Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gulpin not sippin

I talk to my mom on the phone while she is drinkin coffee. I hear her swallow. Well it really is a gulp. GULLLP GULLLP

Then the other day I was drinkin MY coffee and heard myself GULP my coffee. So I tried not to gulp it. Ya know when for 54 years and some months, you have been gulpin and guzzlin, it's a hard habit to break!

Then that got me to thinkin if I'm in a hurry with my liquids, what about my FOOD?

Yep you got it. I swallow and don't chew. And shovel more into the pie hole. And the cycle continues.

I'm always in a hurry. Guess it goes back to those wee children days. When like a little bird mother, you shoveled food in those 5 babies as fast as you could and you ate later. In the midst of fixin a bottle or holdin a cryin wee one, or eatin as you wash the dishes. Then later it is runnin to practices, baseball, soccer, choir, band, and then the grands pick up where the kids left off. Then throw school in there and homework. .

I just have forgotten what it is like to sit down and ENJOY a meal.

Can you imagine my stomach? What it says everytime I eat or drink?

'Oh GREAT. . .  Here comes the hot coffee! Can this woman just send us a LITTLE bit of coffee not half the cup at one time? She's scaldin me!'

'My Gosh! Does she have to drink the whole bottle of water at one time? I'm drownin here. .'

'SUPER. . . Chunks. . .  WE HAVE CHUNKS OF FOOD TO DIGEST! Does she not know what her teeth are for? I think I'm gonna be sick . . . '



'I give up. . . .'

Yep, I can see it now. Must be why I have acid reflux. It is rebellin.

What does your stomach say about you?

Keep kacklin!


Pat said...

I shudder to think what my stomach would say. As a matter of fact, I've slapped it with a "GAG ORDER". NO TALKING ALLOWED! LOL!

You need to relax, girlfriend, and enjoy your food!

MistressAlcyone said...

My stomach hates me too... like you, I have acid reflux. It really sucks cause I have heartburn almost every day. I think I should start relaxing too and sit down for a meal and enjoy it. I'll put that down on my "to do" list. :)

Menopausal New Mom said...

My stomach is definitely saying "stop eating, I can't stand the waistband on those pants cutting into me!!!"

Matty said...

I'm a sipper on hot drinks. A gulper on the cold ones. And my stomach says to stop eating junk food when it's empty. It sends me to the toilet.

KaLynn said...

@Pat-I'm working on the relaxin bit! Really!

@MistressAlcyone-my doc has put me on Prilosec 20 (am)and Zantac 150 (pm). I use the generic and it seems to be working extremely well. I had been being treated for asthma until I went to the doc because my chest was hurting so bad that I couldn't breathe. Thought I was coming down with bronchitis, no just a severe case of acid reflux. Prescription pills are expensive and I told Doc that and that's when he told me to try these in this combination. Works great! Try it! I feel so so so much better now!

@Deb-Boy do I know that feeling! When I came to work here in 2004, I weighed 140, now it is 180-195. I HATE it. I am trying to work on stop shoveling the food in, relax, and exercise more.

@Matty-Now the feeling about the junk food! It just doesn't sit as well now as it did when I was younger and more active. Or maybe I just didn't notice as much as now!!

f8hasit said...

After all the Easter chocolate mine is saying, "buy bigger stretch pants."
Of course my head is saying, "Run a few miles.", my ass is saying, "Hell no".

I just insert ear plugs and drown them all out while I unwrap another Godiva.