours if you help me paint mine! Mine's much smaller and halfway done!

Belle said...

Spring and summer are so much fun: painting and planting! Have a great time at the reunion. Sounds wonderful.

Anita said...

Hello there! I haven't been around in awhile, but glad to come back and see that you are doing well with your courses and that you are optimistic and happy about upcoming projects and events.