Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Welp, I am unfit

Because I have a DUI in my past I am unfit to mentor to children.

Also because the school chose to turn me in to Department of Human Services because of a bruise on Laynee's leg because of 4 licks she got because she lied to me. I am unfit to mentor children.

But I am still in the running for Secretary/Treasurer at school.

Ironically, I am dropping all my classes this semester. And the funny part is that if I would finish these 3 classes I would have my associates degree.

But I have a teacher who will not work with me, will not answer my emails, and will not let me make up a test I  missed while Michael was in the hospital. All quizzes are 100% of the grade.

 I have a 3.7 average. I am not going to mess it up because the teacher is a jackass jerk. I will start over. He is supposed to be a great teacher in person. So we shall see what happens next semester.

Maybe I will take art classes instead.

I am too tired. I am worn out. I can't sleep. I'm about to explode at any given moment. I want a vacation.

Even work sucks.


Bouncin' Barb said...

Sorry to hear. I'm sure you'll figure something out.

Anita said...

Take some deep breaths.

Are you healthy? Got friends, family and pets who you love, and who love you?

Got heat in the winter and air in the summer?:)

Slow down. Reassess. Take a break from a few things.

Take some more deep breaths.


KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

Just whiney today. Atleast I have broken anything or anyone....yet.....Though the car dealership is getting REAL close. My OnStar is crapping out the back up batteries. Within one month of each other they have died. The dealership's service dept has no clue. So today they gave me a car to drive. A Chevy Cobalt. Squirrels in a cage. I. am. not. happy. Period. This is the roughest car I have ever rode in. An the Cam has pretty stiff suspension but this thing. Geez Louise.....It's a fight to keep in on the road. And yes they have already heard about it.

To take Michael's words: I just want to punch someone today...... and yesterday......... Let's see about tomorrow........

Valerie said...

I'm standing well back in case you feel like punching me. I endorse Anita's comment. Sounds as though you're letting things get on top of you... slow down, Karen. Nothing is worth getting in a tizz about. Hope a hug helps...... (((Karen)))

Pastor Sharon said...

Go ahead. Explode. It may make you feel better.