Thursday, January 26, 2012

Slip sliding away!

It's been rainin!! YAY!! Paper said this morning that we are almost out of the drought!! Almost but not quite!

I'll take almost and then believe we have more comin!

Though my back yard is not in a drought!

I have a leak somewhere and can't find it!

I think it is a slow one and hope to find it before it turns to a big one!

Though I must say the roses are sure appreciatin it!

I'm tired of soppy mud though!

About the time I think it is dry enough to go dig it up, it rains again.

Not complainin mind you.

Just kinda hard to find a leak in the rain, doncha think?

Cheers my friends! Have a great weekend!


Pat said...

Hope you find the leak so before your house floats away!

Belle said...

It would definitely be hard t find a leak in the rain! I'm glad the drought is almost over.

Mynx said...

I am picturing plenty of muddy puppy prints still

Pat Tillett said...

I wish it would rain where I live. It's either feast or famine.