Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hospitals and Family

My mother has been diagnosed with dementia. She has been living on her own up until a couple of months ago when she moved in with my brother.

No, wait, real time, not my time. Real time is, wow, 6 months .My time it is still a couple of months. Senior-ality is settin in, I'm a thinkin.

Anyway, she is in a dementia home for rehab because of some infections she has had that put her in the hospital. So in talking to the nurses, checkin on her, etc. I ask for a list of her meds.

Holy whack batman! That woman has pill-itis!

I did some research. TWO INCHES of paperwork research! is where I went, Micael found this for me, and listed her meds. Added her symptoms as I knew them.

And out spits all kinds of stuff......

So I shot a lot of questions off to the social worker at the facility, who in turn gave them to the doc.

That was Tuesday.

Yesterday she came off of all except what she absolutely needed: antibotics, asthma meds, reflux meds, etc.

So if you have family in the hospital, make sure you check all their meds.

Research your questions too so you have some basis for your questions and you already know some of the answers.

Make sure you ask questions.

 If verbally you are not getting answers, write them down and take them to some one in charge.

Ask for an advocate.


Do whatever it takes to get someone to answer your questions.

Not just with it is all right, don't worry.


At other places Mom had been my brother was asking questions and everyone was saying, it's working don't worry about it. Blowing him off.

Sometimes verbal doesn't cut it.


Back to Mom, they are watching her for withdrawals, blood pressure drop, all kinds of things but last night she had eaten a bowl of ice cream, her blood pressure was up from 80/50 to 100/66, her oxygen saturation was 94% on room air. Everything was coming up.

Please say a prayer, or two, light candles, whatever it is you do, for my Mom. And my brother.



Bouncin Barb said...

Amen to this KaLynn...I've been saying this for years and years after dealing with my late husbands health issues. DO NOT TAKE MEDS AND DOCTOR'S SAY SO AS BIBLE RULE! If I did that my husband would have died years before he did. Good for you for speaking up and so glad to hear of the positive results thus far. I've been absent from blogging because I'm moving to FL etc..but I just had to let you know I've been thinking of you! Big hugs.

Simply Suthern said...

We thought my mom was developing dementia. She was stuck to a chair and on all kinda meds.

There is no way the docs can tell if that many meds mix well.

She went to another doc that took her off many of them and now we have Mom back. Still pretty sharp too. She still has some physical ailments but she has her mind back.

Good luck to you guys.

Valerie said...

I've heard that about meds. Thanks for the link which I shall retain in case it's ever needed. I don't have any candles right now but I have plenty of hugs to send your mom's way.

Tempo said...

I agree completely with your findings, it's important to know the drugs and their side effects even though doctors really dont like it when you ask them questions about 'Why?'
I hope things continue to improve for your mum and for your family

Pat Tillett said...

First off, I'm sorry that your mom, and the rest of you are going trough this. It's a difficult and stressful situation for all.
I totally agree with you about the doctors. They are humans, they make money off of us, and boy do they ever make mistakes! Hang in there!

Pat Tillett said...

I totally agree! Especialy when they are in an extended care facility. I clearly remember the battles I had with those "people" when my mom was in on her way out of this place. I had to question EVERY single decision they made.