Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I talk a lot.
MOSTLY to myself.

Usually they go like this:

I'm playing Bookworm on the couch in the livin room.

Michael is in his room right off the living room.

"Hey did you know that gliverly is not a word?"

"Wow neither is riges."

"They won't even allow COON! "

FINALLY a response:

"i m a g i n e. . . ."

"WOOOHOOO!! I just got 1250 points!!"

"y a y."

"Hey do you know if The Good Wife is on tonite?"

(sigh) "n o."

"Do you care?"

"nooot really."

"Want some coffee?"

"sure." (at this point anything to get me to shut up and go to another room.)

Those are my conversations.

If we are in the same room, it becomes looks instead of words.

Head tilted, one eyebrow raised, lookin at me like "You're kiddin, right? No one is that dumb."

I give him a full teeth smile!

He loves me.


I'm positive.

Sigh. Yeah, he does.

And I love him.

Mom's are like that ,ya know? Really we are!


Simply Suthern said...

Ive talked to myself a few times. You seem pretty good at it.

Pat Tillett said...

I talk to myself also. Usually, I do it silently and in my head. Nobody wants to hear the craziness that goes on in there...

Valerie said...

Yes, I talk to myself. It's the only way to have an intelligent conversation... grins. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Matty said...

The older I get, the more conversations I have with myself. It's scary when I answer back too.

gayle said...

I'm doing the same........cause I'm the only one listening:0

Anita said...

Sounds like a meaningful conversation you had with yourself. Why not? :)
The grocery store is my favorite place to talk to myself.

Nick Thomas said...

I only worry when I argue with myself, and lose.

Mr. Shife said...

Well when you start talking to imaginary people then maybe you should be worried but I think you are just fine. Have a good weekend.

Toni said...

I love you both!

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

Boy hidey, I am late answering all you guys! I thought I had! DUH!! Scholl is getting to me!

Usually I talk to the dogs, they atleast look at me! Oft times they even cock their heads, like they are interested!

BUT I have figured out it is okay to talk to myself, even answer myself, but when I say HUH? I'm in trouble!! But Nick, I don't think I've argued with myself, yet. Those those three way conversations with me, myself and I can get rather hairy! =0D

Mr.Shife, Do ghosts count as imaginary people, or are you talking about real imagnary people??