Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in Texas


Record set at DFW Airport for snowfall!!! THREE inches have fallen!!!! OH. .MY. .GOSH. .Let's shut the town down. Make sure all food and water is in the house because you will be shut in for days, un , no. Just until tomorrow. . But let's panic, ok?

Alright let's move south to the coast:

HOUSTON in TEENS! Now this is a little more unexpected since it is a bit further south. . I'm sure their grocery stores are cleaned out too.

Time to go to West Texas:

Lubbock is nasty and cold.  It was 7 degrees at 9 am this morning.  With Amarillo bein' just a TAD cooler. Like coldest temp was 11 and Lubbock is 12. Now these folks, they are used to this so they open the storm doors and make half snow men with the doors and then proceed to put on a hoodie and go make Snow Angels and Snow Men and Women and Children before they come in a stand by the fire.

Little farther south:

Odessa/Midland and surrounding areas. They seem to be better off than Houston. Imagine that. They too are used to this so no, they haven't emptied the grocery stores either.

Now FAAAR west Texas:

El Paso is having a heat wave. They are more concerned about WIND storms than SNOW storms. Do you see the roots on that tree? HOLY COW!

And in my own little stretch of ground, this is what is in my backyard:
We did see snow. It lasted for a whole whoppin' 54.63256 seconds. Nah, actually it lasted for a little longer than that, like 23.69234 minutes but gee whiz you shudda heard the telephone lines firin' up: OH MY GOSH!!!  Do you see the SNOW?? (It looks like dandruff, folks. Come oooon!) Nuther call: Is it snowin' there? It is here! AND IT"S STICKIN' TO THE GROUND! (Great. . lemme know when we can make snow ice cream. .) IT'S SNOWIN!!!! (Ok, lemme go get the camera to see the HUGE snowflakes. Oops. missed it. Never saw one. All I saw was white teeninsee dots what waved in the freakin' cold wind. BUT hey, I must not know what snow looks like right? Since where I live now it doesn't SNOW. Where I grew up it snowed, usually 2 feet at one time. Which if you are from the NORTH that ain't nuttin' hunny. For which I am glad I didn't live in the North. Thank you very much Mom and Pop. I totally appreciate the not living in blizzard conditions.)

Anyways, so far no call backs that snow ice cream is ready. . Imagine. . I was ALMOST excited. .Almost but not quite. .

Kackle today! And make snow ice cream!! Call me when it's ready!! I'll be right there!! I'll pick up some waffle cones on the way too!!


CatLadyLarew said...

You've gotta have the waffle cones to go with the snow ice cream! Fun times! (We have a few more opportunities up here in snow country than you do down there.) Keep on Kacklin'!

MilesPerHour said...

54 seconds of snow is too much for me!

Anonymous said...

You just have to make indoor fun, like cuddling and hugging and kissing..stuff like that!
Have a great New years eve!


Pat said...

We got almost a foot of snow yesterday in the northwest suburbs of Chicago while we're up here visiting for the holidays. And me with no boots!

Menopausal New Mom said...

Hey KaLynn, glad to you have those heaters! Bet you're toasty warm watching the snow!

Aion said...

Happy New Year KaLynn :-)

Anonymous said...

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Yet said...

It was 27 degrees here in Atlanta and I like to froze to death! I don't even KNOW HOW to react to cold like this. I walked outside in a shirt, hoodie, jeans, coat and boots and felt like I was naked. Sigh.

JenJen said...

what a funny post...I'm in Michigan. We're ankle deep in snow. Lots of dandruff...

Leeuna said...

Come to Tennessee. We'll make all kinds of snow ice cream. We have plenty of snow. Heck, you can even take a few truck loads home with you if you want. :)

Pearl said...

Yeah! What Elroy said!!!

Honestly, it IS cold down there, isn't it? Even in Minnesota, where we're used to this sort of thing, it's been unseasonably cold, weirdly cold.


Laynee said...

Oh yeah. Snow I think if was for more like three minutes. Not very long at all and not very big flakes either. I don't know if I would consider it snow seein as it was really tiny. I think it should be called dandruff snow aka DS. Stinkin DS, got me all excited and it was wimpy snow. Dang!