Sunday, March 25, 2012


I was given some pictures that Mom had before she moved in with my brother, which is before the Alzheimer's home she currently resides in.

I found pictures from high school, our foreign exchange student, Nina, pictures of Dad, Bro and me, Mom and Bro, etc.

Lots of laughter in these pictures.....

My dad, my bro and me, 1962

My mom and bro, 1962

me and bro, 1962

me ,1957

me 1974

Nina, our foreign exchange student, me and bro, 1974

Kathy, Janice, Robin 1974

Well, I figure that is enough of a blast from the past to last a while!


Pat said...

So much fun, looking at old pictures. But where did the time go?

Simply Suthern said...

Love looking at old pics.

Thanks for sharing.

Bouncin Barb said...

Definitely fun to see old pictures isn't it? Hairstyles, decor, where we were at that point in life....Thanks for sharing them.

Valerie said...

I like pic no.3. Expression on your faces are trrrific. Memories are sooo good.

Pat said...

How fun to look at old photos! Mine are all boxed up and in the storage unit. It will be nice to look through them again someday!

Pat Tillett said...

Those are great photos! That must have been a nice surprise to get them. I have exactly two photos from all of my teenage years and only a few from my childhood.