Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The bat mobile

While visiting JD a couple of weeks ago, I saw a car that made me laugh soo hard I forgot to grab the phone to take a picture.

Picture this car:

painted that light baby blue

with a stencil of this on the front door:

No yellow. Just the black bat. No circle just the bat. 
Very bad stencil to boot. Smudged edges.  

I laughed so hard that I almost sat through a green light. 
I almost turned around right then and there so I could get a picture to share but JD was hungry...And you know how hungry boys are.......vicious......HAHAHAHAHA

Have a laughin good Tuesday! 



Simply Suthern said...

I remember groing up having that symbol all over everything.

Valerie said...

Well I don't think it was a batmobile. Or was it?

Nick Thomas said...

Out neighor has a family car he calls the bat mobile - his mother-in-law drives it

Pat said...

A Batman wannabe!

Tempo said...

The things we see when we dont have our cameras...
I guess the owner will look back one day and cringe at the thought of what he did.. I say 'he' because Ive never seen a woman do things like that to their cars..
'He' probably thinks it's cool.. 'He's wrong!

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

@SS-I remember that too! Friends and I used to play Batman and Robin! It was so much fun!

@Valerie-I think it was more of a wannabe! I really can't imagine what it was suppose to be. It was funny though!

@Nick-oh that is funny! Probably what my kids call my car!!


@Tempo-Yes it was a he. He seemed oblivious to my laughter too. I so am gonna look for that car again when I go back! I will have my camera ready the next time!

Pat Tillett said...

Pretty darn funny! Especially so because it didn't look anything like the original one...