Sunday, January 9, 2011

Could someone kindly direct me to the highway?

I need to play in traffic.

School has begun.


'Nuther fast paced semester.

And the new job title is has begun to get interesting. Preparing for a show in the fall, getting ready to go see customers this summer.

Oh yeah, loads of fun is about to begin.

I'm beginnin to think dodgin 70+ mph traffic would be a breeze compared to what is ahead.....

Go ahead, kackle. I brought it on myself!

Have a great week!


gayle said...

Oh no! Good luck! I can't wait until my oldest daughter's finish with school!

Boom Boom Larew said...

Go for it, KaLynn! You can do it!

Laynee said...

No playin' in traffic!!!! It's not allowed!! Well....You can if I can!! lmao

You'll be just fine. lym!