Monday, January 18, 2010

Harlie Barlie, T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Harlie Barlie, the basset/beagle mix. Remember her? Trouble. Just walkin' trouble. That is what she is.

1. She is very smart so is very easily bored. Lately, one of the objects of her affection? The water faucet in the back yard. (I will see if I can get a picture of it.) It is about 18" outta the ground.

When I moved in, it had a white plastic bucket over it. Looked crappy. I threw the bucket away. I went and bought the foam/silver stuff that insulates pipes. The faucet sorta looks like this one. Well, it used to.

Yeah, you guessed it. She has been tearin' it off. So bein' the redneck that I am, I figure that duct tape will help me keep all the pieces on. So I stick as many pieces of the sticky foamy silver stuff as I can possibly find back on. Mind you, I am findin' them in my bed, under the kitchen table, in the recliner, on the floor anywhere. I think I even found a piece in the bathroom. Oh, yeah, and in the yard.

Out comes the duct tape. The whole 18" is now wrapped. TWICE.

I get ready for bed the next night. What do you think I found on my pillow? Yup. You got it. Duct tape. She has chewed the knuckle of the faucet all the way down to the pipe. SEE?

Remember, the white bucket? The one that is long gone. I found something even more loverly. I now have a blue and white square ice chest that JD lost the lid on a couple of years ago over it. So purty. . .  NOT! What ya think?

Just makes the place looks sooo, uh, dignified, don't ya think?

2. The other object of her affection: the table by my recliner. Not the table, well, not yet anyway, but whatever is on it.

For Christmas I bought myself a Ninetendo DS. Along with 6 games. Well, I have 5 games and I bought the Grands one. And a storage case for games and a little soft cover too. It held the extra 2 pens. One stays in the game.

They stayed on the table. Notice I said stayED? Yep. They ended in her pile in the back yard. I saved 4 of the 5 games. She put her tooth through the Brain Age 2. Ate the end off the Grands but it still works. The soft cover with the 2 pens? Well, the soft cover is still alive but the 2 pens, got scared and disappeared. Never to be found again.

3. The other day I am havin' cereal for supper (It's so nice not to have to cook for someone else!), sittin' in my recliner. I take a bite and turn to look at the TV and run into a basset/beagle nose. It is almost restin' on my shoulder. Dang dawg. Move. I move her outta the way with my arm. Back she comes. (She loves milk, by the way.) Finally, she just sits and watches me eat.

But as soon as the empty bowl hits that table, she is standin' in my lap, on the arm of the chair tryin' to put her nose in my bowl. Dang dawg. "NO. That is not yours. That is MINE." "Anything on that table is MINE, not YOURS. Now get down." "Now." And I proceed to move her off the arm of the recliner into my lap like she is a teeninsy dawg. Yeah, 35 pounds of teeninsy.

So she lays her head on the arm of the chair. Curls her head around and gives me the eye. Ya know the one. The one that is seein' whether I'm lookin. I'm not. Well, sorta but not really. So she then turns and curls around in my lap so she can see me. She is really lookin' pitiful by this time. She looks at me then looks sideways at the bowl. I continue to watch TV and say "NO". So then a sigh erupts. She proceeds to get up like she is goin' for the arm but just as she starts to turn, she flops her head over her shoulder to look at me. As she is doin' this she is wigglin' her butt so it is slidin' down my leg/hip so that she is sittin' next to me. But as she is doin' all this wigglin', her head is comin' in contact with my shoulder, (ya know that place between the arm, the boob and above the arm pit? that is where her head ended up) her nose is straight up in the air, turned just slightly so she can look at meover her shoulder a tad, in the eyes, and says: "Aren't I just the most adorable thing you every did see, MeMe?" I am tryin' to be firm (she is NOT goin' to work me today) the answer is still "NO" until she does the head thing. . . I laugh. . .I snort. . .I sqwak. . . I am now in a full belly kackle. . .I have tears runnin' down my face. . . She is still attached to my shoulder, lookin' cute. I still kackle when I remember her that day.

Pill. Yep, she has my number. And she works it daily. I love her.

And no, she did not get the milk bowl, but she shore did make me kackle that day.

4. This is the next object of her affection. This Dracaena is what I found today when I got home. It was twice as tall when I left this morning. No top because she had already taken that off last week.

It used to look something like this:

(I found this at:Plant of the Week)
I have had this plant for about 6 years. It had TWO stalks, and one was growin' another fuzzy top in between the stalks. Then there were TWO smaller ones. Notice there is only HALF of one left? Well, actually, it is more like about a third.

She is now sittin' behind me on my bench. Nudgin' my arm. Do you think she knows I'm talkin' 'bout her? I'm shore she does. KrAzY dawg!

Most of the time she makes me kackle. But then there are days. . .

Hope she makes you kackle too, well, maybe some of the time anyway.


Ice Queen said...

My dog enjoys coffee. If I turn my head my whole morning cup of Joe is gone. I feel he should know better than to mess with me in the morning before I've had my such luck.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

It's the basset in him. I had a basset..several...and they are the most stubborn chewing everything up eat everything in site cutest dang dogs on the face of the earth!

Mrs Montoya said...

Holy smokes - that is one mischief maker for sure! The missing plant top is the icing on the cake. Good thing that pup's so cute. Not sure I could maintain your sense of humor. But I do love a cold nose and a wagging tail!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute bassest/beagle, they are lovely dogs!

Anonymous said...

Those puppy dog eyes and wagging tails sure know how wrap us around their little paw paws!

The mad woman behind the blog said...

Damn, I think Harlie Barlie and my cat Peanut must share a few genes.

Yes, flame away. I compared a cat to a dog.

BTW, I once had a gorgeous rescued dog named Harley that would pee herself if you tried to reprimand her. It wasn't pretty.

Kitty Moore said...

Harlie Barlie's antics did make me kackle. He is adorable (if not very cost effective)!

Kitty x

Tgoette said...

What a sweet doggie! I have a beagle mix and have owned several beagles prior to this and the story is always the same. I give them all the chew toys in the world, but they would prefer anything else, especially if it is expensive, essential or irreplaceable. I feel your pain, but that's just the price you pay for such an adorable dog.

Anonymous said...

Oh ooo and I thought a parrot was destructive!!

kys said...

Good thing he's cute, eh?

KaLynn said...

For the record, Harlie is not mine. She is my son's dog. But she sleeps with me. My Scrappy sleeps with him.

You get on to her and she just flicks her ears and off she goes! She is a mess and a half!!

Shaun said...

wow that sounds real familiar, cuz she did it at our house too, and u know what i am sure she has competition from her sister lola, one of her fav things to do now is to go and hide ma and pinky's keys in the back yard... think she has issues with them leaving or she is still just an attention whore lol

KaLynn said...

I try not to leave keys laying around. But I would not put it past her Shaun!!

We are looking for another pooch. I was looking at more bassetts until I read they are chewers! I then realized that I didnt have much left to chew on except my furniture!! As it is I keep the bathroom door closed so she can not eat the toliet paper rolls. SHE LOVES THOSE! It will look like it has snowed in the back yard! So if you ever run across a house with white stuff in the back yard and there isn't snow. . .It's probably mine!

CatLadyLarew said...

Hickory the Wonder Dog may not eat everything in the house, but he does have other tricks that drive me mad... until he looks at me with those big, brown eyes.

Pat said...

She sure is mischievious! But she brings a smile to your face and warms your heart, so how can you be mad? Huh mom?

KaLynn said...

CatLady-yep its the big ole eyes that do me in!!

Pat-yep, she's got my number alright!! and she knows it!!