Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Is it me or what?

Holy cow! I think I am a bad luck charm!
Here's why:

2 friends husbands are undergoing cancer treatment
1 friend has bad back problems
1 friend has fibromyalgia
1 friend's husband is in a coma on life support on which a decision is being made today to discontinue it.
Ran into a person at the airport in Charlotte, NC that was on her way to Houston to MD Anderson, I never caught her name but I named her Martha
A friend of a friend is in surgery today for ovarian cancer. She has twin boys about my grands age. It is all over her abdomen.

I"m thinking I need to withdraw from the 'friends' circle, or maybe send up heartier prayers!

Cheers, people! (Started to say my friends, but that may be detrimental to YOUR health!)


Simply Suthern said...

Who are you? I dont know you.
Why am I here anyway?

I spose thats why you didnt call when you was in Charlotte.

Valerie said...

Look at it another way. You're presence in their lives might be more beneficial than harmful. Now then, about my back..... lol.

Tempo said...

I really dont want to be the one telling you this...but it's called getting old.
More friends get sick as you get older, more great people die and life seem even more unfair that it did when all your friends were young, strong and beautiful!

Pat Tillett said...

This is the stuff that happens to us as we get older... AND IT SUCKS!!!

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

SS-I"m sorry I didn't call while in Charolette! But I lost your number!!

Valerie-I've added you to the prayer list......=0)

Tempo!-NO! Really??? Older?? That's what causes this??? hmmmm

Pat-Your REALLY didn't have to agree with Tempo! =0)