Friday, January 29, 2010

A ride home . . .

I've been trying to think of stuff to write about. The harder I think, the worser it gets. . .I mean the brain flat line. . So on my way home today, tryin' to stay awake. I had a revelation, (boy, i had to go to for that one, spelled it correctly, incorrectly, finally correctly but it still didn't look right. .)
I absolutely love! it saves me. especially for school. sometimes for here. not always. sometimes i don't care.

anyways. my thoughts for a new story. my thoughts on the way home from work. or town. alone or with someone in the car. .(which always throws a kink in talkin' to myself since they seem to think i want an answer. .)

here's one: (there are many but i will use this one)

jd and i went to see the movie The Book of Eli (i'm gonna link this when IE decides to start workin' again.)
ANYWAYS. (i do not feel like capitalzin' tonite either) (in case you haven't noticed yet) we are comin' home and this is our conversation: (reminds me of the dog in UP) (good movie if you like adult/children cartoons)

ME: (rubber neckin' at the scenery) (chatterin about nothing mostly, but in the middle of some word i bust out laughin)

JD: WHAT? did i miss somethin' here mom?

ME: i thought that big fat black cow was a buffalo. then i was thinkin' when did the buffalo appear? then  i realized it was a fat cow.

JD: (says nothin' but give me a strange look) (though he is startin to look for the big fat buffalo lookin cow)

ME: look at those clouds they look like mountains, ya know the mountains around Estancia. ya know that's up by Albuquerque.

JD: yeah, i know.

ME: how do you know where that is? have you been there? i had a friend that moved there when we were little girls. so you've been to Estancia? when did you go there? aren't the mountains beautiful? i miss bein' able to go to the mountains on a weekend. Ruisodo is soo pretty. boy those clouds look just like you could drive right up in there, doesn't it? hey did you see that yellow truck thing back off the road? looks like an old truck or a vw truck, ya know the kind that the front is all rounded? (hand signals here are goin as i am yakkin. knee is holdin the steerin wheel) ya know the rounded hood, rounded light genders, roof, ya KNOW??? it was like lemon yellow, back there in the trees. (jd now turns he head to look out the window) welp, you missed it. ya shoulda looked when i said somethin' too late now. look at that water!

JD: (notice he hasn't said a thing, that is because i haven't taken a breath and am still ramblin') huh? what water?

ME: hello! the water in the bar ditch! it is almost overflowin'! i didn't realize we had so much rain! yeah, i know it's been rainin for 3 days but it just never occured to me that the bar ditches would be this full! looks like little lakes. wonder if fish can live in there? i bet there maybe some tadpoles swimmin' in there. oh prolly not since it's winter, huh? wonder when they come out? what would the temp have to be for them to break out and swim like little sperms? (big belly laugh here) that kid the other night was soo funny! all i have to do is think about him and he makes me laugh!!

JD: (is wrinklin' his nose, squintin' his eyes, has head cocked to one side, givin me the LOOK) what ARE you talkin about?

ME: (still chucklin) there's a kid in the band at the basketball games that lines up with the net and jumps up and down, with hands by his side and squiggles. it is the funniest thing! he looks like a sperm swimmin' for all he is worth! ya know i think i maybe should have dated a tuba player in high school. those boys can MOVE. they are playin those tubas and dancin and jumpin. man. maybe i missed my soul mate waaaay back then.

JD: huh? are you losin' your mind, ma?

ME: NO! no! he's bein' a distraction to the free throwers! i don't think he's distractin' them but he sure makes me laugh out loud!

JD: the TUBA player is a distraction?

ME: NO silly boy! the trombone player under the net! see that pile of hay there? when i was comin' home from school the other night, talkin' to your gma, and saw that and thought it looked like a dead beaver. (at this point i think JD 'bout choked)iw as tryin to figure out if we had beavers out here and where would the creek be. i then figured that we don't have beavers out here so it must be a  pile of grass but it sure did look like a beaver.

JD: beaver? where did you get THAT?

ME: WELLLLL, it is all fat and it has stikey outey thingys and well, that's just what it looked like in the dark. stop laughin at me. i mean it. i will stop this car and shove  you butt out! I MEAN IT! (it IS rather hard for him to take me seriously when i'm laughin too and we are 3 blocks from home. .)(oh well, it was worth a try anyway)

we get home and he tries to help me out of the car. like i'm disabled! imagine! that little whipper snapper! just because i'm (we're) having a birthday (he is my 30th brithday present) next month does NOT mean i need his help gettin out of the car. (i swing a fist, he dodges and runs for the door) (he forgets he left his keys IN the house and cain't get in. .) (he decides to go on down the sidewalk while i get in the house)

ya know if he was gonna help me sometime, why  not when i bring home groceries? he always seems to be missin in action at that time. .

well, i hope you kackled a little today. (by the way: anyone that knows me well at all will tell you this story is mild compared to actually bein' around me in person or talkin to me on the phone. . .)


Matty said...

HAHAHAHA.........I think if I had been riding in the car with you, I would have looked at you funny and tried to help you out too.

Anonymous said...

I keep a regular dictionary at hand next to the computer.

CatLadyLarew said...

Sounds like my conversations with Vlad... Hahahahaha!

June said...

Scary thing is, I was actually able to follow you in the bowl of noodling thoughts!!

I do the same thing when I have had too much caffeine or get excited in conversation... you are not alone!

Theresa said...

Haha! That was totally funny stuff. I think it's sweet your son tried to help you even though he was not "getting" you. They never do. Those young whippersnappers!!

Anonymous said...

I kackled today because of you! - G

Pat said...

I should make my husband read this so he knows that I AM NOT ALONE!!

Do you think women develop ADD as we get older? Hmmmmm....

Toni Brooker said...

I only know you through the window at the bank... but this DOES sound like you. Too funny. =)

TC said...

Thanks for joining my animals blog. I've always been like this on occasion, it's the ability to think on more than one level, or so I tell myself.

KaLynn said...

Matty-Thanks! JD will enjoy it that some other guy is on his side!

Secretia-Kids took all mine when in school. Gonna have to reinvest in some!

CatLadyLerew-Oh, whew! Thought it was only me!

June-scary, isnt' it?

Theresa-JD is sweet, but don't tell him. He thinks he's a Billy Bob Badass!

Georgina-Glad I made you kackle a little!!

Pat-NO! You are not alone! Which may not be a great thing, if we are in the same boat, going the same direction!

Toni-glad to have you aboard!!

TC-OH wonderful!! I'll tell JD (and the rest of my kids) I can do this because I have several levels of thinking!! Thanks!