Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Fairy Name

I was over at Diamonds and Toads wandering around her fantastic blog. And while I was there I found the Fariy Name Generator, so bein' a tad curious, and bein' that I LOVE fairies, I had to try it out.

Your fairy is called Hex Goblintree

She is a bringer of riches and wealth.

She lives in places hexed and tainted by black magic.

She is only seen when the first leaves fall from the trees.

She wears black feathers and rose petals. She has gentle green wings like a butterfly.

This is my fairy name. Ain't it KOOL?? Of course, it sounds juuuuust like me. I love green wings and feathers and rose petals!!

 I think Kate deserves the Pyewacket Award, don't you? A spellbinding read award? Yeah me too!

Congrats Kate!

Kackle today! It does a body good!!


MilesPerHour said...

That sounds cool. I was gonna try it myself but I already have enough names from various "lives", real and fantasy. Besides, I never saw a 6'5" fairy before.

KaLynn said...

Well, now that you mention it, I've never seen a 5'6" fairy either!! But this name is MUCH better than some of my past names!! =0D

CatLadyLarew said...

OOH! I want a fairy name too!

CatLadyLarew said...

I am hereby Fidget Goblinshimmer... I think it fits quiet well, thank you very much! Just call me Fidget for short!

Pat said...

Well, geez, MY first name is Fidget, too. How many Fidgets can there actually BE in this world!

My full name is Fidget Goblinfrost. I, too bring riches and wealth. I live in rotting woodlands near poisonous toadstools. (Yuk!)I am only seen during the first snow of winter.
I wear red with white spots, like the toadstools. I have gentle green wings like a butterfly.

Who knew?

KaLynn said...

Isn't this fun? I love silly things like this to make you laugh!

CLL-Fidget Goblinshimmer! What do you look like? Do you have green wings too?

Pat-I'm with you on the snow thing! But the rest is pretty cool! I guess the poisonous toadstools keep you safe!

Anonymous said...

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