Sunday, December 6, 2009

Two down and one to go

Well 2 tests and classes are over and one test left. History.

Have to figure out which essay to write about:

Reasons for Civil War: Lincoln/Davis and why did they change what they were fighting for
Discuss Greatness of Lincoln and Lee

My brain hurts today. I've been doing this since 8 am this morning. I'm cross eyed.

Would someone kackle FOR me today? I'm too pooped. .


Matty said...

I love history. My favorite subject in school. Either topic would be of interest to me to write about. Both have their merits, and there is plenty of background for research.

Janie B said...

Did you hear me? I kackled for ya'!

KaLynn said...

Yes Janie B! I DID hear you!! Thanks!! I felt so much better that I got a good night's sleep!! Cheers girlfriend!!

Matty: I don't have to do research. I just have to go over my lecture notes, which is much much better! I just can't decide which one to do!! This history teacher is AWESOME! History has never been one of my strong classes because all I had was boring teachers, but not this guy! He's great!!

Erin said...

History was never my strong suit, although I did much better with it than math. I miss school!

Menopausal New Mom said...

KaLynn, History was the one subject that could put me to sleep faster than a good shot of demerol! Good Luck with that essay!

Pat said...

I'm reading all your posts out of order. Sorry. I know you've finished and got all A's already. Congrats!