Monday, March 19, 2012

Google maps, GPS and me-not always compatible

Just an FYI

If ya don't put the address in correctly, the GPS cannot find it.

That includes the letter W as in WEST.

A friend wanted to make a dry run to Houston on Saturday to find where to pick up her boyfriend when he flies in.

She gave me the name, I mapped it on Google. Then we put it in the GPS.

Google got it wrong period. We were in restricted areas of Hobby Airport. What???

BUT I did have the phone number.

I DO stop and ask for directions.....(after taking a scenic route for over half hour...)

Turns out there are TWO Monroe Roads in Houston.

A block from each other.

One is Monroe Road and one is West Monroe Road.

The "W" made all the difference.........

It must have messed with our heads, well that and gettin' stuck in Houston traffic both ways, because we missed the turn to come home........

We laughed til we were snortin' like pigs!!

All in all not a bad trip.

Made me appreciate my itsy bitsy town fer shure!!



Simply Suthern said...

makes a big difference huh??

We have lots of similsr named roads as well and roads that change names 4 times.

Tempo said...

My disagreements with my Garmin GPS are legendary... I resort to abuse but it never get physical.
My mate Les worked for a council and he was mowing the sides of the road as council workers do, he found a newish GPS in the grass still giving directions to somewhere. The previous owner obviously threw it out of the car as punishment... He's still got it and it works fine...