Sunday, December 13, 2009

dogs, food and kids

I'm beginnin to think all my blogs revolve around dogs, food and kids. Hmmm, wonder why that is. .

Today, I'm goin thru blogs tryin to get out of this funk I'm in. Bax is pawin at my leg (pronounced laag, as in Texan tawlk), wantin me to hold him. So up he comes. I hold him like a baby, on his back. He goes to sleep. Head fallin over my arm. Almost snorin.

Then I decide that I really need to do somethin with those 5 small apples on my table before more rot away. I have been chunkin them in the back yard for the critters out there. One big critter thinks it's a game, she brings them back to me. The one time when fetch is not what I'm playin.

Soo I've got the apples cut up and cookin. Find the recipe for Apple Butter. Hmmm, no apple cider. Oh well I have water. See that I need nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon. (Yes, I got the right bottle this time. The other bottle went in the spaghetti sauce the other  night. Well, most of it.)

All I had was whole cloves. See last year I wanted to do a Martha Stewart thing and stick them in oranges. Not a good move, mind you. They make your fingers bleed. I had Rabbit and Gabriel helpin me do this. For some strange reason their fingers just were not hurtin. I find out why this year. They are breakin the pointy part off on the table so they couldn't stick the oranges. I finally gave up. Too much work. I basically a lazy person.

Ok, now, back to the apple butter. (Do you ever feel like you're watchin the movie "UP" when you read my blog? "Squirrell!" and off we go to a new subject. Yeah, I feel like that in real life too. So you gots company.) I don't have ground cloves, hmmmm. I don't have  a grinder. BUT I do have a ziplock bag and a hammer! So I'm poundin  away on those cloves and in comes JD. "WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YA DOIN', MA?" Mind you, he has had ear phones in his ears and hasn't heard me talk or yell at him for the past hour. (I'm rattlin the cups on the walls, so I guess he feels it in his feet.) He shakes his head and goes back to the movie.

So I'm now waitin for mixture to cook down enough to put in jars. Or jar. Five apples do not make for much apple butter.

Already made potato soup. Tomorrow, tomato gravy. yuuuummm. Good thing now that the food I make has names. The kids used to run when I would say we're having Stuff when they were growin up. (That was all leftovers put in one pot. Sure did make them want to eat all food on the table that had a name and not wait til it turned into Stuff.)

Ah, well, enough of my ramblins today.

Does anyone need a yappy dog or 5? They're runnin paths in my house today yellin at neighbors.

Hope you kackle today! Does a body good!


Matty said...

We want a dog, but not anytime soon. We decided later when we're retired. Two cats are enough right now.

When is dinner? I'll be over.

Menopausal New Mom said...

I'd love to have a couple of your dogs but hubby says no. For now he is getting his way but one of these days I'm gonna go get me a dog when he's out of town. Hope your apple butter turns out.

blueviolet said...

I can't imagine five dogs, but if I was enjoying all your kitchen creations, I'd happily endure! :)

Found ya through...oh shoot, where did I just come from? Well, it was somewhere... :)

KaLynn said...

Matty-tater soup is done. let me what time is good for the tomato gravy, the rice cookin and the bacon fryin is what takes the longest! So from start to finish maybe 45 to an hour. So stop by! =0D

Deb-I'd love to ship you Crystal! She'a a mini Maltese! 'Bout as big as your foot! Today her and Scrappers are on the back of the recliner nappin! Apple butter turned out pretty dang good especially for winging it! Made one jar which I am givin to a good friend of mine that gave me sugared pecans a few days ago!

Blueviolet-glad to have you aboard!! Come back sometime!

Janie B said...

My dogs drive me crazy, too. They constantly run races under my feet, and up and down on the furniture. Drives me nuts! Love 'em though.

SquirrelQueen said...

Apple butter sounds good but I'm out of apples, tater soup is on the menu for tomorrow night. I like the way you think, how do you think I got the nickname 'squirrel'queen?

Have a great week,

Carol said...

No dogs just a Gakkin' Cat... which left a little something "special" next his basket that I didn't notice for a couple days. Damn Cat!

Your ramblings are my normal train of thought!

MilesPerHour said...

I have two dogs in the house and I can cook so I will leave these topics to you to cover.

Erin said...

I used to do the cloves in oranges thing, too. But you're right--it takes a toll on your fingers!!

Secretia said...

You're making apple pie today? Yummy!

KaLynn said...

JanieB-Yeah I love those mongrels. My oldest one is going blind and can't find her way to the door to go potty. . fun.

SquirrelQ-Glad someone here understands my brainwaves!! HAHAHA!!

Carol-At one time I had 3 dogs and 2 cats. What a REAL madhouse!

MPH-Aw! Come on a tell us a story or two bout your dogs and cookin!

Erin-Yep! Won't EVER do that again!

Secretia-No pie just apple butter today! But dang that does sound good! May have to do that!

Dutch donut girl said...

Apple butter? Mmmm... that sounds delicious.