Wednesday, February 9, 2011

License Plates

For years as driving, I read license plates and make up words or names for the driver. Ya never know when you just may need to remember that license plate. Plus it keeps the boredom at bay. Also you look the car over and find a name that fits.

LPW =Little Petite Woman, Loud Pauchy Worker
BW1K=Bwick (lighter), Red Bwick house, Big Walked 1 Kilometer
BJX=Betty Jo Xavier, Billy Jean X
AB5=#5 on the ABs scale, Anna Bell ate 5
GJN=Gunner Joe Natty
TNG=TiNG, Talking Naughty Girl
JGE=Jesse Gone Eating
DZZ=Deaf Zany Zebra
PHH=Purple Heart Hero
ANO=And Nuther Out
CLP=Classey Little People
FVV=Firey Vice Vegetable
SPH=Silver Purple Hat
HZS=HaZard Silly
RT2=Red Top 2
CC6=Carbon Copy 6
JTS=Jeans Too Small
MLJ=Many Long Johns
KLV=KaLynn Victory

Hope you kackled on this cold day in February!!


Simply Suthern said...

I tend to do something similar on trips. It does help pass the time.

Pat Tillett said...

We always looked for out of state plates. If you saw it first you got to punch who was next to you in the arm....
Some of these plates are very creative!

Pat said...

I always look at license plates and try to figure out what they mean!

Valerie said...

Yep, I do the same. It started as a ploy to keep kids occupied in the car but ended up as a memory training exercise.

gayle said...

You crack me up! Half the time, I can't figure the plates out!