Thursday, September 15, 2011

I get Brownie Points!!

Michael had a doctor appointment yesterday.

It is all good. Nothing new. Which is what we knew but it was still good to hear.

He lets me go in with him to see the doctor. Which I appreciate.

I usually open my mouth.

I opened it and words begun to fall out.

I thought-WTH?? SHUT UP.

So the nurse asked what I said.

I replied: nothing.

No. Really, nothing.

And went back to reading the kindle book.

Doc came in and chatted with Michael.

I stayed quiet until the doc asked if he ate a lot.

I shook my head.

Doc looked at me and said Mom is shaking her head, why is that?

I said He FORGETS to eat.

Doc: FORGETS?? I never forget to eat!~

Me: Yeah, me neither. (As is VERY evident when you see me!)

And I once again shut my mouth.

So I get at least ONE brownie point??

Told him on the way home, I was gonna drop him off and I was going shopping next time.

He's well enough I don't need to know what is going on.

Michael can tell me.

Shoppin' here I come!!



Belle said...

When my husband goes to the doctor and I ask what they talked about he always says, "Oh, same old thing, nothing new." Then I find out later the doctor DID tell him something. He drives me crazy. Not the doctor, my husband.

Valerie said...

Seems you said something useful. I'm glad to hear everything was okay.