Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Art Swap has arrived!!

This is the coolest! The picture of the stairs is mine. I painted it 5-6 years ago. I felt it was lonely on the wall by itself but didn't really have anything to put with it. So it hung alone.

Until Thursday. And now it has company. My art swap came from Australia from Trace @ Soewn Earth. This is the most amazing piece. She also sent a card too. It is the coolest too and when I find the right frame I will frame it. But for now it hangs with it's envelope with Trace's and my art and a metal bowl I found.

The art is 3 pieces of felt like material that has these designs on them. It is soooo soft! The designs are in the material.

The card is on cardboard like material with other pieces of fabric glued on there. It is all very touchy feely! I guess I need closer pictures of this! DUH!! Well, until then enjoy my new art wall!

This is also special because she has the name of my oldest daughter, Trace.

Happy Happy Happy day!!! Wooohooo!! Life is good!! My wall is complete!!

I've been kacklin and grinnin for two days!! Hey, hope you do too!!


Mrs Montoya said...

The painting of the stairs is amazing and the other pieces really compliment it. Gorgeous!

Valerie said...

Everything goes together nicely. Just love your painting. Can we see more of your work?

gayle said...

I love your painting! Your wall really looks nice! You are so very talented!

Pat Tillett said...

Very nice! I can't even draw a decent circle!

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

Mrs. M., You are makin me blush!

Valerie, See latest blog. You wish is my command.

Gayle, Awww shucks! Thanks muches!

Pat, thanks kind sir but in reality I cant draw a circle either! seriously!