Thursday, December 29, 2011

I'm so bad.........

I forgot to come back and tell you all the news over the Christmas days.

Michael got a super, repeat SUPER, good report last Wednesday! He is doing so good he does not have, repeat HAVE, to go back to doctor until APRIL of 2012!!!!

His viral load, which was at 1.3 MILLION in August is down to 62. Yep you got that right. 62. (Average for HIV patients is 48)

His CD4 counts that were down to 47 in August are 362 or 369!! (Average for HIV patients are 600-800)

His platelets are 82, up from 6 in September. YAY!!! (Average for people in general is 150-450) Thousand that is. This number is in thousands so it is up for 6,000 to 82,000.

So we had a blessed Christmas just with this news!!

Next the root canal did great. No pain. Wonderful piano music, warm blanket, roaring fire, red wine......ah it was so peaceful.

Well until Doc brought the jack hammers in and destroyed my image in my subconscious! Go back in a couple of weeks to get fitted for the crown.

Had the grands for about 3 days while I was off and it was super grand let me tell ya!

Then we all had Christmas at Layne's, including Dad and Mrs. Dad, and it was another super grand day! Even had all the kids and grandsons! Couldn't have asked for a better Christmas!!

Hope all of yours was grand too!

May the Good Lord bless and keep us throughout 2012!!



Ellie said...

That is SUPER AWESOME news about Michael!!!!

quieten said...

Fantastic news! I know you guys are ecstatic! No Dr visit until April is the one of the best christmas gifts! You are truly blessed! Here's wishing that 2012 is filled with more great days!

Valerie said...

I'm so pleased to read that EVERYTHING went well. Good on ya, Michael, for doing so well. Happy New Year to you both.

Mynx said...

It is really such wonderful news about Micael. it has been a tough year for all of you so wishing you happier times in 2012

Anonymous said...

That is great news about Michael. So glad to hear it.

Tempo said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas for you and yours..I hope it carries through to next year for you all...

Pat said...

Such great news! I'm so happy for the both of you!

Happy, happy New Year!