Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What in the World was I thinkin?

I had this great stupid idea when I first got Scrappy and Lady that they could sleep on the bed with me.

It was all well and good until it got cold. Then they slept IN the bed with me.

Ok, so it's just 2 little dogs. No biggie, right?

Then Lady got sick and ended up with 2 more to help Scrappy though when Lady had to move on.

I got stairs for the new "kids" on the block so they could get on the bed.

I got rid of the stairs when Baxter kept bringing in leaves and sticks on the bed while I was at work.
(Does this sound familiar?)

Now the four legged kid family has grown to 5 (or 6 if you count Winnie). Scrappers, Crystal, Baxter, Harlie and Jack.

Two of which are NOT little dogs.

Crystal sleeps on the other pillow.

Scraps sleeps next to my shoulder behind me or ON MY pillow, which he gets bumped off of when I realize it but as soon as I turn over he is back.

Baxter sleeps either on the floor or under the covers growlin and snappin at everyone.

Jackson sleeps at my knees, in or out of the covers,

Harlie sleeps at my feet on top of the covers or under the covers butt to butt with Jackson.

And somewhere in the queen size bed is me.

Winding my way through the stinking dogs.

What in the world was I thinkin"?


jules said...

Now that's a bed full of stinky doggy love...

Simply Suthern said...

You wernt.

Pat said...

That's more than a "Three Dog Night"!

On a cold winter night that's gotta be good, but during the summer or a hot flash? I'd be tossing doggies left and right!

Belle said...

You let the camel into the tent! It is hard to say no to dogs though.

Bouncin' Barb said...

Once you let them in, they never leave!

Tempo said...

LOL, I've seen others make that mistake...'one night wont hurt'
Of course all that fails when compared to what happens if and when you want to share the bed with a friend for the night...

Valerie said...

Ever thought of getting another bed ... for you?

Jotter Girl said...

There's nothing better than a warm doggie to snuggle up with.

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

@Jules-boy you can't imagine!!

@SS-you are soo right, I sure wernt!!

@Pat-HaHa! We play move the dog often!! I can't sleep with them on BOTH sides of me! One side is waay more than enough!

@Belle-I sure did! and it is very hard to tell them no!

@Barb-oh boy tell me! I shut the door and they scratch on it and whine and whine and scratch. Easier to let them in.....

@Tempo-have no one to share a bed with, other than to give it up with the grands come over! So that is not a problem!

@Valerie-YES I have but figure they would abandon this bed and come to mine!! =0)

Pearl said...

What WERE you thinking?! :-)

It's bad enough having a cat on the bed.

Then again, that IS an awful lot of lovin'...:-)


Anonymous said...

Sounds crowded! I used to let one of my cats sleep with me until I woke up one morning and there were pieces of rope and strings of beads all over my bed. I think she was trying to strangle me.

Jane said...

that is a whole lot of doggy love!! Imagine how boring life would be without them though...I'm sure they bring you hours of canine entertainment :))

Pat Tillett said...

That's the problems with pets! The thinking goes right out the window when you see them! I feel your pain..