Sunday, January 30, 2011

Keep the pet or the spouse/lover?

That was the topic on the radio the other day.

Of course, I had to chime in  my two (or 6)cents.

Keep the pets of course!! They love me not matter what! And I them. Well, most of the time.

They share my couch and recliner with me on occasions, also they let me sleep in my own bed and keep me VERY warm. They like to share my pillows with me too and snore in my ear.

For the most part, they are happy four legged roommates, which I can't say for any of previous two legged roommates. The fartherest the 4 leggers go with my stuff is the back yard. And yes granted it could be in pieces or have teeth marks on it but they have not taken it off premises as do the 2 legged kind.

One roommate moved out and took my clothes, of which were 4 sizes too big, (she wore a 2, I wore a 6)dishes, towels, sheets, blankets, etc. When I got home I felt like I had just gotten a divorce, AND she cut the water off. . .  So far no 4 leggers have done ANY of that. . Granted my clothes and shoes may not be exactly where I left them but I'm pretty sure I can find them, or at least pieces and parts of them.

My 4 leggers scream happy statements at me when I come home! They knock me down and leave slobber all over my face. They LOVE me when I come home as opposed to the Ugh, you're home. . 

They don't get upset because I didn't wash clothes, they get upset at the new washer's noises while it's washing my clothes.

If they are hungry, they follow me around til I feed them. No smack is talked. Just hungry eyes, pitiful, starving eyes. . And you know this happens so often., don't cha?

They don't care if I don't make the bed, the sprawl on it anyway and snore away. They don't care if I haven't washed the dishes, in fact, they would prefer if I didn't, just let them take care of that and they would be supremely happy.

All is so much easier to take from 4 leggers than 2 leggers.

So yes my answer was get RID of the 2 leggers and KEEP the 4 leggers!!

What would your choice be??


Simply Suthern said...

LOL, Ya do make a good argument.

I would suppose it depends on the attitude.

Right now it is keep the wife get rid of the cats. Whick wont happen so I have to keep the wife and the cats.

If the wife goes so do the cats. LOL

DUTA said...

It reminds me of a cousin of mine, a tough business man. He's got a soft spot for his six cats; he likes them bed with him, with or without his wife.

I've often wondered how his wife puts up with this attitude. Well, it appears that she follows the saying: "If you can't beat him, join him".

Valerie said...

Heehee I suppose it depends on which day you ask the question but whichever way you look at it life is worse without pets. I am currently morose without one ... sob.

Rekha said...

well, better those who love us than chasing those them who have no time to spare...for me its my nephews who make up for the stuff the world dishes out...I would love to have a ddog but my small flat and bldg rules prevent it...

Pat said...

Somebody already said my answer....depends on what day it is!

Actually, I don't have any pets even though I would LOVE to have dogs and cats, and oh, birds, too. But my husband doesn't believe in having animals in the house, and being that we travel full time - that's another problem. I always kid him that when he dies, the day I pick out his coffin I'll also pick out a dog and cat! I know - that's bad. That's REAL bad!

Pat Tillett said...

usually the ones with four legs are you best bet. But...the two legged ones don't usually hurl on the floor or chew up your slippers. Well, maybe they do sometimes....