Thursday, December 1, 2011

World AIDS day

Today is Wear Red Day and of course I forgot!

World AIDS Day

It is World AIDS day and with it all in our face at our house, you would think I would remember to wear red......or put on a red ribbon........or something.

Nope got up as usual, in a sleep stupor, and got dressed and went to work..

Woke up about halfway to work and remembered it was Wear Red today......

OH! Wait! I have red underwear on!!

YAY! \

So does it count if I can't show it??


Pray for a cure!

Love ya'll!


Lolamouse said...

I pray every day.

Pat said...

I didn't realize that it was World Aids Day. I didn't wear red. Does it count that a red pen exploded in my hand and I had red fingers all day?

You are the KaLynn that FB me, right?

Valerie said...

Definitely praying. I'm wearing red today although I confess it to be pure coincidence. Hope you are okay.

Pat Tillett said...

They only count if you wear them on your head!