Monday, January 9, 2012

Harlie Monster

Harlie, the basset mix, was spayed Friday.

She has never been hurt before.

She does not deal well with her tummy hurting.

Not. At. All.

Friday was a nightmare.

She refused to eat but drank about 6 gallons of water.

Then puked.

Saturday, she laid around and whined.

But refused any medicine to make her feel better.

Also refused to eat any dog food in the bowls.

Might I add it is DRY food.

Saturday night Michael and I are so worried because she has refused to eat and refused any attempt of pain medicine.

Finally I remember a large can of dog food. So Michael ground up the pain pill and put it in the canned food.

She gobbled it up.

Amazingly, she felt better.

Sunday she whined and whined and whined.

And did some more of that stuff.


We gave in and again mixed some pain meds with half wet and half dry food.

Again she gobbled but refused to eat straight dry stufff.

She was whining when I left for work.

Wonder if Michael will give in and feed her some wet food with dry food to SHUT. HER. UP.?

I think we have created a Harlie MONSTER.

Cheers my friends!


Lolamouse said...

If you think that's bad, when my dog is sick and won't eat, I give him scrambled eggs! I'll even go as far as to hand feed him. I wouldn't even do that for my husband!

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

If she was the only one we had, we would baby the dickens out of her!

Belle said...

We used to put our dog's pills in a hunk of cheese. Hope she is feeling better soon!

Tempo said...

I have a new got only nasty cheap food before I bought him...I immediately started fattening him up with the best food I could buy...and now he will eat nothing but the best food. It seems you and I have made the same mistake...Oops!

Mynx said...

I have been so worried about her as I knew Micael was pretty stressed.
Glad she is feeling a bit brighter

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

Last night when I got home she was on the back of the couch wanting to romp! Howlin and barkin with the rest of 'em. She finally ate some regular dry food last nite. Three bowls. I guess she got hungry enough!

Normally I have Pill Pockets to put the pills in but I haven't had anyone sick for a while so I have run out. She refused the cheesy pill. Would take it in her mouth and spit it out beside her! Couldn't even get her to eat a 'nanner! or an apple!! When she won't eat those two things she feels purty dang bad!

But I think she is pretty much back to normal, except she had found that when she whined we came she did it this mornin, tryin to get me not to go to work!!!!!!!!

Ain't she a smart'en!