Sunday, February 6, 2011


Well the massive snow here in Central Texas is gone. The MASSIVE, and I mean, MASSIVE, amount was THREE inches.

The dogs wouldn't even go out on their own. Well, the smaller ones wouldn't. I guess they didn't like the whole lower half of them being froze. Which made me stand on the porch steps and chunk them to the middle of the yard to potty. They are glad that the snow is gone and they can go on their own now.

And no, I really didn't chunk them. I picked them up and walked in the snow to a spot that didnt have much if any snow and put them on the froze grass and waited for them to potty and picked them back up, wrapped up, and came inside.

So really I'M the one glad the snow is gone.

But I did get a three day weeend out of it!

Hope you guys are warm and well! We are in the 60-70 degree range today.

So today I'm a kacklin but it is suppose to turn nasty again in a couple of days and I won't be kacklin too much then!

Have a great weekend and coming week!!


Simply Suthern said...

Glad the pups have a dry spot to do their business. LOL

It's the little thing that make us happy. LOL

Valerie said...

I always feel sorry for the animals. Here in the UK we have mixed weather but I live in an area that has turned warm and windy. The news isn't good though, more perishing snow on the way.

Leeanna said...

Where in central Texas do you live woman. I'm in Seguin off I-10. Between San Antonio and Houston. We got only a dusting of ice/snow and it melted on Friday around 10am. My puppies still got the chance to play in it though. they ran around like kids wondering what the white stuff was. They had a great time.