Wednesday, November 3, 2010

idiot dog

I have a dog named Jack, Jackson, Jax. Dumb butt, dumb a$$, stupid a$$, dumb $hit. get the picture?

I had a cup of instant flavored coffee on the table, waiting for water. . . Micael walks in and there is DA, nose deep in my cup of dry flavored coffee. Toasted Hazelnut. It was soggy. And I had not put one DROP of water in the cup. Into the trash that goes and I begin again. BUT this time I shove the chair totally under the table. . .

So tonite I am playing a game of solitaire on computer here, and hear this noise. Like something being drug. DA dog has gotten the little dog bed from the corner of the room, on the other side of the bed. Drug it out. Drug it across the room. Drug it out the door. Drug it BACK in the room. Drug it in circles. Which is what DA Dog is doing here:

This was taken with my phone. The camera is on the dresser in the picture. He is still dragging, which is why he is fuzzy. But then he heard the "CLICK" and turned around and grinned. Stopped dragging and ran off. Bed is in this spot still.

Anyone need a DA dog? He is hardly ever still. Tail is ALWAYS going. He ALWAYS wants to know what you are doing and eating. He is tall enough when he stands on hind legs that he can see what is on the table. Has absolutely NO manners. Will take treats out of your hand, and the other dogs mouths. But he is loveable. He is a lap dog that weighs 20+ pounds.

What? Did I hear you say- - - NO????

Well that's ok. He's wormed his way into my heart with those brown eyes. But I still have a boot ready to boot him in the butt one day. . . NOT really. . . I just lock him outside in the rain. . . then bring him in and dry him off in front of the fire. .

I know I'm a sucker. . .

So kackle away!! I deserve it!!


Pat said...

He sounds like a real devil of a sweetheart!

Mustang Sally said...

Sorry, you haven't made your case for Dumb.

Not still = energetic (no bearing on smarts)

Tail wagging = happy (nothing wrong with that)

Always interested in what you are doing = honey that the definition of dog lol

Tall = genetics (again no bearing on smarts)

No manners = okay rude, but there are plenty of intelligent rude people. You just have to teach him better.

And as for the dog bed ... well at least he played with his own stuff to entertain himself. That seems pretty smart to me.

Look on the bright side ... you could have a smart ass dog.

Leeanna said...

AHAHAHHAAA!!! Sounds like my fuzzy child Lucy. She is always begging David for some of the Summer Sausage he snacks on at night. She loves to tease the other dogs and then runs to me when they gang up on her.

Valerie said...

Sounds like there's never a dull moment in your house.

Pearl said...

Liza Bean would have his head on a platter. :-)


Anonymous said...

IlOL had a silly dog like that when I was a kid. He used to chew on rocks. Then he would sit on the deck, looking over the edge as he slowly pushed a rock off over the side and quickly ran down the steps to see if he could catch it before it landed. I had to give him props for trying though. In hindsight, we should have named him Newton. - G

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

Jack is definitely a handful! I never meant to imply he was dumb. He is not. He is so hyper that he gets on my nerves. We have such endearing names for him. He is always into stuff. From the looks of him he has some fox terrier in him which means trouble if you do not keep him occupied. He has a great personality but just as a hyper child gets into trouble, so does Jack. He experates me to no end! I have to fix sheetrock where he laid on the back of the couch and almost stratched a hole in it. All my wooden chairs have teeth marks on them, some worse than others. He is on "hold" until Layne gets a place with a yard. . .