Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Joys of Motherhood

I could go back in my memory of 33.5 years of Motherhood and tell you stories such as the time when Rabbit flushed the little blue plastic turtle down the toilet and we had to have the toilet removed from the floor to find the dang thing. Or that historical markers are now HYSterical markers or that cementaries are Bury Gardens since you bury people there and they have flowers. Or how I totally SCREAMED in delight when Rabbit took his first steps and scared him from walkin' for almost a month. Or how when we first moved to the rather large city (100K) from a rather small town (5k), I lost JD in the mall. He was about 18 months and I found him behind the counter with the pretty girls (not same store either),  he had been flirtin' with. (No, I was not the only one there with him. JackAss #3 was suppose to be keepin' up with him, while I was keepin' up with the girls. Rabbit was 13 so I could SEE  him) But no, I'll not bore with those stories. I think I'll share other joys.

JOY: Comin' home after work and findin' the table cleaned off and all dishes handwashed. (We have no dishwasher) 23 yr old son

JOY: Havin' an unexpected call from the grandsons you haven't seen in three months.  9 yr old grandsons

JOY: Havin' son come help you lay tile and paint your kitchen. 33 yr old son

JOY: Havin' youngest daughter and granddaughter help fix Thanksgiving dinner. 25 yr old daughter, 12 yr old granddaughter

JOY: Snickers

JOY: Lookin' at Christmas lights with kids and grandkids (They don't think it is as much fun as me)

JOY: Laughin' til you can't breathe

JOY: Havin' a girls afternoon to go to see movies. 26 yr old daughter.

JOY: Smiles

JOY: Shoppin' with youngest daughter for junk for kitchen walls. (3 hours in Hobby Lobby)

JOY: Hugs

JOY: Watchin' youngest on run and play with dogs like he had good sense.

JOY: Just chillin' with the kids, collectively or singly.

JOY: Layin' in bed watchin' HGTV all day drinking coffee with youngest daughter who was about 15 at the time

JOY: Giggles from them and from me because I love listenin' to them giggle. Even the grown boys.

JOY: Havin' the Grands ask how old you are and when you respond:  50, their response is: Wow! MiMi you're OOOLD.

JOY: Pretendin' to cry only so you can see them laugh at you in the rear view mirror.

JOY: Takin' son home by scenic route, renamin' the street because you forgot where you were suppose to be goin'.

JOY: Laughin' til tears are rollin down your face!

JOY: Laughin' til ya snort

JOY: Laughin' because they are laughin' because you are laughin' because they are laughin'. .

JOY: Havin' a Mom and Son movie night/afternoon

JOY: Bein' a Mother and Grandmother

Thank you, my children, for bringin' such joy to my life. You ARE my life. I love you dearly.

Kackle today, it brings everyone closer together in this JOYous Season!

Love and hugs to all that enter,


Anonymous said...

I ♥ this. Thank you for it. ☺

Vodka Logic said...

Great post.. sometimes I need to be reminded of the joys. I still have a 15 year old...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post. Thank you for reminding me to enjoy the JOYFUL moments. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Coming here always makes me smile! You've got one lucky family! - G

KaLynn said...

Rabbit-I love you muches!

Vodka Logic-all 15 yr olds are so different! Ask me I had 4! All a different trip in life! Any time you need a shoulder to laugh on or to cry on, I'm here for ya!

ninekindsofcrazy-Thanks for stopping by! This took me 3 days to figure out how to post it!

Georgina-Glad to oblige! I think I am one lucky MOTHER!

Pat said...

Lot of joy going around there! Happy, happy times!

Menopausal New Mom said...

KaLynn, that was beautiful! Wow, yes, there is no greater joy than motherhood. You have spelled it out perfectly!

BTW, drop by tomorrow, I'm going to have a little something for you :)

KaLynn said...

Pat-Thanks! I'm going to be missing half my family this Christmas so I wanted to remember some of the joyful times we have had. Thanks for stopping by!

Deb-Thanks! All I ever wanted was to be a mother of 6. I had 5 children and one miscarriage. So I got my 6!

I'll come by tomorrow. thanks so much!!

ModernMom said...

Oh your list of Joys is so wonderful. Laughing until you cry is the best kind of laughing:)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I love, love, LOVE the look of your blog! Purple and witchy - fabulous!! My blog is normally purple too, it's just decorated for Christmas right now.
I love all of your joys too, what a fabulous post!

MilesPerHour said...

I really like this...great picures of the past you have shared.

Anonymous said...

Even the happiest old memories of childhood can bring tears, especially when the parents are gone.

KaLynn said...

ModernMom-I laugh quite a bit til I cry! Just seems to come with the territory anymore!

DysFUNctional Mom-This blog has brought me great joy and I feel many new friends!


Secretia-Maybe this will still be around when I pass from this world to the next! I've told them they are not to cry but to sit around and tell stupid Mom stories! There are many!

Laynee said...

I cried when I read this. I love you and I love watchin' HGTV with you doin' nothin' but that and drinkin' coffee sayin' Oh what about that. Oh I like that! I love you and you're the best and wouldn't ask for a better mom.