Friday, April 9, 2010

Little Ones

I have a friend that is a preschool teacher.

She had momentarily forgotten that children take everything literally.

The 2-3 year olds were standin in line to go potty.

Little Johnny was goofin off so Miss Iris told Littly Polly to just go in front of Little Johnny. .

Little Polly gave Miss Iris a weird look. .

Miss Iris told Little Polly that is was OK since Little Johnny was goofin off.

Again Little Polly gave Miss Iris a weird look. .

Miss Iris again told Little Polly that is was fine, just to go in front of Little Johnny. .

So Little Polly gets in front of Little Johnny and proceeds to pull up her dress and reach for her panties. .

Miss Iris will watch what she tells little children from now on. .

I must admit that I fell out of my chair laughin and kacklin when she was relatin this story to me. . I had tears, was wheezin but managed not to snort. .

By golly that was funny!!


Simply Suthern said...

My Wife teaches 2 yr old preschool. They can be a challenge.

gayle said...

So funny!! You are so right!! I have to always try to remember that!!!

Matty said...

I have grandchildren, and I know this painfully well. Very funny.

Chris@Knucklehead! said...

Hilarious. The phrase she was looking for was, "Just get in line in front of Johnny, and then use the bathroom when it's your turn."

Vodka Logic said...

Took me a minute to see where that was going. So funny.

Thanks for the laugh

KaLynn said...

@SimplySuthern-OH YES THEY CAN!! Everything is so new to them I love two year old for that reason but they can drive you bats with all the whys, nos, huhs, etc!

@gayle-yeah, she now says move instead of go!!

@Matty-awww! those grands! aren't they the best?

@Chris-yes! she was so glad she was actually watching the little girl! She says normally she would have said it and looked away but this time she was right beside her patting the back of another child and was looking at the little girls as she patted. But when I did, I laughed for 10 minutes! Of course I cannot tell it like she did!

@Vodka Logic-Took me a minute too when she was telling me!

Tracie said...

I just love preschoolers! You never know what they are going to do.

Anita said...

Such an obedient child. :)

Pat said...

Too cute! You've got to be careful around those kids!