Sunday, October 24, 2010

Followers and boo bags

I am amazed.  I have followers. I have, by my standards, quite a few. I think you guys are krazy too. But I LOVE YOU!!!

Stopped by here today to see what was going on and saw that I have anuther follower. Wow. Just wow. Makes me Kackle!! and Kackle Loud!!

Halloween must be gettin to you guyeses! Speaking of. The boys came over yesterday and Laynee too. They carved pumpkins and we made boo bags again. I think we have been making boo bags for about six years now. At 10, or near 'bouts, they still ask to make them and give them away. They love the part of giving them away for sure. We have stories of that. Runnin and flyin in the car windows, runnin and jumpin in the open doors and takin off. Havin to be quiet while runnin and wantin to laugh but cain't til the car is away from the house! They so love that best!

For those of you who don't know about Boo Bags, here is the poem that goes with the bag of treats:

The air is cool, the season fall,
Soon Halloween will come to all.

Ghosts and goblins, spooks galore...
Tricky witches at your door.

The spooks are after things to do,
In fact a spook brought this "Boo" to you!

The excitement comes when friends like you,
Copy this note and make it two.

We'll all have smiles upon our faces,
No one will know who "BOO"ed who's places!

Just two short days to work your spell,
Keep it secret, hide it well.

Please join the fun, the seasons here .
Just spread these "BOO's" and Halloween cheer.

Then you add this little set of instructions:

You have been BOOED! Please keep it going by following these directions:

1.Enjoy your treat

2.Place the BOO sign on your front door or visible in a window

3.Within 2 days, make 2 copies of this note, make 2 treats & 2 BOO signs

4.Secretly deliver to 2 neighbors/friends without a BOO.

5.Keep an eye on nearby front doors to see how far and fast it spreads by Halloween
I use lunch bags, stickers, pictures of ghosts from clip art, sometimes the boys have drawn their own ghosts and we have glued them on the bags, sometimes we add Halloween tissue paper. Once you get the bags ready with candy and your poem, instructions and boo sign, go deliver and RUN!!
And KACKLE all the way home!!


gayle said...

That is a wonderful idea!! Come on posts some pictures of them!!

June said...

Great idea!
Unfortunately all my neighbors are retired or their kids are teens... I miss the younger days of Halloween.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

great idea!

Matty said...

You learn something new every day. I never heard of boo bags.

Janie B said...

Cute idea! Love spreading the fun.

Valerie said...

It all sounds like good fun. Hallowe-en isn't half as good where I live. Teenagers seem more intent on being destructive than having fun. Sad!

Nick Thomas said...

Ahhhh! You scared the boo out of me.

Pat said...

Boo bags! How cute is that!

Better than receiving "poo" bags on your front porch!

Leeanna said...

Hey Kalynn I have a cute Zombie Kitty for you at my blog. Come and get him dear.